The survival of Fish Warrior has become the challenge now. Fish Warrior is innocent and creative by nature. It feels the taste of various fishes on the way. On the other hand, enemy fishes are scary and hungry. Escaping from them is impossible. Fish warrior features 10 levels and you can get secret powers and lifeline by giving the right answer in each level.

Hope you understand what I’m talking about till now?
Yes, it’s all about a gaming app. Fish warrior is a gaming app which provides some interesting information about a few sea fishes at each level of winning. This game allows the user to play in Tab screen and Joystick mode. The game is designed with 10 interesting levels and each level specifies the number of fishes to be eaten to move to the next level. Every level allows the user to come across new fishes with a set of information about those fishes.

In every level Fish Warrior comes across different types of enemy fishes from which it has to escape itself to survive and eat other fishes to reach to the next level. In the first level, 8 lifelines are added and with that lifeline, it has to clear the other levels. After the completion of one level, one question would be asked to the player. If he/she gave the right answer, then one lifeline would be added. But, if the answer is wrong, then one lifeline will be deducted from the remaining lifelines.

  • The user gets the score according to the time taken and several lifelines used to clear each level.
  • Once you clear a level, you will come across a question related to the sea fish on giving the correct answer you get one lifeline as a bonus.
  • In fourth level, you come across a starfish try to avoid it as it stuck the movement of the fish.
  • As you move towards the higher level the number of enemy fishes increases. So, to play your game safely, you will get the safeguard which gives the power to escape from the enemy fishes for up to 20 seconds.
  • You’ll get the safeguard by eating 5 Neon tetra fishes come across you in those levels.
  • Once all the lifeline gets expire the user gets an option to reset the whole game or to reply the same level to unlock the next level of the game.
  • The next level remains locked for the user until they clear the previous level.
  • You can share your score with your friends on Facebook and challenge them to beat your score!

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