Mobile-Friendly and Web-Supportive E-Healthcare App Development

Though the digital transformation is encouraging organizations across industries to switch to streamlined processes, there are still a few healthcare service providers who are following paperwork for registering OP’s or claiming insurance.

Our team, with extensive practical experience in the design and development of healthcare mobile apps, has developed a truly amazing digital solution that eradicates the paperwork and builds a strong cloud platform where the hospital management can access the healthcare data and process it securely online.

Project Overview

New York-based top healthcare service providers with a network of 15 service points have focused to reduce the burden of filing insurance forms manually. Further, the client also aimed to give appointment booking flexibility to the users and enhance their experiences.


Application Requirements

The client requires a cloud-based solution that easily connects with enterprise-level systems (like Electronic Medical Record systems) and ensures seamless transaction of patient data securely.

As per our client’s requirements, the healthcare mobile app needs to reduce overall waiting times and automate consultation booking tasks.

Further, the client mandated to add a functionality where the application needs to automatically fill canceled appointments and display the doctor’s availability for further booking.

Our client also shared their requirement that the application should process and validate insurance claims and fasten the process.

What We Have Developed?

After gathering all the project requirements and objectives of our client’s business, we started the flow of use cases for ensuring a smooth design and development process.

We planned to create three modules, including the patient’ module, physician module, and admin module with all the required features as per client requirements.

We have developed a telemedicine solution, leveraging the capabilities of the latest AI, ML, and NLP like revolutionary technologies to make online appointments faster and more secure. We have also added an appointment re-schedule feature for saving the patient’s time in rebooking the consultations.

Further, for better-managing insurance claims, we have used RPA technology and added an auto insurance claim feature that allows users to upload documents, check their credit eligibility, and automatically process the claims without human interaction.

As per the client’s requirement, we have also integrated the Push Notifications feature to assist our client in maintaining better communication with the patients.


  • Reduced patient wait times
  • Improved customer service
  • Optimized service quality
  • Cut overall healthcare costs

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Required Platforms





Project Team

Technologies Used




NativeScripts UI Framework




Android Studio






Google Map APIs


third-party payment integrations

Final Conclusion

Digital healthcare services and solutions will undoubtedly drive the healthcare ecosystem. In particular, online doctor appointment booking apps and EHR management applications will have higher demand in the years ahead. These types of healthcare solutions will deliver the outmost user convenience and at the same time make processes easier for service providers.

Let us help you build a healthcare solution that erases all your boring traditional paperwork procedures and improves your operational efficiency.