Recognize, Locate and Track Human Real Time Poses In 2D & 3D Space through AI Pose Estimation Development Solutions.

What is AI Pose Estimation?

Human pose estimation refers to the process of recognizing the poses in an image or video. This can be achieved by identifying, locating, and tracking the key points on an object or a person. For objects, it could be corners or other significant features. For humans, the key points are mostly the knees, wrists, elbows, and other skeletal joints.

USM is the leading AI Services providing company that helps improve you business growth. We use cutting-edge data science and deep learning methods to provide reliable and scalable human pose estimation and analysis technology solutions tailored to our clients needs.

Give us an opportunity to develop customized solution from scratch or upgrade the existing one. We have high skilled and experienced team to develop AI based 3d pose estimation and bring your business to the next level.

Key Features of AI Pose Estimation Technology

Mobile, Cloud and edge devices

We provide accurate and fast customizable software solutions that support android, iOS, cloud and edge devices.

Extended Skeleton key points

The expanded set of key points allows cutting-edge analytics of the human movement,  giving you competitiveness over other organizations in the niche.

Human and animal pose estimation

Our AI pose estimation technology helps not to estimate human movements, but also animal poses.

2D and 3D Human Pose Estimate

You can get valuable insights with 2D and 3D detailed human movement analysis to grow business.

Single view and multiple views

Estimate and analysis the joint positions of an animal or during several movements from one or multiple cameras based on the camera setting.

Single person and multiple people

We offer clients with single and even multi-person adaptive human pose analysis solutions that meet your needs.

No markers or sensors

All you need is our software solutions to recogniza and locate poses. You no need to purchase additional attach markers or sensors

A Plenty of Fitness Activities

From bungee jumping and somersaulting to Pilates and yoga, we can offer effective AI solutions to predict a wide range health and fitness activities.

All in All, USM empowers your business with AI pose estimation and analysis solutions that we develop to suit your specific needs.

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How and Where AI Pose Estimation can be Used?

Our team of professionals and experts develops AI pose estimation solutions from scratch. We made it simple and easy to recognize, track and analyze human and animal movement or other activity done by them. This AI technology has great potential for the Sports and healthcare industries. This can help improve therapy and fitness apps, including real time movement tracking and human body joints localization. It also gives accurate and fast activity identification and motion analysis, providing a quick overview of how to use the right approach to prevent injury.

Detecting human body poses based on deep learning technology can be very helpful in the surveillance industry. This AI innovation mainly uses to increase security at airports, sports venues, train stations, and other congested and crowded areas. Human Pose Estimation software combined with other data science algorithms is a perfect match for identifying and analyzing activity to prevent violence. Our AI pose estimation software solution has the power to transform media and entertainment field with amazing AR effects.

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Benefits for Using our AI Pose Estimation Solutions

Our advanced AI solutions help businesses gain competitive power in the global market and taste the success. From start-ups, enterprises to large companies, we create reliable AI-based pose estimation solutions. Regardless of your industry, our expert team works closely with you to reach our clients expectations.

Fitness Centers

Implementing AI pose estimation and analysis technology in your fitness mobile and web applications helps your customers safely and effectively at their homes. Doing workouts by watching videos can also helps get real time feedback on their body movements and can avoid injury.

HealthCare Industry

Human movement analysis is the best way to track your physical therapy exercises. This innovative technology tracks user rates, movements, and gives useful tips on how to achieve health and care goals and accelerate recovery.

Media and Entertainment

Superimpose AR effects, Graphics, arty-crafty, fancy improvements, styles, etc., on the human by introducing AI pose estimation model. This makes your videos go viral on the worldwide market. By tracking variations of this poses, the applied graphics make the person “fit naturally” as they move.


Grab the advantages of security Automation with our Computer Vision. Prepare your venue, stadium, or any other crowded areas with custom-built AI human pose estimation software to detect unusual or violent behavior.

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Why USM as Your AI Technology Provider?

At USM Business Systems, we give first priority to customer satisfaction. We understand your business is one of a kind, so we develop client-centric solutions tailored to your business needs. We use state-of-the-art technology and our multi-year expertise to ensure that your product is relevant to the global market for years to come.

A well experience and professional team

Our dedicated team has proven knowledge and skills in developing custom AI pose estimation and analysis solutions to various industries across the world.

20+ years in the market

Since two decades, we have been offering effective AI solutions that take our clients businesses to the next level and generate good revenue.

Customized solutions

We always strive to build cutting-edge solutions for variety of clients to suit their business needs.

High-quality results

We develop reliable and unique AI pose estimation software solutions that give high quality results.

Technologies We Use

We keep updated with advanced technologies available on the market and enrich our tech stack.

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