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At USM, we specialize in the development of a computer vision algorithm to fuel progressive innovations. We have an expert team of infrastructure architects and machine learning engineers.

Being the leading Computer Vision Company, we want to build intelligent computer vision systems, Custom Computer Vision Software and provide high quality and robust CV solutions that can bring real transformations in business operations and give better results to business strategies. We are here to help our clients automate their business process by collecting data from images, video frames and even live video streams.

We built computer vision services to suit your specific requirements. Whether it’s the automation of tedious task, building new products from scratch or computer vision consulting- we do everything.

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Custom Computer Vision Software

Automate tedious and manual tasks with Data Capture & OCR


Nowadays, most of the businesses are dealing with big data technology and it’s expanding day-by-day. Services such as retrieval, extraction, and data capture have become a crucial part of the workflow of companies.

We provide high-end solutions for automatically finding, capturing and extracting data from unstructured documents and minimizing manual operations.

USM Business Systems help enterprises accelerate digital transformation and empower their ability to run business smartly in this world of a connected ecosystem. We assist your business to commence a transformational journey by using Computer Vision Solutions. We deliver unbeatable custom computer vision solutions and services to clients across United States – Ashburn, VA, Chantilly, Virginia, Frisco, Texas, California and New York.

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Use big data with object segmentation in 3D point clouds

Point clouds are mainly used in 3D modeling to create accurate models of real-world scenes or objects. This modern technology is in high demand for VR, computer graphics and communication.

Our infrastructure architects and computer vision developers assist you in creating immersive 3D models of the physical world simply and quickly.

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Extract More Insights from Visual Data with Image Segmentation Models

Image segmentation divides a picture into meaningful parts to make machines easier to understand, analyze and process. This model is used in several applications for face recognition, medical image processing, object tracking, and many more.

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Multi-Object Detection Models for Automatic Image Tagging

Using convolutional neural networks, we train machines to identify different objects and also teaches algorithms to recognize objects and people in an image automatically.
Multi-object detection is undoubtedly an asset for social media platforms and e-commerce companies. It is mainly used for improving customer experience in logistics, supply chains and retail industries.

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All in All, USM empowers your business with AI pose estimation and analysis solutions that we develop to suit your specific needs.

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    Use Product Matching & Provide Accurate Recommendations with Image Similarity Search

    Image similarity software allows users to quickly find similar products depending on visual features such as shape, design, colour, texture, etc. This technology is becoming very important in the big data age where businesses are exploiting for development and growth.

    USM help you develop recommendation and product-matching techniques to more efficiently address large amounts of structured data, prevent cost overruns, and improve ROI.

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    Computer Vision Use Cases

    Use Cases of Computer Vision in Manufacturing

    Computer Vision Applications


    Natural Language Processing

    Current Applications and Future Possibilities of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    Why Work With Us?

    We make it simple and easy to create amazing computer vision software. Let’s find out the reasons why you choose USM Business Systems your Computer Vision Technology Partner.

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    • Customizable solutions: We do not compromise on quality. The solutions we offer are tailored to the requirements of our customers and the nature of their information.
    • Complex Computer Vision Models: We use convolutional neural networks to train effective algorithms inspired by biological neural activity.
    • Cloud Infrastructure: Our expert consultants, ML engineers and infrastructure architects provide better performance for our consumers.
    • Highly experienced team: We pursue excellence in every work we do to provide the best solutions for our customers in the development of computer vision applications.

    Enhance brand visibility with brand monitoring & logo detection technology

    Object detection algorithms help to specify the presence and location of an object in an image depending on a set of categories used to teach a custom algorithm. We help individuals and companies by distributing ML-based logo recognition systems. Our solutions help to automate the real-time identification of brand logos in streaming video or photo streams and to show accurate brand visual analysis.

    Provide better experiences with our posture assessment model

    Assessing human posture is a very serious issue in today’s CV community.
    Our team is ready to assist you with a posture assessment model that can be implemented in your app or other 3rd party tools. Its purpose is to assess, identify and track a person’s location and presence and their movement to help you offer better customer services.
    This activity enables:
    • AR experiences (e.g. AI-powered coaches)
    • Crowd counting and tracking systems
    • Entertainment & Gaming
    • Robotics

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    The use of custom-built CV software enables you to reap many practical advantages with less effort.

    Simple and fast processes

    Automate many work processes and check your products quickly.

    High-quality results

    Optimize the business workflow and improve the quality of consumer service.

    Cost Reduction

    Increase profitability and reduce the costs of your products and services.

    High Accuracy

    Improve the accuracy of data-based operations and reduce errors.

    Our Clientele

    USM has earned reputation and respect from its client by delivering top-notch customized IT solutions. We have satisfied clients from all over the globe.

    Why choose USM for Custom Computer Vision Software Services?

    As a reputed Custom Computer Vision Software Service company, USM has flexible engagement plans for software development projects which are customized according to client specifications.
    • 24X7 Support
    • Certified Resources
    • Predict Trends
    • Customer Service
    • Actionable Insights
    • Diverse Industry
    Mobile App Development

    Segments We Have Experience In

    USM helps accelerate innovation and gratify industry specific best practices to help run your core business efficiently.

    AI in Banking


    AI in Healthcare


    AI in Retail


    AI in Manufacture


    AI in eCommerce


    AI in Telecom

    Marketing & Sales

    AI in Marketing & Sales


    AI in Education


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    Client testimonials

    Satisfied clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception. Read our testimonials below.
    USM’s AI-powered solutions helped our C-level Executives to generate real-time reports and insights on operational activities performed across our various locations. They developed an AI-based virtual assistant that can learn and improve every business conversation automatically without manual effort.

    Telecommunications Giant


    USM optimized the capability of our m-learning applications. We achieved 40% increased students subscription. We are succeeding beyond our targeted boundaries with implementing USM’s AI solutions. Thanks to USM!

    BYJU’s, the Learning App

    Bangalore, India

    USM has delivered an incredible predictive analytics solution to us and made us a performance driven online retailer in India. Compared to prior financial years, we witnessed 50% of increased sales during the year.


    Bangalore, India

    We partnered with USM to fill a skill gap across our IT domains. New hires helped us to complete the major IT project we targeted within deadlines as promised to our clients.

    IT Company

    Dallas, USA

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