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Build Brand Reputation Using Sentiment Analysis
It is a well-known fact that it takes years to earn a reputation, but it only takes seconds to ruin it. So, building a brand reputation and maintaining it is very important for business development.
Consumer reviews can have a significant impact on determining a company’s destiny as they greatly influence purchasing decisions. Positive reviews are needed for business success and sustainable growth. In this digitalized world, 88% of people are trusting online reviews than personal recommendations.
The results of a recent McKinsey study show that “After a positive customer experience, over 85% of customers buy more. After a negative experience, over 70% bought less. It means you should not ignore the sentiments of consumers. USM's main goal is to provide businesses with a unique and reliable adaptive solution to help them improve their online brand reputation.
custom text analysis and feedback mining solutions
Social media platforms have become their main platform for customers to share opinions on any product or service. It is one of the biggest sources of customer sentiment data that can help your business in the design of progressive products and better service delivery.
USM Business Systems provides custom text analysis and feedback mining solutions from scratch depending on various sizes and types of data. We introduce our cross-domain experience to create custom big data solutions that are integrated with our clients' requirements and data specifications.
Text Analysis
Machine Learning Approach to Analyze-01
A Machine Learning Approach to Analyze Customer Sentiments
Consumer sentiment analysis (open mining) is a key element in social listening. It allows you to instantly check public opinion about your brand or product and verify whether it is in the red or green zone.
We help different sizes of companies to tap into machine learning capabilities for brand conversations and open-text responses and to monitor how optimistic customers are about the brand, product or service.
You can also use our sentiment analysis service to benchmark your competitors' weaknesses and strengths against competitors and to identify reputations before giving up.
“Voice of the Customer (VOC)” Solutions Development by USM
USM Business Systems combine machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to develop Customer sentiment analysis solutions. Our solutions help you find whether consumer sentiment analysis text is positive, negative, or neutral. This shows you whether the customer is sad, happy, satisfied, or dissatisfied.
Our voice sentiment analysis solutions helps identify voice influences, language, and conversations to simply analyze customers’ reactions or emotions related to a brand, product or business. This saves resources, time, money and efforts for businesses that spend on cold calling and general research.
Voice of the Customer-01

Great opportunities you can get

Using our customer sentiment analysis solutions, you can take the following opportunities:
Filter irrelevant content and information

Filter irrelevant content and information

Monitor specific keywords on the social web-01-01

Monitor specific keywords on the social web

Discover the sentiment and topics of customer texts-01-01

Discover the sentiment and topics of customer texts

Respond quickly to any warnings-01

Respond quickly to any warnings about services/products

How Clients Can Use our sentiment analytics solution?
Clients from various industries use our sentiment analysis online solutions in their companies to simplify the tedious task such as:
Monitoring customer reviews, emails, social media posts, tweets, and other types of data
Monitor customer feedback on products/services and give prompt response
Deliver services and products to the right customer at the right time
Analyze employee attitudes to address issues before exacerbating
Assess customer worries

Use our sentiment analytics solution-01

Advantages of Using Customer Sentiment Analysis Solutions

Get Customer Insights-01

Get Customer Insights:

Using USM’s text mining sentiment analysis tool, you can identify the emotions behind the sentiment analysis of text and measure consumer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Service-01

Improve Customer Service:

By implementing consumer sentiment analysis on survey responses, you can find out what customers’ rate for your product/service, what makes them happy and what disappoints them. You can measure and improve the consumer satisfaction.

Understand Customer needs-01

Understand Customer needs and reduce churn rate

It helps understand customer needs, expand consumer base and their expectations. It also helps to identify the problem and give best solutions quickly to satisfy customers and retain them.

Product analysiss

Product analysis:

Our sentiment analysis solutions help companies find out which products/items are selling fast, what those customers like and what they don't like. With this, every business can create a marketing campaign that meets consumer needs in different segments.

Remain Competitive2-01

Remain Competitive:

Sentiment analysis software can help you find out your competitors and find new areas to improve your service and product quality. By knowing the consumer's online feedback about your product/brand, you can find out the main issues to deal with on priority.

Why USM for Sentiment Analysis Solution?

We will make your way easier to own amazing sentiment analysis software solutions.
Customizable services and solutions-01

Customizable services and solutions

We always strive to prove the best solutions for our consumers. Our sentiment analysis tools are designed to suit the customers’ needs and the nature of their valuable data.

State of the art models

State of the art models

State of the art models
We use convolutional neural networks to train effective ML and NLP algorithms inspired by biological neural activity.

Extensible results-01-01

Extensible Results

We not only plan and implement for present, but also for future. Our unique solutions will improve with your business and constantly develop your capabilities.

Stay Tuned With Customer Sentiments to Grow Your Business!

Our Consumer sentiment analysis solution bridges the gap between brand/products and its consumers by analyzing customers’ sentiments and opinions accurately.

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