Future Of AI In Manufacturing Industry

We bring innovation in your manufacturing procedures

USM’s AI-driven solutions empower manufacturers to bring automation in manufacturing tools, machines, procedures, and analytics. Our AI services, together with analytics and automation solutions, help you scale the manufacturing automation. Our expertise in delivering custom-build AI apps for manufacturing customers made us leading AI service provider in the market.

Story Of David and John Overcoming Production Hurdles & increased their productivity upto 60%

Why Mobility is Needed in Manufacturing?

Today, the biggest challenges for manufacturing companies are enhancing employee productivity and managing on-field services. And, warehouse management and health and safety also remain tough challenges for the manufacturing companies. USM’s AI-based Manufacturing Mobility Solutions can overcome all these risks. Know more: ( How Mobile Technology is Renovating The Manufacturing Business )

Offer an AI Manufacturing App Which Make Sense In The Market

Our Manufacturing Use Cases

Workforce Management Solution

Our AI solutions in manufacturing can automate day-to-day production operations. It assists employees/supervisors to optimize time and resources and track equipment.

Mobile Supply Chain Management

This supply-chain management solution brings varied management streams of an organization at one platform. Thus, our AI solutions for business incorporate the best communication channel & improve our business performance.

Inventory Management

This AI enables you to manage order records and delete/add inventories or lists. This kind of AI applications helps warehouse workforce.

Facility Management

This app supports the logistic department of a company. Our Artificial Intelligence solutions generate invoices and deliver data to stakeholders, investors, and vendors

Equipment Maintenance

Our Mobile Intelligence solutions help users can manage manufacturing equipment maintenance, repair, and replacement from a single mobile app

Customer Management

Our edge AI applications help clients increase sales, productivity and business performance.


Our Clientele

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Our Recent Projects

Jasoom Cars

Jasoom cars is an automotive application specially designed for marketing and trending used cars. The app allows individuals to sell, buy, trade and request for cars/vehicles in an easy way.



Slendit is a marketplace for rentals using peer-to-peer, consumers to consumers, and consumer-to-peer and sharing model. Users can borrow the things you want from your neighborhood.


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