Best Technology Stack To Create Robust & Successful Mobile Apps


Best Technology Stack To Create Robust & Successful Mobile Apps

Android and iPhone/iOS app development processes are not much easier and involve many phases and technologies to create a flawless application.

Moreover, the technologies, tools, and UI (User Interface) frameworks used in the application development procedure will all decide the robustness, scalability, and performance of software applications (Android, iOS, or Web). Besides, security and application success will also depend on the technology stack of the top mobile app developers you hire.

If you invest in the wrong technology stack and create an application, it would be a big blunder mistake. Being a top mobile app development company in the USA, we suggest not pouring your valuable investments on a technology stack that never optimizes your future app’s performance.

Herein, we will walk you through the most-used programming languages, SDKs, and frameworks that work best in developing collaborative and impactful Android and iOS applications.

What Is A Technology Stack? 

Technology stack refers to a set of programming languages, designing tools, UI frameworks, and database that are collectively used for the design and development of a mobile or web app.

Be it a native Android app development, native iOS app development, cross-platform app development, or any hybrid app development, the technology stack plays an essential role in building flawless apps. The set of right programming languages and development frameworks will measure the app’s success.    

What Technologies Are Used To Develop Mobile Apps?

Let’s take a look at the top technologies used to develop Android and iOS Mobile apps:

Most-Used Programming Languages For Mobile Application Development

Top app developers are very particular in choosing programming languages for creating mobile apps. Because, they strongly believe that programming languages plays key role in making the application more robust and flawless. Here are top programming languages used by Android and iPhone app developers.

  1. Swift

Though Android Operating System (OS) is leading the smartphone industry, the market share of iPhone OS is growing with people switching to iPhones. Hence, it is forecasted that iOS app development has a bright scope for businesses. Then, it must need to use the best programming language to build high-quality iOS apps.

Swift is one of the top Programming Languages for iOS App Development. With vast community support, high code security, and huge libraries, it has become the most popular programming language for iPhone app development. Including the features and functionalities of Objective-C, C, & C++ traditional languages and offering speedy code development, Swift would the best choice for iOS mobile app development.

  1. Kotlin

iOS operating System has not yet surpassed the Android user base. With over 70% of the market share, the Android operating system is still in the topmost position in the global mobile OS segment. So, the market opportunities to reach a wider audience base are possible if you invest in Android app development.

For creating impactful and best-in-class Android apps, Kotlin will be the best choice for software development for Android devices. Approximately, 60% of mobile app developers are using Kotlin for Android app development.

Its simplicity in code development, faster UI development benefits, easy adoption, strong community, code portability (suits for Native and Cross-platform), and many other developer-friendly features will make an ideal language for Android mobile application development.

  1. React Native

One of the most popular and emerging technology used for cross-platform mobile app development with native potentialities is React Native. It is the best alternative to Flutter and Xamarin like top trending cross-platform mobile app development languages.

Offering great support to app development on IDEs, code reusability, and code sharing compatibility, this popular programming language allows developers to build outstanding cross-platform apps with Native Components.

  1. Flutter

Flutter is one of the most preferred open-source software development kits for developing budget-friendly cross-platform apps. This trending mobile app development framework helps developers create stunning cross-platform apps that seamlessly run on Android, iOS, and Web OS and ensure the best native experiences for the users.

Less code, fast development, customizable UI design, and native app performance make it the best language for creating cross-platform apps.

Top UI Frameworks For Custom Mobile App Development

  1. Best UI Frameworks For Android Software Development

User Interface design is one of the essential phases in mobile app development. A simple design will help your audience to easily navigate through the app components/features.

Android UI and Jetpack Compose are the two most-used UI frameworks for the development of custom Android apps. These frameworks facilitate app developers with a set of libraries and other designing tools and assist them in creating eye-catchy and easy-to-understand UIs for apps.

  1. Best UI Frameworks For iOS Development

SwiftUI and UIKit are the two best UI tool kits that allow app developers to access required designing components and build flawless iOS apps. App developers can create stunning UIs for apps that support the latest iOS versions.

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How To Choose The Right Technology Stack For Mobile App Development?  

Mobile app development companies should choose the right technology stack for a bespoke application. Appropriate selection of programming languages, tools, and UI frameworks will assist in optimizing the development process, reducing operational costs, improving the app’s performance, and increasing the scalability of the software solution.

On top of all other advantages, app developers can speed up the development process and launch as soon as possible by using the technology stack which meets the project specifications.

In general, Kotlin, Java, and Android SDK are being used for the design and development of Android apps. On the iOS app development front, considering Objective-C, Swift, SwiftUI, and Xcode would be the best choice for creating the best iOS apps.

Similarly, React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin for cross-platform app development and Ionic for hybrid apps development are perfect for improving the application’s robustness and performance.

Hence, based on your application’s requirements, vision, and platform on which you want to develop your project, choose the best technology stack for streamlining the app’s functionality and taking the crash-free performance to the next level.

Bottom Line

Since the mobile app development industry is enjoying surplus growth over the past few years, investments in software development will be appreciated. But, businesses or app developers must choose the best technology stack, including programming languages, designing tools, SDKs and UI frameworks, etc.

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