Deep Learning Solutions

Efficiently Analyze Data With A Logic Structure

USM’s custom-built & advanced deep learning solutions help you build intelligent artificial neural network models that automatically learn complex representations of unstructured data.

Why Deep Learning Matters In This Digital World?

Simply the answer will be its ACCURACY. Over 19,000 businesses across the world are employing Deep Learning to enhance their products and services. Deep learning is evolving as a driving force behind solving challenges in areas such as:

  • 1. Demand prediction
  • 2. Medical diagnosis
  • 3. Anomaly detection
  • 4. Customer churn
  • 5. Fraud detection
  • 6. Image recognition
  • 7. Generative modeling
  • 8. Signal classification
  • 9. Speech recognition
  • 10. Natural Language processing

At USM, we provide advanced deep learning solutions that help you build intelligent artificial neural network models to learn and make intelligent decisions automatically.

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    The Future Of Industries Is AI-Enabled!

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    Travel And Logistics

    Why not you turn your business to deep learning from now?

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    Technologies That Enable and Assist Wide Adoption of AI

    The development of artificial intelligence solutions for optimizing business processes needs amalgamating AI capabilities with the leading-edge and rapidly emerging industry-level technologies. At USM, we have a group highly experienced tech professionals who acquired best practices on embedding varied AI technologies to come with innovative and intelligent solutions.
    We develop easy to use AI solutions for your complex business risks and strive to improve your business efficiency in real-time.

    Our technologists have proven experience in developing Artificial Intelligence Apps using python.

    R language

    R language supports the development of AI solutions and meets all business requirements.


    Flexibility, scalability, and ease of use make SPSS software best outfit for developing AI projects.


    Driven by reusable codes, the use of Java to develop Artificial Intelligence solutions is exploding.


    Because of its multiple library functions, C++ is used to develop next-generation AI solutions.


    The combination of SAS software and AI capabilities can build the best intelligence solutions.

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    Our Recent Projects

    Al Ansari Exchange

    The new app has tons of great features, like sending money using QuickSend, multiple payment modes, instant transfer or normal, currency calculator, rate notification, branch locator, navigation, and more refined controls on sending money (to name a few…).


    Al Ansari Exchange is one of the biggest exchange companies in the UAE that deals with the currency exchange and remittance service requirements.

    Abar Hail Water

    Abar Hail helps the public of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia order Abar bottled drinking water through their mobile.


    The app allows to choose between various delivery locations, the date and time of delivery. Customers can pay through cash on delivery or online. The app represents Abar Hail Water company.

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