Future Applications Of AI In Healthcare

Empower The Future Of Healthcare Industry

We provide employee or self-service mobility solutions for healthcare service providers. We are committed to create intelligent mobile solutions that reduce call center and admin costs for healthcare service providers. Thus, AI mobility solutions for the healthcare sector improves employee productivity.

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Manages patient records and coordinates care

We help healthcare customers by integrating technology and adopting new strategies to do more with less.
We design, develop, and deliver compliant safety healthcare mobility solutions using AI capabilities based on our client requirements. Our high-impact healthcare solutions take care of everyone, who is a part of healthcare.

Patient Engagement Solutions for Healthcare Providers

USM’s AI solutions assist both service providers and patients for improving healthcare outcomes. Our apps focused on patient safety, secure payment methods, and real-time communication.
Our healthcare mobility Solutions for healthcare providers creates a deeper connection while enabling the patient experience from finding a doctor to post-discharge.

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Healthcare Use Cases

Users can find a Physician and hospital

Users can find the nearest health service provider anytime, anywhere. Accordingly, our AI Healthcare app provides an easy way to find the nearest hospital. Also, our AI solutions provide information on waiting rooms, patient rooms, lab facilities and other useful data.

Post Discharge

Our custom artificial intelligence app enables healthcare service providers to help their patients post-discharge. This will allow patients to obtain a variety of information regarding their discharge, medication, precautions, follow-up appointments, emergency contact details, and more.

Assist In Emergency

This app helps patients or people by providing contact addresses, waiting times, and other scheduling details when they go into more emergency mode.

Care Planning

Our health care AI solutions also benefit public health care centres. With this, doctors can create treatment plans, and patients can follow those plans.

Patient Education

This AI technology allows patients to identify their own and/or other health care characteristics. It educates patients by providing them with a source of exceptional conditions such as Nephrotic Syndrome and many other diseases in children.

Patient Care

Establishes well communication amid a patient and physician throughout the care scale using the in-build patient engagement feature.

Prescription reminder

Our top intelligent process solutions, i.e. Healthcare Mobility Solutions, serve as a prescription reminder to help senior citizens. It aims to help patients who need many medications. Our AI solutions support you in tracking your prescription times. Customers can order refills, secure payments and even get a list of pharmacies.

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Benefits Delivered By Our Intelligent Medical Mobile Solutions

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Our Recent Projects

Vitamin D Calculator

The vitamin D calculator is designed to assist parents in estimating their child’s daily intake of vitamin D from foods, multivitamins, and casual sun exposure. Commonly known to be essential for healthy bone development, vitamin D is a hormone involved in many different types of cellular functions inside the body. This calculator is simple and easy to use tool for everyone.



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