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Blockchain is an identical record that stores and verifies data integrity. It uses multiple cryptography technologies, and it also assures the transaction process through the blockchain database.
There is an assumption that blockchain technology applicable to the currencies and financial sectors. But it is not valid.
Blockchain already started moving its wings to every domain/sector, consists of confidential transactions such as contracts, health records, personal information, and more.
Blockchain technology supports cryptocurrency development and digital wallet development

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    Blockchain app development process

    USM follows step by step procedure to develop every mobile app to provide a seamless experience over numerous devices.
    We delivered successful apps to a significant number of clients by following the fine-tuned development method.
    Come with an innovative idea, step out with your dream iPhone app.
    Blockchain app development requirements

    1st Phase : Requirement Collection

    Primarily in this stage, we collect the requirements from the client/user about the blockchain idea.
    In the next step, our senior business analysts will analyze all the requirements. We prioritize use cases depending on fail fast, MVP, and v2.0. The next move after analyzing is we propose a solution

    Blockchain App Development Design

    2nd Phase: Design

    Begins by developing the blueprint structure. Next, we drive on to wire framing of every screen.
    After completion of wire framing, we design the UI/UX for providing high-end user experience
    After completion of wire framing, we design the UI/UX for providing high-end user experience.

    Blockchain App Development

    3rd Phase: Development

    After completion of the design part, the project shifts to the development team.
    In this phase, the team of developers will take care of the coding part.
    After completion of the development, it forwarded to the client for the feedback

    Blockchain App Development Testing

    4th Phase: Testing

    After the development, QA engineers will take care of the screening. If any issues occur while testing, that will be revert back to the block chain developers team this process continues still; it is 100% bug-free.

    Blockchain App Deployment

    5th Phase: Deployment

    Now, your project is ready to deploy on the app stores (iOS and Android) and the client’s server.
    Now it is ready to use in the real-time world.

    Blockchain App Development maintanance

    6th Phase: Support & Maintenance

    As our block chain Development Company is very keen on support & maintenance 24 *7 . Our team will take care of the project even after delivering it to the client.

    Few Additional block chain services USM Provides

    As a leading blockchain development company, we are offering multiple blockchain services across various sectors.

    • Smart Contract Development
    • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
    • Multi-chain Development
    • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
    • Ethereum
    • Hyperledger
    • BigchainDB

    Why USM for Blockchain app development

    USM values its customer’s utmost.
    If you still wonder why to choose USM? Check below.
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    • 100% Customer satisfaction
    • 24*7 Customer support
    • Security & confidentiality
    • Prefers the agile development life cycle
    • Top mobile app development company in the United States
    • Experienced developers
    • Expertise across all domains

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    Al Ansari Exchange is one of the biggest exchange companies in the UAE that deals with the currency exchange and remittance service requirements.

    Abar Hail Water

    Abar Hail helps the public of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia order Abar bottled drinking water through their mobile.


    The app allows to choose between various delivery locations, the date and time of delivery. Customers can pay through cash on delivery or online. The app represents Abar Hail Water company.

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