How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Healthcare Mobile App?

Cost To Develop A Healthcare Mobile App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A mHealth App?

Healthcare services have become more expensive across the world, especially in the developed nation like the United States. The market demand for digital healthcare solutions is witnessing tremendous growth in the country.

The growing number of COVID-19 cases is also another reason for the rapid growth of the digital healthcare industry. Downloads of mHealth apps have increased by 60% globally since the start of COVID-19. As of stats, the mHealth market size is valued at $45 billion, and due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it is expected to reach over $100 billion by the end of 2021. This popularity of mHealth apps has encouraging organizations and startups to create the best medical apps for the healthcare industry and earn impressive revenues. Here will understand the complete guide for healthcare mobile app development as well as cost to develop a healthcare mobile app.

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    In this article, we will cover the following topics.

    • What are mHealth apps, and what can mHealth apps do?
    • Types of healthcare apps
    • Significant features of healthcare apps
    • The step-by-step development process of healthcare apps
    • The cost of healthcare/mHealth app development
    • Top medical, health, and fitness apps in the USA
    • The Scope Of Healthcare Apps In The Future

    What are mHealth apps, and what can they do?

    Mobile health apps are digital applications that help patients in monitoring their health while they assist physicians in providing remote consultation services to patients.

    The benefits of mobile health applications:

    • Mobile healthcare apps offer virtual consultations
    • Prevents frequent clinic visits
    • Mobile health apps help patients to access their health information quickly
    • The patient can get personalized treatment suggestions based on symptoms
    • Facilitate patients to track and monitor health conditions
    • Remind pill intakes
    • Offers safe and encrypted data storage
    • Quick diagnosis and expert suggestions

    How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Healthcare Mobile App

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    Major Types of mHealth apps:

    The cost to make a medical app for Android or iOS depends on the type you choose. I mean to say that not all medical apps will have the same feature list. The features added and functionalities it offers might vary.

    Now, we will look at the popular healthcare apps or medical apps types. Here we go.

    1. mHealth apps for medication management

    Medication management apps remind users when to take their medications. Besides, these apps also notify users regarding their scheduled injections and exercises.

    Health apps for medication managementUSM, the best medication management apps developer in the USA and India, can create mHealth apps that efficiently manage drug intake.

    2. EHR Apps

    Medical apps for managing Electronic Health Records (EHR) of patients are most popular in the market. Organizing and storing such vast patients’ health data manually is a challenging task. But, intelligent healthcare apps can do this in an incredible manner.

    Data stored HER help doctors to view and diagnose their patients instantly. It helps doctors to suggest needed medication to patients.

    The best EHR mobile medical apps also help physicians to share the medical information of patients or other healthcare service providers digitally.

    3. Medical apps for Doctor Consultation

    Advancements in technology have made mobile apps more helpful and intelligent. A few top mHealth apps help users to book doctor’s appointments from hospitals across the city.

    The best medical applications in the USA and India will also send notifications to the users regarding scheduled appointments.

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    4. Telehealth Service

    The most popular use of medical apps Telehealth apps helps staff/patients to communicate with the physician without visiting a clinic. These services are beneficial for patients who cannot visit hospitals and stay in rural areas.

    5. Symptom Checker

    In this COVID-19 pandemic development of mHealth apps that identify disease by checking symptoms is helpful and profitable as well. These intelligent symptom checker mobile apps also help patients to find the nearest lab center to confirm their health condition.

    6. Remote Patient Monitoring

    Medical apps also allow doctors to monitor their patients’ health conditions at any time. It helps patients to get treatment in emergency conditions remotely. These healthcare apps are beneficial for chronic patients for monitoring significant health conditions such as blood pressure and heart rate. It helps them upload their medical data and get instant treatment from doctors.

    These are only a few popular types of healthcare apps or mHealth apps. There are some other medical apps called- pregnancy apps (for tracking baby’s growth), diabetes mobile apps (for monitoring blood sugar levels) and weight loss apps (for tracking fitness), and many more.

    Let’s move on to the features and their functionalities of the healthcare mobile app.

    Significant Features Of Healthcare/mHealth Apps 

    Regardless of the application type of medical apps, you need to include the below features into your healthcare application to fulfill the user needs.

    • User login: To access the app content safe and quickly
    • User profile: Help users manage their accounts
    • Push notifications: To maintain better communication with the user
    • Messaging system: To establish a communication channel amid doctors and patients
    • Payment gates: To ensure safe and convenient payment ways
    • Promo Code/Referral Code feature
    • Admin panel: Help admin to manage app content

    These are the must-have features of a medical app. But, for launching a full-fledged healthcare app, it should also able to perform the below functionalities.

    • Video calls: Telemedicine application must-have video calling feature to facilitate doctors and patients a video conversation in real-time
    • Medical device Integration: To offer more precise medical services, integrate your mHealth app with the medical devices, if needed. For instance, the app integration with the glucometer helps users with diabetes manage their diet by tracking their glucose levels.
    • Automation: Your application must track health readings of users and also should operate as a pills reminder
    • Medical Record Management: This feature helps to manage patient’s medical records and also helps in enhanced care plans
    • Compliance safety: Healthcare apps or mHealth apps need to comply with HIPAA and GDPR. So, your healthcare application should obey the guidelines of local legislation.
    • Data storage

    For creating a mHealth app with the above features, you need to approach the best mobile app development company with vast industry experience in mobile apps development.

