How Much Does It Cost To Develop an App like SHEIN Fashion?

How Much Does an App like Shein will cost

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an App like SHEIN Fashion?

The United Kingdom’s free-to-download online shopping apps are in a race to beat the download rate of other service applications in the country. People in the UK are increasingly using marketplace mobile applications to order from fashion, garments, and accessories to stationery, grocery, and other household items.

Not only in the UK but the craze for online shopping apps is all over the world. Apart from grocery and other purposes, online shopping apps for ladies apparel are at their peak. The download of shopping apps for clothing is on top.

In this article, we would like to give you a detailed guide on the UK’s most popular online shopping app– SHEIN. It gives you clear guidance on the development cost, features, and functionalities of the SHEIN app. We also curated a list of the best free shopping apps in the UK.

About Shein-The Fashion App

Shein is an international e-Commerce application with a target audience in Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East. This app is launched in 2008 and was initiated into offering women’s clothing. Later on, it is popularized in offering branded men’s apparel, kids’ garments, accessories, shoes, and many more things to its customers.

The app’s popularity in the US and USA is constantly growing year over year. This famous fashion e-commerce app has surpassed Amazon and become the top shopping app in the USA in the categories of android and iOS. It has a 4.7/5 rating in both app stores and reported over 100 million downloads yet.

shein app development cost

Features of trending online shopping platforms like Shein

The success of an application in app stores depends upon the features that we added to the application. An application with a limited number of useful features might have a chance to attract users’ hearts and get featured on the app stores. If the features implemented within the app are not beneficial to the users, your efforts on app development will drain out.

Here are the features that you must consider while developing popular shopping apps like Shein.

  • User Login

A simple user login feature is one of the first steps of the shopping app’s success. The easy-to-access login page of Shein is drawing the attention of many audiences.

If you plan to develop a shein-like trending online shopping application in the USA or UK markets, you must provide simple accessibility to users for making your shopping application successful. USER LOGIN is one of the most significant features of e-commerce apps. A user-friendly login feature draws customer attention and provides a seamless experience to the end-users.

Your app login page should allow users to access them by entering their name and phone number. The application should also enable the user to log in using their existing social media accounts.

If the process of user login is complex, there might be high chances that your target audience quit the process instantly. They will not show interest in exploring the application further. It will lead to customer loss as well as hampers the app growth.

  • Search

SEARCH is another existing feature of the on-demand marketplace or eCommerce applications like Shein. Users of Search can easily find their loved products from approximately thousands of brands.

If you have plans of creating best-in-class online shopping platforms like Shein, you must add a search bar in your app. Yes, to build a successful fashion app in the USA, UK, other global markets, one should not ignore this feature to add.

Since the user might have no time to explore every category of products, the search feature helps the users to type the product or brand name and find their products instantly. Hence, the users need not spend much time scrolling through the products they do not need.

The best mobile app development company in the USA and UK like USM Business System focus on reducing the loading time of related products once the user types their whished items name on the Search bar. It will ensure the best search experience for the users and let them spend much time on your app.

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    • Add To Cart

    In physical retail stores or shopping malls, users will carry trolleys to put all the items they want to purchase. So, likewise, ADD TO CART feature allows users to add products to their cart for further payment check-outs. Here, the users can also check the price breakup and place an order.

    • Payments

    Why is Shein-like the top global online shopping application so popular? Its fastest and easiest payment feature is one of the reasons behind its success.

    Integration of secured payment gateways is a vital step to ensure confidentiality of the user’s financial data and provide a hassle-free payment experience. Leading online shopping applications like Shein provides multiple and secure payment options, including payments through cards, net banking, eWallet apps, Cash On Delivery, UPI flexibility, and many more.

    Giving such flexibility in payments allows users to choose the convenient platform to pay for their products and enhances the app experience.

    If you are developing shopping apps and added only one or two payment ways, your app might witness failure within days. So, never compromise in integrating multiple payment gateways and offer convenient payment options to app users.

    USM Business Systems, one of the best online shopping mobile app developers in the USA, UK, and India, with over two decades of industry experience in mobile application development, develops your app with multiple payment options and lets it get success in the app stores.

    • Customized Filters

    Here are significant features that one should not ignore to add while creating online shopping apps. Adding customized filters such as styles, fabric type, price, ratings, brands, size, and many allow users to select their explore their products with ease.

    • Push Notifications

    It is the most useful feature for e-commerce apps. If vendors of shopping apps reduce the prices of products or want to give some exclusive deals on specific products or brands, they can reach the target audience through push notifications. Brands can directly a message to users’ devices regarding price drops and sales discounts on special events. This feature alerts users on discounts and increases app open rates.

    The push notifications feature also enables companies to send personalized recommendations to app users based on their previous purchase history or search patterns. Further, the trending and most-downloading online shopping platform like SHEIN also sends notifications related to customer orders.

    Hence, adding this feature to online shopping platforms lets businesses deliver more personalized services and increase sales conversion rates.

    • Orders

    Be it a web application or mobile app, it is a general feature that any online shopping apps will have. This feature gives complete details on product delivery date and time of product arrival to the user’s destination address. MY ORDERS feature also allows users to track their orders in real-time, check order history, and re-order the products, and many more.

    • In-app chat

    It is an advanced feature of SHEIN-like a famous online fashion shopping application. This feature offers 24/7 customer service and a live chat facility to the users. This feature plays a vital role in clarifying customer queries relates to product deliveries or return requests and makes the online shopping experience smooth.

    Adding an in-app chat feature to your application increase brand loyalty and makes your target audience feel that you listen.

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      • Reviews & Ratings

      Here is the last but not the least feature which increases your app’s popularity in the market. User reviews and ratings help other users while they purchase products in-app. Products with over 4+ ratings and good reviews will have a greater chance of converting app users into customers.

      How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Shopping App Like Shein?

      How Much Does an App like Shein will cost?

      This is the first question that strikes in minds of those who are planning to develop a Shein-like similar shopping app. Depending on the app requirements and other factors, the development cost of the application might range between $20,000-$45,000. This is not a final price, just an estimated one. The development cost of marketplace apps varies based on:

      Application Platform: The Shein-like app development cost varies based on the operating systems that you pick. Mobile app development on Android is costly than the iOS platform.

      Application design: The Cost of an App like Shien also depends on the design complexity level that you choose. A mobile application with a simple and appealing design will let users spend more time in-app and make shopping for hours. Hence user-friendly app design enhances user experience. So, never compromise in investing in app design. The more it is friendly to the user, the more usage and conversion rates are.

      Application size: The development cost of shopping apps like Shein depends on app size. App size can be measured based on the features you added to it. But, an app that consumes limited space in mobile devices will get more demand in the market. Because users do not show interest in downloading apps with extremely big sizes.

      Application Developer: Shein-like popular online shopping app development cost also depends on the AI mobile application development company (in the USA, UK, and India) that you choose. Their expertise and location influence the overall app development cost. 


      The development of an online shopping application like SHEIN needs the assistance of expert mobile app developers. Their mastery is coupled with a dedicated project team to help you in launching bespoke mobile apps in less time into the market. Leading mobile app development companies like USM think like users try to add a feature that is beneficial to the end-users.

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