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PoKo’s Chat is the most social, versatile, innovative, and mobile messaging tool. Nowadays, peoples are spending much of their time texting and are becoming a part of their life.
Using PoKo’s Zoom and Point-And-Chat, you can reach more people with more privacy. Enjoy messaging with your friends and those you want to send messages. Use PoKo’s for more direct and rewarding interactions for all your personal and professional chats.

Key features of PoKo’s Chat messaging App:

1. Point-and-Chat, where user can simply point your phone at any other user in sight and send them a direct message

  • no need of phone number
  • no need of email address
  • no need of social network
  • no need of check-ins
  • no need of location information

2. Zoom, where you engage in public and private chats with any nearby PoKo’s users

  • make genuine introductions easily and instantly
  • meet people you don’t know who are in your proximity at: sporting events, concerts, movies, nightclubs, local bar restaurant, neighborhood block party, or business conferences
  • preserve your privacy

3. Full-featured IM/Text App

  • Conduct group chats with your buddies
  • Send messages to non-PoKo’s users
  • Take pictures and send them to buddies and other PoKos users
  • Brighten your messages with emoji’s

4. No Fee to send or receive text/messages
5. A message with others regardless of what type of phone they have (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) or which carrier they use (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.)
6. Limit intrusions from annoying advertisers

Want to develop similar kind of intelligent Application? Please send us a mail now at info@usmsystems.com. You can also reach us at +1-703-263-0855.