Artificial Intelligence In Teaching and Learning

AI In Education & E Learning

Thanks to AI technology, the academic world is becoming more personalized, thus transforming the way education and e-learning. AI enhances the learning experience and, at the same time, provides better support for educators.
Affordability, Availability, personalization, speed and impact are the major benefits that can be expected from deploying Artificial Intelligence in the learning process.

Key Education Use Cases

e-Learning AI Apps

It helps students to learn any course or any subjects online. There is Availability to download documents and reference guides. Students/learners can get verified certification at the end of the course.


USM’s AI application enables learners to participate in quizzes, which helps them improve their knowledge and skills on a particular topic.

Learner’s Forum’s

This kind of Artificial Intelligence solutions allows students to post their queries on any topic. The relevant online trainers or admins clarify their questions.

Reference Guides/Tutorials

You can also provide reference guides and documentation on some topics using our best AI apps. As our app also supports video sharing functions, students can get videos to get a better understanding of the subject or topic.

Performance Tracker

Our app allows parents to get their child’s performance reports. Also, parents can get information about which exams their students are trying. It helps parents track their children’s educational progress.

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USM’s AI Mobility Solutions For Education

Technology has made digital learning more efficient. Our AI-powered solutions for E-learning education companies help to make better course recommendations, leveraging analytics systems, and personalization engine. Benefits delivered:

Real-Time Work Experience

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BYJU’S offers interactive e-learning courses for students, which enables students to find an illustrative solution for every query interestingly.
Nowadays, the number of subscribers to Byju’s online classes is increasing. Thus, it would be difficult for BYJU’s to send the performance report of every student to their parents. Parents wanted to know which video’s their children are listening and attempting a test. And, they also want to get a detailed report on how their children are performing.
But, BYJU’S unable to provide face-to-face support for parents on their progress. Also, BYJU’s want to reduce the burden on parents to visit the institute every time to get the performance report of their child. The asked us to build a connected learning system, where parents can also take part in knowing their child’s progress.

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Our Approach

By interpreting all requirements of BYJU’s, we started working on intelligence application. Our expert development team introduced an innovative strategy to support the development operations of the e-learning system and also to improve brand awareness across the region.
USM’s ground-breaking strategy created a user-friendly interface that can easily synchronize the parent’s app with the student’s app and can sensibly manage data on the server. Also, we suggested the client add help desk and refer a friend feature to make app comprehensive and to promote it effectively.

Our Clientele

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Our Recent Projects

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The circles Chat app is an innovative chat app that allows people to connect with their friends and relatives. They can share videos, images, and text messages. The app is user-friendly and feature-rich where one can share data with their loved ones in a secure way.


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FieldAudit streamlines the process of capturing and reporting on field audit data for any type of asset audit. The app suits for property inspections, pest inspections, vehicle inspections, and more.


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