Top 10 Use Cases Of Artificial Intelligence In The Manufacturing Industry

Artificial Intelligence In Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Manufacturing

There is no doubt that over 60% of manufacturing companies are using AI technology. AI in manufacturing cuts downtime and ensures high-quality end products. Moreover, manufacturing companies are applying AI-based analytics solutions to their information systems for improving work efficiency.

AI in manufacturing will have a crucial impact on the smart maintenance of the production environment.  To avoid sudden damages to machinery, manufacturers are predictive solutions. These Ai-enabled solutions for manufacturing companies can predict the failure of equipment before they get damaged.

Similarly, artificial intelligence in manufacturing also helps manufacturers to get faultless products to market on time. Thus, AI in manufacturing impacts product quality and ensures profits. Herein, we have compiled the ten best mobile applications of artificial intelligence in manufacturing in the below session.

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    Top 10 uses cases of AI in manufacturing industry

    The uses of AI in the manufacturing industry are incredible. Industrial AI robot collaboration enables manufacturers to deliver generative products faster.

    AI in the manufacturing industry is changing the way manufacturers design products. The AI solutions for manufacturing offer insights into the best design. Similarly, AI offers manifold benefits to manufacturing companies.

    For instance, BMW uses AI for product quality, General Motors uses AI for Intelligent maintenance, and Nissan uses AI for manufacturing to design ultra-modern cars. Likewise, many biggest brands are using AI for manufacturing operations.

    How is AI used in manufacturing the industry?

    Here are to best AI applications in manufacturing industry.

    #1 Quality Checks

    It is one of the best AI use cases in manufacturing sector. Internal defects of equipment cannot be detected easily. Sometimes experts are also unable to detect the flaws in products by observing their functionality. But, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies can do this efficiently. Minor flaws in machinery can also be detected with AI systems, tools, and applications with ease.

    Hence, AI in manufacturing sector ensures quality control. Smart AI solutions monitor the productivity of machinery, track performance, find faults, improve productivity, and reduce maintenance costs. That’s why most manufacturing companies use AI automation in their manufacturing routines.

    USM has proven expertise in building equipment maintenance AI solutions. Being the best AI development company, we provide out-of-the-box AI Services and Solutions that allow manufacturers to know when equipment needs to be repaired or replaced.

    #2 Predicts Equipment Failure

    It is another significant AI application in manufacturing sector. The most common use of AI and ML in manufacturing is to improve equipment efficiency. Manufacturers face challenges with sudden machinery failures. A product might look perfect from the outside, but it offers low performance when we use it. It affects productivity.

    It is the second most reason behind the increased demand for AI in manufacturing sector. Leveraging the capabilities of AI, ML, and predictive analytics technologies, AI development companies are creating best-in-class robotic solutions and predictive maintenance systems that give prior intimations of equipment damages is any and prevent accidental shutdowns of machinery.

    #3 Equipment Predictive Maintenance

    Predictive maintenance of devices allows the manufacturer to cut device repair or maintenance costs. Using ML-powered predictive solutions, AI tools for manufacturing can predict when machinery requires maintenance services.

    Similarly, cloud and the IoT sensors are also playing a vital role in modernizing the manufacturing industry. The AI systems and applications are trained to explore insights from the device performance data which is collected from connected IoT sensors. These insights help manufacturers to know the performance of individual devices. Such insights will assist companies in predicting the failure of the devices that has to happen in the future.

    USM’s AI-enabled manufacturing solutions bring automation across your manufacturing processes. Our AI services and applications for manufacturing helps to achieve smart manufacturing operations and reduce cost overheads.

    Our AI app development team with deep knowledge of AI technologies creates futuristic AI-powered mobility solutions that help businesses transform the traditional manufacturing operations. We have successfully developed an AI solution for a leading manufacturing company and assisted them to optimize the internal condition of their equipment.


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    #4 Digital Twins

    The benefits given by AI for manufacturing companies are boundless. Digital Twin is one of the AI innovations in the manufacturing sector. The digital twin is called a virtual environment of the entire manufacturing infrastructure. Manufacturers can better manage devices and monitor the production environment all the time virtually.

    Moreover, digital twin applications allow manufacturers to virtualize the final product design and augment it if needed. The ultimate goal of the digital twin is to design and test equipment virtually.

    #5 Supply-Chain Management

    AI use cases manufacturing blog2


    The use of artificial intelligence in supply chain management is rapidly increasing. AI technology is gaining momentum across supply chain operations. From inventory management and material loading and delivery, AI applications with the help of IoT sensors are helping manufacturers in organizing entire supply-chain operations in a more organized way.

