Bankers vs. Humans: iPad & iPhone Game

Bankers vs. Humans HD has arrived! Are you angry at bankers? This is the place to take them down! Or are you a banker and angry at the media activists! Battle it out over the skies of Switzerland, Brazil, New York City, and more exotic destinations!
In this game, you can play as four characters. Each with a unique storyline such as Fat Trader, Slick Banker, Hippie, or Intellectual.
Use the best gaming strategy and reflex along with high-power gadgets such as rocket launchers, helicopter drops, jet packs, and many more items to get promoted! But watch out for many interruptions such as private jets, poison pills, SEC investigations, protestors, and a lot more! Your goal as a Human is to get promoted to President and as a Banker aim is to get promoted as CEO. Once you do this you can show off your skills and how much money you have collected on Leaderboard.
DISCLAIMER: This game is not to be taken seriously at all. The plot line is just for fun.

App Features

  • Limited graphics. Used graphics are simple and pleasant.
  • You have four different types of game characters to follow.
  • There are two different storylines to enjoy the game. You can either be a hippie or an intellectual.
  • You will be flying around the sky and destroying share and bank files
  • You will also earn money too.
  • Access to different types of gadgets to explore the game and you can also make strategies to get most out of the game.
  • Story line is quite cool after you complete the first mission of the game.

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