5 Examples Of AI In Business Intelligence Applications

examples of ai in business applications

Artificial Intelligence In Business Application
5 Examples Of AI In Business Intelligence Applications

In the current scenario for ai in business application, data became crucial for every industry around the globe, and you know that 90% of the available information is generated in seconds leveraging intelligence Artificial Intelligence tools and it is impossible to gather such massive data from the human workforce.

AI based business intelligence applications are now a trend across the world. Organizations across various industries are implementing numerous applications of AI in business management and renovating their operational and functional flows to achieve their objectives in this digital space.

AI’s most significant technology Machine Learning (ML) is also disrupting the business intelligence mobile app development industry. To evaluate performance and match the progress with the targets, identify customer needs, predict customer preferences, and so on, organizations are increasingly investing in AI and ML-based business intelligence software applications and measuring their performance progress with ease.

Hence, the use of AI in business intelligence applications development is increasing since over the past few years. Today, in this article, we would like to walk you through:

  • Practical examples of Artificial Intelligence in business intelligence applications that keep organizations competitive
  • Applications Of AI In Business Management
  • Reasons Behind Why Businesses Need AI-Powered BI Systems

Herein, we have discussed a few major business intelligence application development vendors like SAP, Siemens, GE, and other leading BI app developers that are designing and developing AI based business intelligence applications for businesses across various industries.

Practical Examples Of AI In Business Intelligence Applications

Here are the top use cases of AI-based business intelligence applications –

  1. SAP’s HANA Platform

SAP is a Germany-based leading custom software development company. SAP platform consists of different models in their gallery, but as per our requirement, we are going to discuss SAP’s cloud platform HANA.

Most organizations use this software to manage databases of information they have gathered. To be more clear or precise, it will duplicate & ingests structured data like customer satisfaction from an app, relational databases, and many other sources.

You can install this HANA platform in different ways; one is by running on-premise via a company server or using a cloud source. The platform will collect information with the help of access points like financial transactions, equipment at production plants, desktop computers & mobile, and sensors across various business verticals.

If your salesperson is using a tablet or Smartphone to document purchase orders, and the data will be collected from those recorded transactions, which can be examined and analyzed by HANA platform to know customer or user problems and choices.

Walmart is one of the top retail chain stores (11,000) in the world and the USA, which doesn’t require any introduction. It is using the HANA platform to record & process its high-volume transactions that happen in 10 seconds.

2. Avanade’s Deep Analytics Platform

Avanade is the USA’s top IT consulting and services company that is engaged in providing artificial intelligence, business analytics, digital transformation, cloud migration, application development services, workplace management, and other enterprise-centric digital services and solutions.

Avanade is a company that is developed by two IT giants Accenture & Microsoft that has the capability to utilize Cortana intelligence and remaining solutions for data-based insights & predictive analytics.

Pacific Specialty, an insurance company that knocked on the doors of Avanade to develop a deep analytics platform with the focus to provide more information to its staff regarding the business. The insurance firm’s primary aim is to use policy & customer data to enhance team and company growth.

When you can understand your policyholders’ interests, trends, and behavior with the help of analytics, the company can give good advice about existing and new products that are available to the company.

Once, the company concluded that the coming future would be filled up with smart technologies where machines will do the maximum work that can be done by human resources. According to the study conducted by Avanade states that organizations can raise their revenue by 33% with the usage of smart technologies.

And they also revealed that it is going to create new job roles for professionals and many more benefits to users. It is also not precisely mentioned which professionals are going to be changed with the adoption of advanced smart technologies.

3. Apptus’ AI-powered eSales Platform

It is one of the best business applications for artificial intelligence. Apptus is a BI applications development company that is using AI for automation, streamlining operations, and enhancing the efficiency of processes.

Apptus has developed an AI-powered business intelligence platform- eSales for e-commerce and retail companies. This revolutionary application makes use of ML, NLP, predictive analytics, and deep learning like AI technologies and assists companies in automatically processing customers’ data and maximizing sales.

Apptus’ eSales platform identifies and analyzes data related to customers’ search and purchasing behavior and helps e-commerce service providers to display or send personalized product recommendations automatically. It will increase customer loyalty and optimizes sales value.

E-commerce companies are exploring 100% sales benefits using this platform. Based on search patterns, this AI & ML powered BI solution automates demand predictive tasks and creates conversions with ease.

Still, the technology is in the adoption stage, Cloudera Founder & CTO, said that deep learning is very good at anomaly detection and prediction. He also said it is getting simple for deep learning networks to comprehend what information is exactly authentic. And he also says, you cannot teach the platform what to work on, just provide a chunk of data from which it will sort out what it requires.

4. Siemens’ AI-based Reporting and Analytic Platform

 Siemens is using its ML technology to monitor and validate how its industry machinery equipment is working. The company launched MindSphere, an open industry cloud platform in beta.

The primary focus of this cloud platform is to monitor machine performance and detect defects for service requirements with the help of machine tools & drive train analytics.

This AI-powered BI application is being used by many industries to keep an eye on machinery and measure key performance metrics. Such prediction into devices will help companies make informed decisions about anticipatory maintenance & also be used to manage their equipment efficiently so that they can have a long lifespan.