    Let us know your healthcare app requirements, so that we can provide the exact Cost To Develop A Healthcare Mobile App. USM builds a top-notch mHealth app that meets end customers’ needs and .

    How Much Does It Cost To Develop A fitness Mobile App

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    The Step-by-step Development Process Of Healthcare Apps

    A clear roadmap or app development strategy is vital for the development of every phase with more focus. A unique and proven app development approach saves development time, money and helps in quick app launch.

    Let’s move on a step-by-step process that the top mobile app developers follow:

    • Requirement gathering: Analyzing app requirements
    • Competitor analysis: For building a unique application and ensuring growth opportunities for the app
    • Platform selection: for supporting compatible platforms and devices
    • Planning and ideation: Creating an app development approach for developing native, web, or hybrid apps
    • UI/UX design: Designing an eye-catching user interface
    • App development: Development of app elements
    • Quality assurance: Testing of coding for errors
    • App deployment: Submitting app on app stores and clients server
    • Support and maintenance: 24/7 tracking to check app performance and functionality

    How Much Does it Cost to Build a mHealth App for Android/iOS?

    Cost To Develop A fitness App like MyChart, GoodRx, FollowMyHealth, Teladoc & Fitbit

    Upon creating a mHealth app development strategy and have a wireframe design, you can jump-start to estimate the development cost of the healthcare app. The development cost of an application is estimated in three stages- pre-build, development stage, and post-development stage.

    In the pre-build stage, the cost is related to the research and planning. In the second stage, the development cost of each app element is estimated. Finally, in the third stage cost to launch the app maintenance can be estimated.

    Let’s see what factors impact the development cost of on-demand healthcare apps.

    • App Design

    The design phase will influence the development cost of a healthcare app.

    Be it simple or complex app, switching your app from wireframes to user interface needs more time and more creative mobile app designers.

    However, the development of the mHealth app with a simple design is less expensive than the complex app design.

    • App Features

    The development cost of trending applications for the healthcare industry primarily depends on the features and functionalities that you added to the app. It means that an app with advanced features and complex functionality will cost higher than the cost of developing a healthcare app with basic features.

    So, before adding features, make sure that the feature you integrated is really mattered to your app or not.

    • Development Platform

    It is the second most significant factor that impacts the overall development cost of your mHealth app. The app development platform (Android or iOS) that you choose will decide the cost of your app.

    For instance, building a customized healthcare app on an iOS platform will cost lesser than getting your app developed on the Android operating system. Due to the increased share of the Android market share, mobile app development on Android OS is expensive but profitable.

    • Development Time

    The development time to build an app directly impacts the cost. I mean to say that time to market is a crucial factor that is tied to app development cost. Project delays or any changes in third-party element integrations will extend timelines and increase medical application development costs.

    • Developer Expertise & Team Size

    Top mobile app development companies with vast industry experience and required resources can deliver an outstanding mHealth app on time. A mobile app developer with smaller teams needs to hire more talents to fill the skill gap in the app development team. It might increase the estimated app development cost.

    USM is one of the best mobile app development companies in India and the USA. We have a team of skilled app developers and designers who creates a futuristic healthcare application for enterprises.

    • Compliance and Regulations

    Unlike other mobile apps, mHealth apps need to be developed under the compliance of respective regulatory bodies in the country. Otherwise, legal penalties will be imposed on your app depending on your business size.

    USM Business Systems builds compliant safety Android Apps, iOS Apps, and Hybrid Apps for the digital health industry at an attractive price. Let’s Talk.

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    These are a few significant factors that influence the development cost of the mHealth app.

    Along with the above factors, the development cost to create a mHealth application might vary based on the location of the mobile app developers. The hourly rate of resources varies from country to country.

    From our industry experience in mobile app development, simple digital health apps for a single platform will cost $45,000-$80,000. The cost of complex mHealth apps for multiple platforms will be around $80,000-$120,000 (for only the development phase). So, on average, a full-fledged error-free healthcare app from pre-build stage to launch and maintenance will cost $400K.

    Top Medical, Health, and Fitness Apps in the USA

    The below are a few top-ranking medical apps or healthcare & fitness apps in the United States hitting increased downloads.

    • MyChart– a leading mobile medical app in the USA
    • GoodRx– one of the best telemedicine platform in the USA
    • FollowMyHealth– the best healthcare app for accessing personal health records
    • Teladoc– one of the best mHealth apps in the USA
    • Fitbit– a top health and fitness app in the United States

    These are a few leading medical apps in the United States. USM, one of the top mobile apps development companies in the USA, build full-fledged medical clone apps

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    The Scope Of Healthcare Apps In The Future

    COVID outbreak across the world has increased the usage of mHealth mobile apps over the past two years. As of Statista, South Korea is one of the top countries that witnessed increased downloads of mHealth apps since the COVID pandemic.

    The figure below depicts the mHealth apps worldwide.

    According to market research, approximately 37% of healthcare providers interact with their patients through healthcare applications. Moreover, 56% of doctors using mobile healthcare apps to monitor their patient’s health conditions and make necessary medical decisions instantly.

    The healthcare service providers are looking to create the best healthcare app to grab the market opportunity. They are looking out for the top mobile app development companies in the USA and India for getting their app developed.

    Let’s discuss your dream healthcare project.


    The development of a customized health app is necessary for this pandemic. As a leading healthcare mobile app development company, USM develops results-driven mHealth solutions for healthcare service providers.

    Are you looking to create a mobile health app? Or do you want to know the development cost of a healthcare app for Android or iOS?

    Talk to our experts right away!

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