Human Resource

Management Systems

USM's HRMS is an amazing platform for storing
and maintaining employee information,
employment records, attendance, leaves,
payroll, appraisals, and many more.


The Human Resource Management System is an amazing software application that supports a number of functions of the organization’s human resources department, including recruitment, hiring, attendance, utility administration, payroll, performance review, appraisals, leaves management, etc. It helps improve the productivity of the organization through the automation of monotonous tasks.


Automated Software to Simplify Workflow

The HR Software is highly scalable and effortlessly manageable for HR personnel to automate the complete HR procedures with few mouse clicks. The HR Management Software solution encompasses the best of HRIS& HRMS through a visually engaging dashboard bringing forth a blend of enterprise platforms for:







Key Functionalities

Protect data-01

Protect employee data

Locate and manage all your human resource administrative activities from your workstation through the centralized dashboard.

Log out-01

Monitor Log In/Log out,Attendance and Leave

Avoid manual log-in & log-out entries, merge attendance from various devices, alter leave types, schedule job tasks, & create time

performance review review-01

Ease employee performancereview process

Classify the strong point and pain areas of your employees. Set milestones, gather 360-degree review and analyze employees’ performance.


Systemize, Automate, and track your HR tasks

Manage your time effectively by configuring smart workflows, Automate and organize email alerts, develop task and checklists, set automatic updates etc.

Create forms-01

Create forms to suit your business requirements

Create custom forms to meet your business needs and to keep all
important and relevant information up to date.

Keep employee data in your safe space

Keep employee data in your safe space

It enables to keep all your employee information in one safe and secure place. This will help you manage well and easily access data when needed on the go.

Manage documents-01

Manage documents

Effectively manage documents from a centralized data library for easy access on the go. This amazing feature helps you to manage well and you do not have to go back to your workforce location to get all those important documents or certificate.

Employee Querries-01

Answer Employee Queries Simply

It is very common that employees get so many questions from human resources. Our HRMS software offers a query management tool to develop several answers to variety of queries.

Manage absence and illness-01

Manage absence and illness

Creating reason wise leave reports, managing absence, monitoring sick leave requests, centralized employee calendar are included in our HRMS app.

Middle png-01
Automated Report Generation

Automated Report Generation

Keep all the employee information on your employee activities and enterprise trends via automatically generated reports by the centralized data library.

Employee travel-01

Employee travel

It is hassle free to book tickets based on holidays. With our employee holiday calendar feature, you can simply plan and manage leave requests.

timely reminders-01

Get scheduled tasks and timely reminders

Setting up tasks and scheduling the assignments is simple and easy through our HRMS dash board. It helps you schedule meetings, tasks and even remind the do-to list.

HR Dashboard icon-01

HR Dashboard

The HR Dashboard helps to display employee information in a clear format. It really guides you through several processes without hassle.

Integrate with API-01

Integrate with API

It’s simple to streamline the data of employees from their company desktops by using our Breath API.


 Benefits of Using Our HRMS

  • Employee information management
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Streamline Human Resource Workflows
  • Improved security and data storage
  • Better employee engagement
  • Saves time, efforts and money
  • Empower employees through self-service functions.

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Key Features


Human Resource Management

Create business hierarchies, personalize the homepage and set report rights for each and every level. Create a large number of reports using the employee search engine and report designer.

Employe Attendance Management-01

Employe Attendance Management

Companies can avoid human errors and wage theft issues using our employee management system. It automatically takes login and log out details, late comings, overtime, leaves, holiday, working locations, and many more.


Payroll Management Software

It allows full maintenance of employees' financial records automatically such as pay slips generation, bonuses, net payments, PF, Tax, deductions, and many more.

Project MNGmnt-01

Project Management

Our project management software in HRMS can help you with project team, client projects, design employees, workout project profitability and screen time timesheets.

Learning Management-2-01

Learning Management

Employees can also get access to classes, manuals, and educational games. Managers can evaluate employee training for compliance and completeness purposes.

Performance Management

This feature helps track the 365 days employee performance depending on the key areas and capabilities of each team to develop a bell curve analysis.

Recruitment Management-01

Recruitment Management

Get employee requirements from managers and upload the job application form on your website and other job sites. You can filter applications depending on experience and designation. You can download relevant profile and conduct interviews and tests. Our HRMS software offers personalized reports with notifications for rejected, shortlisted, and hired candidates.

leave management logo-01

Leave Management

Our leave module allows employees to create, track, and manage different types of leaves depending on company policies. It also enables to check holidays calendar and enables employees to apply for multiple leave types (casual, sick and maternity), work from home, and even shift changes in advanced and post work off.

Travel and Helpdesk

Our travel management system simply manages the expenses of employee welfare activities. In addition, Helpdesk System increases the employee workflow request ticket, which can be increased to the desired number of employees.


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Streamline your business process and increase the productivity of your employees and organization by using our simple and efficient HRMS software.