Is Artificial Intelligence A Game Changer In Education Industry?

will artificial intelligence change education

Is Artificial Intelligence A Game Changer In Education Industry?

Every industry is recognizing the power and potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this digital age, AI applications, devices, and tools are becoming the heart of digital businesses.

Artificial intelligence technology helps marketers, bankers, healthcare providers, retailers, and many others in many ways. Similarly, AI in education is bringing tremendous benefits to the education industry. The role of AI in education is propelling forward with advancements in technology.

In particular, online learning systems are evolving with AI technology. More personalized and appropriate learning ways are attracting online learners. Not just for students, Artificial intelligence in education helps service providers quickly expand their services in the market.

The AI-powered mobile apps for education are changing the way you learn. In addition, increased usage of androids or smartphones is expanding the scope of AI learning in the future.

In this article, we tried to compile the list of AI benefits for the education sector. Let’s get started!

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    The Best Five Key Roles of AI in Education

    Applications of AI in education are infinite. Herein, we have given the topmost benefits of AI in the education sector.

    #1 AI Automates Administrative Tasks

    Artificial intelligence in education automates almost every administrative task. In general, teachers spend more time giving homework, conducting exams, and clarifying students’ doubts. But, AI apps and tools in education automates these manual tasks and the test grading process.

    AI in education saves teachers time. Teachers can focus more on improving their students’ academic careers.

    Driven by increasing demand for AI from education institutions, AI mobile app development companies are focusing on developing more efficient AI solutions for education institutions. In particular, educational institutions are implementing AI-enabled automating grading systems to grade the student test performance. Thus, the advancements in AI technology offer an automated classification of written tests.

    #2 AI Creates Smart Content

    The role of AI in education is also moving to its peak level in terms of smart content. Smart content plays a significant role in e-learning.

    The best example of AI in education is virtual video conferencing and video lectures. The virtual teaching process help students to understand the subject with ease.

    In addition, digital test practice papers, learning content updates of audio/video lectures, information visualization programs will take the education industry to the next level in the near-term future. Students can access smart learning content from anywhere at any time.

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    #3 AI Offers Personalized Learning

    Traditional classroom teaching may not focus on every student in the class. Teachers can focus on approximately 70% to 80% of students. The rest of the students face difficulty in understanding the subject for some reason.

    Sitting far from the lecturer or visibility problems are a few of the issues that students face. Moreover, these are primary reasons for not understanding the subject.

    But, with the introduction of AI in education, instructors can provide personalized recommendations to every student. As AI technology digitizes classroom assignments and preparation tests, every student will get equal support from educators.

    Giving fast response to student queries is significant in teaching. Smart AI-based apps build the best communication platform between students and teachers. Using virtual lecturer’s assistance, the students can get a faster response from their teachers.

    Another benefit of using AI in digital learning is that students can access classes based on their availability.

    Hence, smart teaching systems will soon evolve rapidly to help students learn in many ways.

    #4 AI Change the Role of Educators

    The role of AI in education for virtualizing the teaching environment will gain momentum in the near-term future.

    Teachers play a significant role in education. But, the introduction of AI technology is changing the way of teaching. While intelligently supporting tutors, AI in education ensures the best training for learners.

    AI-based virtual assistants for education are programmed to provide a human-like teaching experience to the students. Also, AI assistants help to find information related to specific educational materials. Hence, the smart teaching sessions allow teachers to provide the best hands-on experiences for students.

    #5 AI helps to Eliminate Learning Boundaries

    Artificial intelligence in education can help eliminate positive learning limitations. Emerging AI technology allows students to learn anything from anywhere in the world based on their availability.

    Smart AI-based education systems empower students with IT skills. Thus, students can access and learn their favorite courses from around the world.

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    Based on the above factors, we can state that AI in education alters traditional learning methods. Personalized learning online is possible by deploying artificial intelligence in the education sector.

    Artificial intelligence in education automates the grading process, improves the learning process, better engages students, give 24*7 access to learning, and so on.

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