How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Travel App?


How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Travel App in 2022?

Travel is back in the nation with the new normalization and safety measures. Pack your bags and explore your favorite destination without any hesitation. Travelling adds new energy to us and refreshing thoughts to our life. Let us take you through the best travel apps to make your tourism planning relaxable.

Smartphones have become a part of our life, making everything easy and handy. Travel planning includes flight and hotel bookings, food, sightseeing groups, and more. If all these facilities are available in one place, it will save your time and energy. You can find plenty of mobile travel apps in play stores to remove stress from planning.

In this article, we will discuss the following topics

  • What are travel apps and their benefits?
  • Popular travel apps
  • Significant features and functionalities of travel apps
  • Technology stack for travel apps development
  • Development cost
  • Cost impacting factors
  • Benefits of developing travel apps for businesses in this digital era

What are Travel Apps and their Benefits?

Travel apps provide you all the information required for wandering your favorite places. It gives easy access to journey details, costs, and reservations. From the time you step out of your home, explore your destination and come back with full memories, the travel app is with you. Any travel business with a mobile application can help its users in every possible way.

The development of a travel app for your business will make its way to the users and bring revenues. The facilities like easy ticket bookings, secured transactions, packages, reviews will drive the high engagement levels from users. So, it very essential to have a travel app for your agency.

Popular Travel Apps in 2022

You can find a huge list of travel apps in your play store, but everything is not worth of time to check. So, we have curated the list of the best and popular travel apps that help in every aspect of traveling. Check out the below list.


Uber is the best way to plan your travel trips without any worry. Reach your destination safely at an affordable price using this best travel mobile app. The application is available for Android and iOS platforms. The Uber service is available in more than 10,000 cities and 600 airports.

cost to develop uber app

Benefits of Uber App

  • You can book a trip instantly or schedule a ride ahead and reach on time.
  • Uber intercity service will give guidance to travel outside the city for getaways and staycations.
  • Users can check for price estimates before booking the ride and compare with other apps rides.
  • You can give ratings to the driver after every trip that will help in improving the services.
  • Dial emergency contact numbers from the Uber app directly in any case of feeling unsafe.

It is the most reliable app to book your flights, stays, and trips at your next destination. This popular travel app is available in 43 languages with more than 28 million suggestions of places. You can find affordable locations on the go with the special deals available in the application.

cost to develop booking app

Advantages of

  • You can find the perfect accommodation for the trip in the comfort of your home. Get property details directly from the mobile app using the chat feature.
  • If you do not like the stay, then cancel the booking free of cost with simple steps.
  • Book rental cars from top companies in the mobile app and take a tour of your destination.
  • Make great memories at attractions, museums, and rides with online ticket bookings from the app.

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    Google Earth:

    Check out the world with a satellite 3D view with Google Earth app in your pocket. You can zoom to the buildings with a complete street perspective. All these are guided tour collections from BBC Earth and NASA. Below are the advantages of the mobile application.

    cost to develop google-earth app

    Benefits of Google Earth App:

    • You can check your home place from anywhere and also place around with a 360-degree view.
    • The app provides facilities of pan, zoom, rotate, and tilt while exploring places.
    • You can use live navigation at the screen bottom and get directions to reach the place.
    • The knowledge cards in the app will give more insight, and you can share postcards with your friends.


    Airbnb is the leading mobile travel app in the online registration of homestays, rentals, and tourism activities. The application is helpful for both hosts and travelers in earning and saving money. It is a trusted platform to make payments, host assistance, and calendar availability.

    cost to develop airbnb app

    Advantages of Airbnb App

    • Plan your trip days before reaching your destination and book tickets for great local experiences.
    • Connect with the local hosts for booking information and travel guidebook.
    • List your palace and earn money by hosting the guests. You can get suggestions from the Airbnb team for improvements.

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      Lyft is the simple way to get a ride to your destination. It is a famous travel application in the USA with all the required features. You can find a trip in all 50 states and districts of Columbia. The mobile application is helpful for both drivers and riders.

      cost to develop lyft app

      Benefits of Lyft App

      • No need to worry about cash as they accept online payments.
      • It has two steps background verification of the drivers for the safety of their users.
      • Passengers traveling to the same destination can split the ride cost through the mobile application.
      • You can join the Lyftpink and get additional benefits of discounts on rides, free Grubub membership, and more.

      Hello Travel:

      Travel seamlessly to anywhere at fewer prices with Hello Travel mobile application. Check for the tour and holiday packages at your favorite place. Book according to your requirements with guidance from more than 700 trusted travel agents across the world.

      cost to develop hello-travel app

      Advantages of Hello Travel App

      • You can easily plan a trip, book stays, and fly to your destination to explore at less price.
      • Fill the travel form online with all requirements and get the best options from reputed agents.
      • You can check for all choices of dining, accommodation, travel under your budget before booking. 


      Hopper is a top travel mobile app for Android and iOS users. It is a smart way to book your flights, hotels, and cars at the best price. As the name suggests, you can hop from one place to another easily.

      cost to develop hooper app

      Benefits of Hooper App

      • Get notified about the best time to travel with their color-coded calendar to save on your travel expenses.
      • Go for the best choices by comparing prices and services among the hundreds of airlines.
      • Get the price prediction and freeze your booking price for your destination place.
      • You can rebook without any cancellation fee if you have missed a connection or flight delayed.