    Along with AI, Machine learning, computer vision, robotics process automation, and speech recognition technologies make supply chain management tasks easier, faster, and smarter.

    AI has multiple applications in supply chain management. They include:

    • Establishes a strong communication channel among departments

    USM’s supply-chain management solution for the manufacturing industry brings different divisions of an enterprise to a single platform. Thus, the best communication channel among teams will be established and help to improve overall business performance.

    • Warehouse management & logistics

    It is the most popular use case of AI for manufacturing industry. Artificial intelligence tools and applications can optimize warehouse management and logistic operations more efficiently and intelligently. From production to delivery, everything can be monitored, organized, and analyzed using AI systematically. AI-enabled devices and tools that can also manage and track fleet operations efficiently.

    • Development of autonomous vehicles for logistics

    Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing is going to its next level in the form of autonomous or self-driving vehicles. To better manage the distribution centers, the manufacturing companies are investing in AI-powered autonomous vehicles for logistic operations.

    A big thanks to artificial intelligence technology. Using Artificial intelligence-powered manufacturing robotics and self-driving vehicles across production and logistics operations, manufacturers can reduce dependency on the human workforce and improve productivity.

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    Artificial Intelligence In Manufacturing

    #6 Forecast Product Demand

    Artificial intelligence systems using predictive analytics can also forecast the product demand efficiently. AI tools for manufacturing collect data from various sources. Later, based on data, tools can accurately predict the product demand.

    #7 Inventory Management

    AI use cases manufacturing blog4

    Artificial intelligence app in manufacturing allows you to manage order records and delete/add new inventories. AI and ML technologies are best for automating supply, demand, and inventories functions.

    #8 Price Forecasts

    By analyzing historical data of product prices, machine learning algorithms can forecast the price of a product. Competitive prices always offer more profits to the companies.

    #9 Robotics in Manufacturing

    We are all well aware of the use of robots in manufacturing processes. It’s a fact that machines can perform more efficiently than humans. Of course, they need the support of the human workforce.

    AI-powered robots for manufacturing perform repetitive tasks without being programmed. It is one of the best applications of AI and ML for manufacturers.

    #10 Customer Management

    AI applications for manufacturing increase sales, productivity, and business performance. The smart AI apps for manufacturing can quickly understand customer issues and provide personalized solutions.

    Let’s have a look at the benefits of AI service and solutions in customer service:

    • Quick response time
    • Personalized experience
    • Improved relations using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool
    • To make an informed decision using customers data

    How Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Impacting The Manufacturing Industry?

    Artificial intelligence technologies have achieved tremendous growth over the past few years. Its impact is on every industry, including the manufacturing sector. Here are four significant ways of how AI technology is influencing manufactures.

    • Manufacturers are increasingly launching AI robots in the production line to ensure a safer workplace and improve productivity.
    • Using AI, manufacturers can detect product defects and issues related to quality and design.
    • With a blend of AI, ML, and industrial revolution technologies, manufacturers can create thousands of product designs in just a few seconds. Such design possibilities assist manufacturers in producing end-product in a unique structure.
    • As discussed, AI solutions help manufacturers manage stock and balance supply and demand. AI inventory management solutions for manufacturing or AI demand forecasting applications and tools help manufacturing companies manage their inventory levels and clutch profitable business.

    AI Impact On Manufacturing Industry

    The global manufacturing companies are investing heavily in AI. With the main focus on reducing production costs, manufacturing companies are rushing to use AI in their processes. It is expected that investment will surpass $14 billion by 2025 from $2.9 billion in 2020.

    The figure below depicts that how manufacturers are generating revenues through AI. Compared to AI software, manufacturers are creating more revenues using AI-based hardware and AI services.

    Manufacturing AI revenue segment


    USM’s innovative AI services make your manufacturing business smarter. From equipment maintenance and productivity to warehouse management, we provide AI solutions and services to bring automation.

    So, implementing AI manufacturing processes would give stunning profits to manufacturing companies in the near term future.

    USM’s AI solutions bring automation to on-field services. Our advanced artificial intelligence mobility solutions also improve employee productivity. We are experts in developing AI-powered solutions that tackle equipment maintenance and warehouse management.

    Is AI the future of manufacturing?

    100% Yes. Artificial intelligence will be the future of the manufacturing industry. Driven by increased product demand, the manufacturing industry adopts new technologies like AI, ML, and etc.

    Overall, using AI in manufacturing AI offers process optimization, low-cost overheads, and high productivity. It also allows manufacturers to make quick decisions and improve customer service quality.

    Get more information on USM’s AI services and solutions for the manufacturing industry. Let’s see might our AI solutions in manufacturing help your business. Have a look at the top 25 mobile apps development companies in USA to get a quote for your AI app development project.

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