Top Benefits Of Hiring An Offshore Mobile App Development Team For Your Project

Benefits Of Hiring An Offshore Mobile App Development Team

Top Benefits Of Hiring An Offshore Mobile App Development Team For Your Project

The mobile app development vibes are spreading to every industry. Organizations across manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, education, FinTech, and banking are all looking forward to mobile application development. Such a massive demand for application development is giving intensified opportunities to mobile app developers.

On the other hand, rather than hiring an in-house app development team, the companies are outsourcing their projects to offshore software developers and reducing the application development stress.

Yes, software development outsourcing has become a trend in the global markets. Moreover, since the cost factor is too high in the USA, app development companies are outsourcing their projects to an offshore team. Besides cost advantages, hiring an offshore app developer will offer many benefits to the companies. Let’s look at more advantages of application development outsourcing.

What Is Software Development Outsourcing?

Software development outsourcing means hiring a custom ai app development company that handles end-to-end application development operations, including planning, design, development, deployment, and maintenance. Based on the client’s requirements, outsourced application development agencies will be responsible to manage the whole or partial development tasks. 

Outsourcing Vs In-House Development Team

Hiring an in-house application development team is quite more complex and challenging for organizations than allocating project development responsibilities to a third party.

If you hire an in-house app development team to build new software or to remodel the existing one, you must pay attention and cross-check the development process in every phase.

Moreover, you need to hire a team of app developers, UI designers, app testers, quality analysts, and business analysts (for monitoring app development market trends). Companies have to spend huge time in hiring the right talents with the desired skill sets for their projects.

Screening candidate profiles, shortlisting, interviewing, recruiting, onboarding, and training are really hard and challenging tasks. Unsurprisingly, all these additional tasks will surely increase the estimated cost of mobile app development. Hence, hiring an in-house application development team is time-consuming and more expensive.

On contrary, if you outsource your application development to offshore nearshore app developers, you can get rid of all these tedious tasks. You can put all your focus on software development with the features and functionalities that your clients require.

The outsourced app development company will handle all your project needs and deliver a flawless application within scheduled timelines. Hence, software outsourcing decreases expenses and erases the hidden problems of software development operations.

Which do you feel more comfortable and riskless, either hiring an in-house app development team or hiring offshore app developers?

We have already discussed the downsides of hiring an in-house software development team. We would like to give more detailed information about the benefits of software outsourcing to offshore developers.

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Offshore Mobile App Development Team

Top Benefits Of Hiring and Outsourcing An Offshore Software Development Team  

  1. Development Costs Benefits Are Too High

According to a market survey, over 60% of companies are outsourcing their IT projects to reduce overall costs. By hiring offshore development teams, startups and enterprises can smartly escape from the costs related to hiring expenses, salaries, employee benefits, maintenance, leasing commercial spaces for development, etc.

Moreover, due to the low cost of living in India like offshore markets, the cost of mobile app development on Android or iPhone is low compared to the USA-like markets. Hence, hiring custom mobile app development companies in India is a budget-friendly decision.

So, instead of hiring an in-house team, hand over the development works to software development outsourcing companies and focus on their core business operations.

  1. Team Flexibility

Let’s talk about team flexibility. If you hire a permanent in-house app development team, you must pay salaries even if there are no projects to work on. But, outsourcing to top software developers, you can hire them as per your project needs and terminate the agreement once your project has been launched. So, based on your project need you can hire an offshore team and pay for their services.

  1. High Productivity and Service Quality

Mobile app development outsourcing is the best way to improve the productivity of your employees. Since you allocate a product to other companies to design and develop, you can make your in-house team work on other projects or handle other significant tasks. Hence, with project outsourcing, you can focus on the core competencies of your business and improve service quality.

  1. Faster Deployment And Brand Awareness

A software development company with full-stack developers will develop an awesome product and deliver the application into the market as you scheduled. There are no delays in the development or deployment. Everything will go smoothly and let your brand reach more audiences through the novel application.

  1. Quality Never Be Compromised

Companies can always be in communication with the outsource app development team. Offshore software developers you hire will be transparent throughout the app development process. You can share your app development ideas, vision, and views for modifying any feature or advancing the application’s overall functionalities.

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How To Hire A Software Development Outsourcing Company?

Offshore outsourcing is the best strategy to reap huge benefits in terms of functionally or financially. Whether you choose onshore, nearshore, or offshore, you must focus on a few things to get a qualitative application in the end.

Here are a few tips to hire the best software development outsourcing company:

  • Prefer an app development (Android/iOS) company for your IT project with vast experience in the same niche
  • The software development firm must understand your project needs.
  • The mobile application development company you hire should have highly experienced and talented full-stack app developers.
  • The custom mobile app development agency to whom you outsource your IT project should have the capability of delivering the project on or before deadlines.
  • The mobile software development company should offer a reasonable quote for your app development.
  • Never compromise on work transparency and service quality.
  • Before signing an app development agreement with the developers, view their client testimonials to analyze the potentiality of app developers.
  • Know the technical capabilities of software development outsourcing companies and ask whether they use a modern and next-generating set of technologies or not
  • Go for a fixed-price contract model with clear expectations.

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Top Mobile App Development Outsourcing Companies Hourly Rates By Country

  • Top Mobile App Developers In India

India is one of the best regions for app development at a reasonable budget. Mobile application development companies In India will take as low as $20/hour to as high as $100 per hour.

  • Top App Developers In The USA Hourly Rate

The best mobile app development companies in the USA will cost a little bit higher than other regions. The hourly rate of app developers in the USA and Canada regions will range from $55 to $250.

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  • Top Mobile App Development Companies In The UK

The most experienced application developers in the United Kingdom will charge nearly $30, while startup companies will take around $20 per hour to develop your project.

  • Top Mobile App Development Agencies In The UAE

UAE is a mature market in the Middle East for native, hybrid, or cross-platform mobile app development. The best mobile application developers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will charge from $20 to $70 per hour.


Final Words

It’s a fact that in this digital era, mobile apps are the most significant assets for businesses of all sizes to reach a wider audience base. Android and iPhone mobile applications are accelerating digital models in every business across a range of industries.

Organizations, mid-level companies, and newly entered startups are all focusing on mobile apps to expand their brand name and services to the global audience without putting more effort and money into marketing activities.

It is the right time to hire USM’s app developers for your project. Outsource your IT project to us and sit back with confidence we handle all of your project needs.

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