Dog Eaters

DogEaters Manga 1 for iPad

Dogeaters is beautifully written and the art is rich and colorful. It was an interesting story from the start to the end.

Mankind failed to transcend the Petroleum Age. The Die-Off killed 95% of the human population. 175 years later, mankind consists of scattered nomadic tribes, isolated casino-cities, and roving swarms of predatory bandits. This is the world of the Black Dog Clan.

In Chapter 1: The Black Dog Clan’s caravan is making its way down trade route towards Three Palms, a casino-city in the American Southwest, when it rolls into an ambush. Roaches have waylaid Bevan, a Northerner, and his burning vehicle has blocked the road. After a fierce firefight, Tracy persuades the chief, her father Lamont, to take Bevan with them.

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