How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Justlife-like On-demand House Cleaning App?

Cost To Develop a Justlife app

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Justlife-like On-demand House Cleaning App?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Justlife-like Top On-demand Home Services App UAE?

Driven by the evolution of digitization, organizations are constantly finding ways to provide solutions for people’s daily issues. They believe that offering the most sought-after solution is the best possible revenue model in this ever-competitive digital age.

On-demand home services apps like Justlife will come into this category. Demand for Justlife-like home cleaning and household maintenance is increasing worldwide. Whether you need regular home cleaning support services or Salon & Spa-like personal care services at home, Justlife-like mobile apps are meeting the desired home services needs of people in the UAE.

What Is Justlife and What It Does?

Justlife is the GCC’s #1 on-demand home services app. This easy-to-use home services app helps people to book a range of at-home services like house cleaning, laundry & dry cleaning, house repair services, AC & Furniture cleaning, etc.

Justlife has become the #1 online platform in the Middle East to get healthcare services like at-home lab tests, at-home physician visits, and IV therapy at home. Further, the Justlife app has also been recognized as the UAE’s most useful app for booking professionals for pest control, pet grooming, and at-home car wash services.

Hence, people in the GCC region can book trusted cleaners who are specialized in nearly 30+ home services seamlessly. Moreover, its safe and convenient in-app online payment services have made Justlife the user-friendly and reliable cleaning service app in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Jeddah, and Riyadh.

This top Home Services, Cleaning & Spa is available on Android and iOS app stores to download for free and use. It has got 4.7/5 star rating and is being used by over 2 million customers.

Here are a few awards to Justlife:

  • Time Out Dubai has awarded Justlife with the “Best laundry services in Dubai” title for its top-rated at-home laundry services
  • Zawya-a leading source of regional news and intelligence in the UAE titled Justlife as the best app to get “disrupting on-demand services”
  • The UAE’s most useful apps recognition by The National, UAE
  • Emirates Woman- a top women’s fashion and lifestyle brand in Dubai says that Justlife is one of the best apps that make life in the UAE a bit more convenient.

If you want to develop Justlife-like top Handyman booking apps and create a brand buzz in the UAE, here are the features that you must add to the Justlife clone app. On-demand house cleaning app development with the below features and functionalities ensures robust performance and meets all home services needs of your esteemed audience.

Must-Have Features In On-demand Home Service Apps

Top-rated home cleaning services apps or dry-cleaning & shoe cleaning services applications like Justlife needs the integration of the below features.

Significant features of GCC’s #1 on-demand home services app-Justlife for user panel development

  • Easy Registration, Simple Login & Hassle-free Access

UAE’s leading at-home laundry & cleaning services apps like Justlife allow users to log in using their Email ID, contact number, and also through social media IDs. It will increase the signup flexibility and optimize user expiries. Hence, offer your app users a stress-free register and login processes to achieve a high user retention rate.

  • Search and Find

Justlife-like #1 online platform in the Middle East has become a top-rated home cleaning service with its user-friendly custom search feature. This feature makes the user’s search simpler and helps them to find the handyman who is an expert in specific skills.

  • Schedule Services

On-demand home cleaning and maintenance services apps help users to book a fully trained professional at their convenience. It means users can check the availability of a service provider and book time slots according to their timing flexibility. This feature will improve the user satisfaction level and improve their app experiences.

  • Book/Confirm Services

This feature allows users to easily confirm their home services with simple clicks. USM Business Systems has a team of expert on-demand mobile app developers and designers who can build the most user-engaging apps in a short time.

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    • Cashless Convenience/Online Payments

    It is a basic feature of any on-demand service app to offer a convenient and flexible online payment facility to users. By integrating multiple secure online payment gateways, on-demand service apps like Justlife allows users to pay for their services in various payment modes at their convenience. This feature increases app’s personalization and grabs the user’s attention.

    • GPS Location Tracking

    This feature allows users to pin their locations and plays a significant role in navigating the handyman to reach the user’s locations and find the nearest routes to deliver services. Further, adding GPS navigation system will also allow users to track the real-time location of the service provider right from the application.

