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Notification of Changes

USM reserves the right at its sole decision to change, alter, update, add new privacy statements, or eradicate some portions of the Terms of Service Policy document at any time, with or without giving prior notice to the user. We suggest the user check our Terms of Service page from time to time to know any updates have done or not.
You will have an option to terminate your access to the service, if you believe that the updated Terms of Service policy document is significantly impacting your rights in using the Website. If you continue the use of our Website even after specific modifications have done to the Terms of Service Policy then it’ll be considered that you agreed to those changes.

Personal Information and Privacy

Upon opening the website, you realize and agree that you are bound to our Terms of Service explained at Privacy page.
You are solely responsible for maintaining the privacy of your personal data.  USM never shares your details to other users or third-parties. If you noticed that your data is not processing well, we suggest you notify immediately at Otherwise, USM will not be responsible for your misused/lost information as a result of intruder acts.

Communications from USM

We ask email address for improving our website as well as customer experience. You realize that we collect this information as a part of the Service. By providing your email details, you can access more features embedded in our website.

No Manual Data Verification and Storage Will Be Done

You realize and agree that our “Website” or “Service” operates like a Technical Interface amid web users and USM. We are not involved in manual verification and validation of user personal information, not determine or control the process of information transmission between the users and the company’s workforce in any manner.

Regional and International Use

This Terms of Service Policy is governed and designed in accordance with the US and European Union (EU) privacy frameworks. We collect, use, store and disclose your personal information without violating these privacy shield frameworks.
We suggest every user understand the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in-deep, as we involved with international communications mode. You realize that using our website, you agreed with the privacy laws applicable initiated by the USA government.

Confidential Information

You realize that USM & its group companies have all privileges on the Website and allowed to use USM’s brand symbols for brand expansion. The website visitors strictly prohibited to use the company’s trade names, trademarks, logos, domain names, and other brand features. Until you have a written consent with USM, you should not commercialize any of the aforementioned.

Copyright Policy

According to the restrictions set forth in this Terms of Service policy, you are not permitted to copy and reproduce any of the copyrighted web material, trademarks, posts or other website information. USM has the rights to terminate access to the users who conduct such malicious acts repeatedly.

External Source Links

Our website may include hyperlinks that are not under the control of USM.  By clicking on a hyperlink provided in the website content, you will be redirected to other website and leave our USM web portal.
Once you hit the hyperlink, USM denies the obligation for your privacy. You are solely responsible for your personal information. Your privacy is subjected based on what privacy frameworks they follow. The third-party website may not follow the privacy frameworks that we are complying right now.

Termination or Modification

In case of violating this Terms of Service policy, USM has all privileges to lay off the user’s access to the Website at any time without notifying the user in prior. Accordingly, USM also has rights but no obligation to:

  • remove any material that in its sole opinion as it may violate applicable law or these Terms of Service policy principles
  • terminate a portion of the website
  • remove a/the user(s) from a discussion or terminate the use of the Website
  • inform law enforcement of any illegal acts carried out in the website

As set forth in this Terms of Service, USM has the right to modify/ discontinue the Service temporarily/ permanently periodically. You realize that before changing the policy norms, USM may change its service offerings with or without limiting the use of the website.

General Information

The Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy and any other guidelines displayed on our website may incorporate an agreement amid the user and USM, can rule the use of the Website, and also help enhance previous consent(s) between the user and USM connecting to the use of the Website. Generally, these consents might be related to unlimited use of the website or details the prior versions of the privacy policy and Terms of Service.
By accessing our website, you agree that the privacy laws of the United States will apply to all matters regarding the use of the Website. In addition, you also further agree that any violation of the policy norms and the use of website beyond access approvals shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the state and federal courts in the USA.

For USM users in the European Union

We collect and store personally identifiable information of web visitors across the European Union (“EU”) on EU servers only. In accordance with the applicable EU-US and Swiss-US data privacy frameworks, we gather and retain our user’s personal information. For more details about how we will collect and where we’ll store and how we would transfer information, email

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Obligation

  • USM disclaims any responsibility for the deletion, failure to store, latency in the delivery of website content or any other information.
  • USM disclaims any obligation for the content, legality, consistency or availability of data or material displayed in the website.
  • USM disclaims any responsibility for any damage/loss while you download/access any information or material over the internet through the Website.
  • You realize that based on your own interest you have downloaded the information. Hence, you are responsible for all expected virus impacts on your personal devices.
  • In accordance with the applicable law, USM disclaims any warranties for services/products received or advertised through external links provided in the website content.

A noteworthy point is that the service is provided “as is” and “as available” with no warranties at all but we guarantee that:

  • use of the service is uninterrupted, timely, and reliable
  • use of the Website meets all of your needs
  • the information provided by users is stored using a data encryption approach
  • you can experience a better Service Quality

Prohibited Acts in the Use of the Service

You may not use the Website to do the following acts:

  • Should not try to copy the copyrighted content or images in the website
  • Should not violate applicable state and federal or any international data privacy shield frameworks
  • Collecting and storing any information about other users is strictly prohibited. However, we will not disclose any information about the user on the website
  • Modify and reverse engineering the website using advanced hacking concepts is not entertained

If you have any queries relating to this Terms of Service, you can probe them at our customer service department at, or contact us or for direct communication approach CHANTILLY (HEADQUARTERS): 14175 Sullyfield Circle, Suite # 400, Chantilly, VA 20151, USA.