Vitamin D Calculator

The vitamin D calculator is designed to assist parents in estimating their child’s daily intake of vitamin D from foods, multivitamins, and casual sun exposure. Commonly known to be essential for healthy bone development, vitamin D is a hormone involved in many different types of cellular functions inside the body. This calculator is simple and easy to use tool for everyone.

The result of the total daily calculation of vitamin D is broken down under food sources (dairy, fruits/vegetables, fish/meat, and cereal), multivitamin and sun exposure. The app gives a pie chart that provides the amount of intake of vitamin D from these sources regularly.

Key features of vitamin D calculator:

1. User profile tab –Allows you to enter the name, age, height, weight, default zip code, and skin type
2. Calculator tab – Allows you to enter the amount and type of food for each meal (breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner). Select multivitamin, if used and enter time for sun exposure. Finally, the app calculates the total consumption of vitamin D.
3. Get social tab – Users can connect on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for useful tips, practical tips, and videos.

A status bar keeps track of user data for different meals, vitamins, and sun exposure. The user can also save the daily calculation.

Other features are:

  • Guides on how to use the calculator
  • Frequently asked questions about vitamin D
  • Allows you to submit a question to an expert
  • Let you give feedback

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