    • Rebook the Service Or Repeat The Order

    It is the most convenient feature that must add in on-demand home cleaning or laundry services apps like Justlife. It allows users in rebooking their previous services without any hassle. Adding this feature will prevent the need of searching and finding handymen, thus saving a lot of users’ time and improving their app experiences.

    • In-app Virtual Chat

    It is an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) based feature that helps to resolve customer queries efficiently, thus ensuring high-quality customer support services. Integration of AI Chatbot feature in on-demand home services apps will allow users to interact virtually and get instant and accurate responses in no time.

    • Cancel Orders or Reschedule Orders

    It is a user-specific feature that allows users to reschedule their bookings or cancel their orders at their convenience. Adding this feature to on-demand home services apps will increase the application’s reliability and user loyalty.

    • Orders History

    The development of an on-demand service delivery app with this feature will help users to review their previous and ongoing booking details.

    • Push Notifications

    A common but the most efficient feature that adds value to the on-demand home cleaning, spa at-home, or healthcare at-home services apps like Justlife. This feature helps service providers or app admins to trigger notifications on recent activities of users like payments, orders, bookings, arrival status, offers & deals, and so on.

    Hence, the push notifications feature creates a communicative or interactive platform between service providers/admins and app users.

    • Ratings and Reviews/Feedback

    It is a user-friendly feature that allows users to give ratings and feedback. It helps users to express their experiences and assists service providers in improving the quality of services as per their user’s demands or needs.

    Let’s look at a few features for vendor panel development.

    Top features for the vender’s panel Development of on-demand home cleaners or handyman booking app:

    • Quick registration: To register into the application or list their services in the app
    • Easy signup: To access the application features
    • Vendor profile: To better manage the accounts
    • Order management: To accept or reject bookings/orders
    • Payment status tracking and management: To track the completed or pending money transaction statuses.
    • Location navigation: For easily navigating to the customers’ locations
    • Review and ratings: To check the feedback given by the customers and respond instantly from the app.
    • Push notifications: To send alerts to the customers about booking requests acceptance and deals & discounts and improving interactive levels and user experiences.


    Similarly, on-demand home cleaning, laundry & dry cleaning, and AC cleaning like mobile app development, need to be developed with an Admin panel for efficient management of application performance and customer-to-service providers interaction levels.

    Here are best-in-class and must-have features to develop the Admin panel of Justlife-like a UAE’s top home services app development.   

    Must-Have Features For Admin Panel Development

    • Dashboard View: It allows admins to monitor the details of orders (completed & ongoing), payments, and helps admins better manage the application
    • Vendors and Users Management: It will assist admins in better managing service providers and users.
    • Transactions and invoices Management: It will allow admins to validate and verify the online transactions and generates digital invoices
    • Price Mappings: Based on the demand for the services and market dynamics, admins can set prices
    • Reviews and Ratings Management: It allows users to view customer feedback and vendor responses. Further, using AI and ML-based features, admins can identify the fake reviews that threaten the app’s credibility.
    • Reschedule Management: This feature helps admins to modify the services as per the user’s convenience and assign other professionals available at that time.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Justlife-like On-demand House Cleaning App? 

    The cost of on-demand at-home laundry services app development like Justlife depends on various factors such as:

    • Mobile app development platform: Android, iOS, and Web OS
    • The design complexity of User Interfaces/User Experiences (Simple, medium, and complex)
    • Be it android app development or iOS app development, features & functionalities of the mobile app will impact the final development price
    • Tools and technologies used in the design and development of on-demand home cleaning and spa at home delivery services apps like Justlife
    • Team size and industry expertise of mobile app development company
    • The geographical location of the custom mobile application development company
    • Number of hours involved in the on-demand home services app development
    • Customer software development model you choose
    • Third-party integrations will also sometimes costs too high

    All the factors that we discussed above will impact the final cost of the UAE’s trending home cleaning and maintenance services delivery apps like Justlife.

    On considering all the above factors, the estimated cost to develop an on-demand services delivery app like Justlife will range from as low as $20,000 to $45,000. However, by adding advanced features like AI chatbot, location tracking, and user search behavior tracking functionalities, the development cost of on-demand service apps might reach $60,000+.

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