AI For Sales and Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Sales

USM offers the best AI-powered solutions and services for global marketing businesses. Our artificial intelligence applications expand your brand aggressively.

Find Out How You Can Increase Your Productivity to 10 X

Our Tailor-made Social Computing Solutions

We focus on integrating social platforms like websites, blogs, forums, and podcasts into your different business systems like marketing, sales, customer support, and corporate communications. Our efficient Social Computing Solutions help our clients:

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Marketing and Sales Use Cases

Improves Customer Engagement

Our AI-powered digital solutions let marketing teams improve customer’s experience. We help businesses to streamline the work process, reduce costs, and offer better customer services.

Lead Generations AI Apps

These apps can be linked to social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, and Instagram to attract more leads. And, also our AI applications for marketing and sales teams helps them in understanding brand performance in the market.

Enhance Employee productivity

USM’s AI solutions enhance the performance of the workforce in achieving given targets to them. It also lets employees show more information about the product/service and pricing, etc.

Our Clientele

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Our Recent Projects

Trip Manager

The trip manager is one of the simplest apps to install, use, and benefit. The smart app supports Mobile devices with Android 2.3 or greater versions installed. This innovative app benefits users who frequently go for outings and personal trips. All users with their 15 digit IMEI number can register to the service.



Disco is a location-based Social App which uses Facebook to fetch the user details. In addition, it also helps to invite friends from Facebook to Disco.


The App allows the user to discover new Disco users who are nearby to you & add them to Disco Tribe. It will be done by sending notifications when your Disco friend is nearby you.


ZomBfense is a horror cum action mobile game, which offers an ultimate gaming experience with rich graphical elements and stunning sound effect.


You will experience a thrilling horror cum action gaming experience with staggering visual elements and stunning sound effect. Eye-catching SFX and graphic design dip you in the sheer gaming experience.

Circles Chat

The circles Chat app is an innovative chat app that allows people to connect with their friends and relatives. They can share videos, images, and text messages. The app is user-friendly and feature-rich where one can share data with their loved ones in a secure way.



Ztocky is the world’s first free social market where everything and everyone has a price. A game based on the stock market, Ztocky lets you trade celebrities, brands, artists, events, friends, and anything else to become next Ztocky millionaire.



Download Alitalia HD and access Alitalia services right from your iPad.


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