How to Build a Restaurant Reservation App Like OpenTable?

Cost To Develop a Restaurant Reservation App like OpenTable

How to Build a Restaurant Reservation App Like OpenTable?

Restaurant reservation apps help people book and have delicious cuisine at their favorite restaurants. The restaurant reservation apps are quite different from food delivery apps. Unlike food delivered to the home, the diner can reserve a table at a restaurant by filling in details like the number of seats, dining time, and seating options. The diners can reserve a table at their favorite restaurants without waiting in line for their turn.

Herein, we would like to give you complete details on a famous restaurant app like OpenTable development.

How to Build a Restaurant Reservation App Like OpenTable

A Famous Example of Restaurant Finding Apps is OpenTable

OpenTable, a restaurant reservation app is founded in 1998 by Chuck Templeton, a former US army ranger. It is the prominent restaurant reservation application in the market. OpenTable operated only in San Francisco, the USA during its initial years and expanded to 20 countries, including Canada, Australia, France, and the UK.

Over 52,000 worldwide have listed on this app and display themselves in the search list for the diners to make bookings without hassle. The app charges restaurants a monthly flat rate or pre-reservation fees to feature their names. In this way, the restaurant reservation apps make profits with subscriptions from restaurants.

Even though OpenTable has gained more popularity and stability in this field, the apps like Resy, La Fourchette, Bookatable, TableUp stood as tough competitors.

USM is the best restaurant reservation app development company in the USA. We develop clone apps of OpenTable on the Android and iOS platforms.

Development of Restaurant Reservation App Like OpenTable

The development of a restaurant reservation app like OpenTable needs different features for diners and restaurants.

restaurant reservation app

Features for Restaurant Reservation App for Clients

  • Registration of Restaurant

Restaurants can submit their details by filling a simple registration form in the restaurant reservation apps or website. The apps conduct a verification process and create a personal account known as Restaurant Centre to create their profiles.

The restaurants can add cuisine, contact details, price, payment options, serving hours, parking to help diners in the selection process. They can also add discount offers and coupons during special seasons. The restaurants can check their reviews and ratings given by customers. These registered restaurants can use Electronic Reservation Book to handle reservations and table management.

  • GMS(Guest Management Software)

Guest Management Software offers a comfortable reservation experience for diners. With GMS, the restaurants can manage their reservations from different websites on one platform and also allows them to post directly on their social media pages with special sales to attract the diners.

Here are other beneficial functionalities of Guest Management Software

  • Employee work schedule
  • Table reservation management
  • Create bills invoice
  • Create guest profiles

We can say that the Guest Management Software works as CRM for a restaurant. Restaurants can easily manage all their operations and marketing tasks. The software also serves as the point of sale (POS) that streamlines the connection between reservations and payments.

Cost To Develop a Restaurant Reservation App like OpenTable

Features of Restaurant Reservation App in Diners View

  • Easy Registration

Diner can register themselves in the restaurant reservation app with their email address and contact details. They can also signup directly using Facebook or Google accounts. The app asks about location, budget value, and cuisine preference to customize their search for more easy reservations.

  • Search Option

The restaurant reservation app provides an effective restaurant search option to find the best restaurants among thousands. The diners can use filters of cuisine, seat availability, working hours, ratings, and pricing. It gives customers a simple and great search experience.

  • Seating Preference

The reservation app asks their diners about their seats preference to reserve a table after choosing a restaurant. They can choose the seating option from outdoor, bar, standard, and high top. So, the diners can enjoy their meals with their favorite views of the restaurant.

  • Reservation History

The app saves the booking history of the diners that has details about previous reservations. In any case, if you like the old spot dining experience, you can directly book the table.

  • Reviews and Ratings

The reservation app shows the ratings and reviews about food, service, waiting time, and restaurant ambiance. Diners can check these on restaurant profiles and choose the best restaurant for booking a table.

  • Online Payments

Diners can save their credit/debit cards to pay directly from the restaurant reservation app without sharing the card details. It also allows all online payments like PayPal, PayTM, PayUMoney. Users can add money to the app wallet from the cards or earn points and pay the restaurant’s bills.

Tech Stack Required to Develop A Trending Mobile Apps Like OpenTable

The right technology stack will help to develop the rich-featured mobile application in precise development time and budget. The technology stack for restaurant reservation app like OpenTable is below.

  • Programming Languages: Java (Android), Swift (iOS)
  • Back End Development: Node.js
  • Database: MySQL
  • IDE: Android Studio
  • POS: Omnivore


Cost To Develop a Restaurant Reservation App like OpenTable

The development cost of any mobile application depends upon the factors like technology, features, app design, app developers, and others. We need to develop a restaurant reservation app that is compatible with all devices like Android and iOS platforms to reach more diners.

Restaurant Reservation App Like OpenTable

The estimated cost to develop an app like OpenTable is around $35,000 to $65,000. If you partner with a mobile app Development Company in the United States or Eastern Europe, the cost varies because of the app hourly rate of developers.

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    How Do Restaurant Reservation Apps Make Money?

    The main sources of revenue for these applications are dining reservations and subscriptions.

    • Reservations

    The app charges commission on reservations made by the diner in a particular restaurant. It takes a commission of $1 per booking from the app and $0.25 for one reservation made from the restaurant’s website through the restaurant reservation app. The restaurant reservation apps charge monthly $250 to promote the restaurants in the app.

    • Subscriptions

    This is another source that brings money into the restaurant reservation applications. These apps have subscription plans for the restaurant management platform with a minimum monthly charge of $29 and a maximum of $499 based upon the facilities.

    The apps give a chance for the diner to earn points and promos on every reservation. Once these points reach a certain level, they can redeem these points to the app wallet and pay their restaurant bills. The restaurants will deposit these points to the app for refunds. It will increase the user retention rate of the app.


    The restaurant reservation app provides different options for the diners that ensure a better dining experience than the traditional methods. In this digital era, everything has become simple with mobile applications.

    USM is the leading mobile app development company in the USA and Indiathat can build Android and iOS apps. Get in touch with us to turn your ideas into mobile applications.

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