When you compare Predix with MindSphere, the Siemens platform can work efficiently on every machine and plant regardless of the manufacturing industry. The core intention of the platform is to help plant operators to increase the uptime of their equipment and makes maintenance more competent by predicting when there is a possibility of machinery breakdown.

By using these types of platforms, industrial plants are seeing a reduction in maintenance costs. Siemens will provide a box whenever you opt for MindSphere, which you can attach to the machines, and it will collect the information related to the performance of the equipment by which the engineer can take action.

5. GE (General Electronics)

The latest technologies are taking a major part in the newest advancement in various industries. The usage of sensors increasing in physical equipment like vehicles, equipment spaces, machinery, and production plants, and these can be automated & analyzed by artificial intelligence.

When it comes to IoT, it is not about just consumer gadgets, oil rigs, commercial trucks, cargo ships, and trains can be automated or digitalized, examined, and predicted through networks.

Industries like aviation and oil & gas are using GE’s Predix operating system to know the historical performance data of the equipment by using the advantage of the industrial apps, which can be used to identify different types of operational outcomes like when there is a possibility of machinery failure.

If you think GE’s operating system is only for automating primary operations, then you have mistaken because it can process a large amount of information and prepare a forecast report within seconds.

The oil & Gas industry is using Accenture’s intelligent pipeline solution to examine pipelines that are a million miles across the globe. It gathers information from the pipelines & external sources for the safety and proper use of the resources.

When it comes to the airline industry, they are using an app called Aircraft Landing Gear that is built on Predix. The app helps airline engineering crews to check for how many days it will be in service before a flight is placed into the service. The app will prepare a schedule depending on the information that helps to minimize unexpected or unplanned equipment issues & flight delays.

For instance, this AI-based BI solution maximizes the performance of the equipment. After Pitney developed an automated solution on top of Predix, it raised its machinery yield by 20%.

These are a few examples of AI-enabled business intelligence applications. The above-listed BI applications developers are making use of revolutionary AI and ML technologies and tools and creating top-notch BI solutions for companies across all sizes.

Hire An AI App Development Company!

    Now, let’s take a look at the best use cases of AI in Business applications.

    Applications Of AI In Business Management

    The integration of AI, ML, predictive analytics, and deep learning technologies into BI applications will help organizations identify and predict market trends, customer behavior, and optimize overall performance progress.

    Custom AI app development companies are assisting enterprises in building futuristic AI based business intelligence applications and playing a major in digitizing data collection, processing, and analyzing operations.

    Let’s move on to how can AI empowers Business Intelligence Applications or ai application in business or artificial intelligence in business management.

    • Integration of Artificial Intelligence in business application optimizes features and functionalities of BI
    • AI and ML in BI applications make data storing and processing faster and help organizations derive valuable insights into customers’ data
    • AI development companies are adding intelligent tech capabilities to BI applications to define and intelligently process raw information
    • Artificial intelligence in business intelligence, along with ML, and deep learning algorithms, smoothly segregates input data and simplifies complex data analysis processes
    • A blend of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes BI software solutions better understand voice commands and perform data analysis tasks accurately as defined or required by the organization

    These are a few benefits of AI Business Intelligence applications. Operational efficiency, productivity, analytics and insights, quick decision-making, business scalability, virtualization and visualization, and cost savings are all key advantages of using AI in business intelligence applications development.

    Hire top AI applications development companies and get your BI solution developed with a sort of enterprise-friendly features and functionalities.

    Reasons Behind Why Businesses Need AI-Powered BI Systems

    The explosion of new big data sources, such as mobile, tablets, and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices will no longer undermine businesses.

    They need increasingly practical experiences. This prompts AI-driven BI frameworks that will dramatically change business data into simple, precise, real-time narratives and reports.

    BI Apps Delivers Data Insights AI in business applications for deriving insights is gaining popularity. Big data growth in the market makes it difficult to make strategic decisions within the deadline. In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has increased BI systems to provide dashboards that provide alerts and business insights to key decision-makers.

    AI in Business Applications Fills Resource Gaps – There is a shortage of experts with data analytical skills worldwide, and the well-developed country, USA also has a shortage of 1.5 million (approx.) data analysts. Therefore, it is very important to hire data experts in each department of a company to complete the given tasks.

    Preventing Data Overload  Data is growing at an unimaginable rate these days and can easily choke off the business activities of organizations. This is where AI-powered BI tools come in, when a company has data bursting its BI platform from different sources.

    It aids to analyze all the information and provides customized insights. Therefore, investing in AI-based BI software can help organizations break down data into maintainable insights


    Top reasons of adoption of artificial intelligence in businessFinal Words

    We conclude that the need for Artificial intelligence in business application development is high. AI-enabled BI applications development will have a bright scope in the years ahead.

    It is the right time for businesses across industries to invest in AI business intelligence software. Companies can reduce resource overheads, better manage enterprise data operations, build sales strategies, well-handle leads, and get 100% returns on investment using BI solutions.

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