      It is an American online travel company offering its services since 1996. You can book flights and hotels easily at the best deals. It is a must-have mobile application in your smartphones if you plan to travel. Along with reservations, you can search for the best places to visit at your destination.

      cost to develop expedia app

      Advantages of Expedia App

      • Search from millions of listings of hotels, getaways, and attractions to book tickets.
      • Earn Expedia reward points on every booking you make from the mobile application.
      • Find your perfect flight from the wide range of options available in the Expedia mobile application.
      • You can easily access trip details and get the remainders when you need them.

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        Significant Features and Functionalities of Travel Apps

        There are few features of the travel application that make the app useful. The best travel mobile app will make all tough things of traveling easy. Here, I have penned down the necessary functionalities for any travel app.

        Travel Suggestions: It is a top priority feature of any travel mobile application. Users can directly enter their destination to get the complete details of the travel. Get the best holiday packages, booking, dining in the respective area. Traveler can check for the best time and budget for the reservations. It is one of the complex and required features of any travel app. USM, the best travel apps developer in the USA and India, will give a step-by-step approach to application development.

        Geo-Location Services: Tourists are always new to the place and search for the routes while reaching attractions and hotels in the area. A geo-tracking system with maps and navigations in the application will give users a hassle-free and safe trip experience. So, developing a travel app with GPS integration will lead your path for the best travel app for Android and iOS.

        Currency Converter: It is the essential feature of any travel application or website. Users travel to different countries that have their unique currencies. It will be easy for the passengers if the booking prices are available in their comfortable currency value. The feature also helps in knowing currency exchange rates while on the trip.

        Travel Reviews: Geniue reviews of a place from a fellow traveler are beneficial while exploring. Users can check ratings for attractions and destinations before booking their trip and get details. Allowing recommendations in travel apps is an element for gaining trust. Contact USM, the best travel application developers in the USA and India, to include this feature in your app at a reasonable price.

        Transport Booking Facility: It is another great feature that any mobile travel app should include in the list. This facility should not comprise only hotels. It should have a service of intercity transport with suggestions of attractions and tourism places. So, the user does not need to search for another local app for transport facilities. This feature will increase the satisfaction rate towards your travel mobile application.

        Flexible Payment Service: You need to provide flexible and secured payment gateways for your users. Make sure you add all the trusted online payments, credit and debit card payments in your application. It helps users to sit back and directly make payments for the booking within the mobile travel application.

        Social Media Sharing: Social media platforms are the best place for any business advertisement. Most of the travelers post their travel experiences on their accounts. If the users share images and videos by tagging your mobile application, that will increase the app exposure globally.

        Details of Offers and Deals: Travel is more fun when you can afford the expenses. People first search for the best offers and discounts among the available options. So, providing the best deals will give your application a large customer base. You need to update the package details regularly in the travel app. Contact the best mobile app development company to know further information about app development.

        Technology Stack for Travel App Development

        Use the latest technology to run your travel app fast and flawless. Here, you can get the complete technology stack you require to build a mobile travel application. We have curated the list after discussing with our resources from the USM, top mobile app development companies in the USA and India. Check out the list below:

        Programming Languages: Swift, Kotlin, Java
        Database: MySQL, Aerospike
        Testing: GitLab, Jira
        Web Tools: JavaScript, Sequelize, Node.js
        Storage: Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud
        Frameworks: Angular, Vue.js
        API’s: The third-party API’s by Facebook, Google help to access the functionality using JavaScript on your mobile application.

        How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Travel App in 2022?

        Development Cost of Travel Apps

        The development cost of any mobile application varies according to the elements you add to the mobile application. So, always have a clear idea about your requirements before you check for cost estimation of app development.

        The average development cost of a travel app for Android or iOS may differ from $25,000 to $55,000 for a single platform. It sometimes goes beyond the estimated value based on features and technology used in mobile app development. A leading travel mobile app development company, USM can give you complete details about the requirements of app building and factors that affect the cost. 

        Factors that Impact Development Cost

        Travel agencies will set a particular budget before approaching the top mobile app development companies in the USA and India for building a mobile app. Here, we have listed the significant factors that affect the development cost of the mobile application.

        App Features: The functionality and features are the key elements for developing an application. It requires app developers with more skills. The complexity of the app directly impacts the cost of the development. Designing an app with appealing features will cost more than basic functionality.

        Development Location: The cost of app developers varies with location, experience, and skills. You can see the developers from different countries charge different hourly rates. App developers from the USA charge $30-$50, and those from India charge $18-$40 per hour.

        App Design: App design is the first step for developing a user-friendly travel mobile app for your agency. The development cost of the app is high for the mobile application with good UI/UX design.

        App Platforms: It is your need to make sure that the travel app is available for everyone. Decide on the platform according to the market research of the mobile application. The cost of the iOS platform is less than the Android platform because of the many tests.

        Mobile App Development Team: A company with good resources can only provide end-to-end app development services. The best things happen to your mobile app when you have a skillful development team with managers, designers, testers, and app developers.

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          Benefits of Developing Travel App for Business in this Digital Era

          The increase in the usage of smartphones has an impact on using mobile apps for different purposes. The mobile apps are making everything easy, and we can access them anytime and anywhere. Though we had a hit on the travel business in 2020, there is a gradual increase in tourism. So, this is the right time to launch your travel app and improve your scalability.

          USM is one of the best mobile app development companies in India and the USA. Get in touch with us and get to know more benefits of developing reliable travel applications for your business.


          We hope the above information has walked you through the complete details about the travel app development. Having a plan to develop an app, contact us with the requirements and get info with a free consultation.

          As a leading travel app developer, USM Business System can help you take your business next level with a user-driven mobile application. Let’s Connect!

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