Future Of AI In Telecom Industry

Why Mobility is Needed in Telecom?

Every industry in this digital world can benefit from AI-powered mobile applications. USM’s Custom-made Telecom Mobility Solutions help telecom service providers achieve operational efficiency and optimize their business processes.

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Our Custom-made Telecom Mobility Solutions

Business Process Centric Solutions

Our business-level telecom mobility solutions can help you achieve operational efficiency and optimize existing processes. Also, business acumen with modern tools is ensured. Therefore, it helps you run your services smoothly and cost-effectively.

Customer Centric Solutions

As the customer is the real asset of any business, we take great care to create customer-centric telecom AI solutions such as mobile bill payment solutions. You can easily manage customer relationship with this popular customer engagement solution. Therefore, you can improve revenue as well as brand value.

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How We Do?

Vodafone has plans to release an exciting AI-based app for its customers. Vodafone wants to offer its conference calling service through AI applications to improve customer experience. In order to meet their needs, the app should be built with a strong backend that connects the conversation participants and ensures continuous communication between them.
After a comprehensive analysis of Vodafone requirements, our experts have joined the wire-framing team to define the features and functionality of the app. Subsequently, USM’s UI / UX designing team developed a sophisticated visual interface using advanced design AI tools. Since the app aims to keep webinars with 240 participants, it requires high-level communication to prevent disruptions. The application was sent to the client after we confirmed that it was error-free.
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The only application in Australia where the user can view life and up to date building inspection results directly from your iphone & ipad. Checkpoint prides itself on innovation, and we bring it directly to your fingertips.


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