Field Audit – iPad App

FieldAudit streamlines the process of capturing and reporting on field audit data for any type of asset audit. The app suits for property inspections, pest inspections, vehicle inspections, and more. The app collects a variety of data such as photos, typed field notes, audio notes, GPS location, freehand sketches, categories, and rating levels.

The captured details in auditing will be synchronized over a wireless or 3G network to a secure web-based management system, specific web console.

Web console used to manage your audit processes and for generating comprehensive audit reports based on your pre-defined templates.

Note: FieldAudit is an enterprise application. The user needs to login to access this iPad app. FieldAudit is backed and supported by Field Solutions Group, a technology company that helps organizations need to manage field-based employees or processes to streamline work processes, improve data accuracy, and increase workforce productivity. We do this by providing applications, devices, and networks that take advantage of the latest in mobile technology.

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