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What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving valuable data, applications, and other business elements to a cloud-based infrastructure. It is one of the most chose solutions for the ever increasing needs of large scale organizations and SMEs.
Most often, ``cloud migration service`` describes the transition from legacy infrastructure or on-premises to the cloud.

Why Move to the Cloud?

As the demand for flexibility and agility grows enormously, organizations are transforming their data, applications and other traditional internal IT systems to the cloud in order to gain profitability and efficiency. Whether it is private, public, or hybrid cloud, the adoption of cloud computing services in all kinds of industries has been increasing and new apps continue to be developed.

Business Benefits of Cloud Migration Services:


Rapid deployment

Software and app deployment can be a much more constructive task than the usual vigilante work. Additionally, cloud migration services eliminate the need to install the required OS and set up servers.


Simplified Infrastructure

Cloud implementation services minimize the complexity of infrastructure setup. It is overwhelmed to meet the requirements and features and to start the necessary services. In addition, it saves much time and allows your employees to concentrate on other business-developing opportunities.


Efficient Monitoring

A cloud application migration service allows you to timely monitor malfunctions or security in the system. It saves money, time and energy to inspect each app or element individually. Furthermore, it focuses on the monitoring process.


High Security

Not only stores, the cloud also provides more security to your data, application and other business elements. Popular cloud migration companies’ also provides built-in features, including cross-enterprise visibility, periodic updates, security analytics, etc to ensure security. They also implement some automatic security updates to stay safe from hackers.


Zero-Down Data Centers

Cloud migrations and Virtualization share two distinct but specific features. It also helps minimize the number of data centers that use business space and other maintenance costs and cooling costs. You can even zero down to a single data-sensitive data center.


Improved Key Metrics Logging

Logging and backup services are very important as they let you know if any system or application interrupts and if something went wrong. Backup through seamless cloud helps you to get back the things that were interrupted.


Investment-Winning Services

Investment-Winning Services: Cloud migration consulting firms assign auto-scaling that allows enterprises to decrease or increase the use for cloud implementation services. It eventually saves money and time.

Services We Offer

Infrastructure Migration
Move your important data, applications, on-premises, and other business elements to the cloud with USM’s infrastructure migration services. Our expert infrastructure migration team can manage your existing infrastructure during the transition so there will be no disruption to business-critical infrastructure and your team can participate to make cuts to new systems.

Application Migration Services
USM provides application cloud migration services that allow your business to various benefits, including faster deployments, agility, improved scalability, easier modernization, profitability, increased containerization and many more. Professional application enrolling in cloud migration services means you can reduce risk, avoid data loss and make applications faster and more reliable.

Public Cloud Migration Services
Public cloud Implementation services are built using shared physical resources, which are pooled together and delivered in a virtualized environment. These seamless cloud services can access through a public network like the Internet. Public Cloud uses the same shared infrastructure to offer services to various clients.

Private Cloud Migration Services
Our Private Cloud service allows companies to customize their environment specifically to meet security needs. It offers benefits such as flexibility, scalability, resilience, ease of use and rapid development over private clouds, allowing for increased performance, good security, convenient management, and an affordable price.

Hybrid Cloud Migration Services
Hybrid cloud services refer to the combination of both private and public clouds. It uses both third-party public cloud services and on-campus private cloud services, with orchestration performing different functions between the two platforms. A private cloud is used for sensitive operations and public cloud is used for all non-sensitive operations. Hybrid cloud simplifies app deployment, improve workflow processes, provide greater agility, and reduce cost.

Disaster Recovery
We provide disaster recovery services for virtual machines, servers and applications to enable a seamless flow of data, business continuity, and efficient functioning of hard IT systems. To reduce critical recovery and to ensure recovery consistency through proven database mirror concepts, our USM experts ensure the delicate operation of software landscapes and personal applications.
Most of the large companies allocate 2-4% of their IT budgets to disaster recovery planning, while some companies spend up to 25% to reduce infrastructure losses.

USM’ Cloud Support
Once you adopt cloud migration services from USM, our team can support your infrastructure and cloud apps, so you get the most out of your cloud environment. We also offer administrative services for your migration cloud services to reset passwords, remove/add users, perform backups and restore, monitor, and to make sure your staff knows how to make new updates and features.

Cloud Migration Consulting
At USM, we provide time-tested and latest strategies for seamless migration of applications, data and other complex business elements with cloud-to-cloud migration, On-Promise Environment cloud, or zero downtime and optimized caps. We have expertise in computing, Platform One Service (PaaS), Infrastructure One Service (IaaS), Software One Service (SaaS) that helps businesses to continue operations smoothly.
USM also has proven experience in offering some other crucial services such as Venue immigration, Platform migration, Application migration, Cloud to cloud migration, Operating system migration, and Database migration


Why ``USM`` for Cloud Migration Service?

  • We are a team of certified partners with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
  • Offers cutting edge cloud migration services supported with a proven implementation to help you gain competitiveness in the global market.
  • Our expert team of Cloud artists helps increase ROI by discovering driving ability and managing manage your end-to-end cloud migration journey.

How Does USM work?

Planning & Evaluation

The first step in cloud migration is mapping a good cloud migration strategy and identifying the right business use cases and business causes for cloud migrating. We make a deep research on the environment surrounding the app and plan each and every step carefully.

Establishment of the draft

Secure and compliant infrastructure is created, which includes policy-based and clear rules and decision framework for secure cloud adoption, built to fit perfectly with the client's business type

Installation & Migration

At this stage, the documentation is given by the client and the cloud software is installed by using the installation files. After installing software, the apps will be moved to the data centers.

Testing & Deployment

A set of tests is performed to detect errors (if any) in the cloud environment, allowing us to troubleshoot unforeseen problems, after which apps are installed to the cloud.

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