An AI-based ePharmacy Solution


An AI-based ePharmacy Solution

The pharmaceutical industry is switching to online at jet speed. Pharma apps assist pharmacies in driving the most of the potential of digital space.

Pharmaceutical companies are investing in digital products to maintain and retain better relations with customers. Most global pharma companies are switching to ePharma apps to increase brand value by allowing their targeted customers a hassle-free and convenient online medicine ordering facility.

This case study is all related to the design and development of an advanced ePharmacy or an on-demand medicine delivery application. One of the largest pharmaceutical companies has approached USM for the development of a drug delivery app.

As they have limited physical stores that are hampering sales and reducing the number of customers, our client is planning to extend services throughout the America. Here are our client’s project requirements.


Project Requirements

Design of an attractive UI and simple UX
Online medicine booking and door delivery facility
Order tracking feature
An automated customer support system to instantly respond to user issues
Finding nearby lab centers and booking lab tests from the app
Push notifications on recent activities and also for sending reminders on refills
Order history feature
Online doctor consultations booking

Required Platforms





Project Team

Technologies Used

  • Native languages for Android and iOS app development
  • Python
  • Twilio to embed Voice over Internet Protocol and ensure the best voice communication experience
  • tool for sending customized notifications to the app users
  • AWS for securely host data
  • Google Maps API for route mapping or navigation
  • PostgreSQL for storing billing data
  • AI and Machine Learning for integrating digital assistant feature.

Our Solution

Online pharmacy app development is the best decision to take your traditional pharmacy business to new heights. The solution we delivered to the client is boosting their pharmacy businesses and extending brand awareness throughout the country.

The client asked us to create a simple and user-friendly User Interface (UI) that ensures easy navigation and allows our targeted audience to order medicine online with ease.

Later, instant call/chat with pharmacies is another key functionality that we should integrate into the ePharmacy solution. Depending on the device operating system, our top app developers have used a secure video connection platform and the necessary technologies for the development of a video interface module.

Further, to build customer loyalty and provide high-level assurance on deliveries, we have integrated and implemented the order tracking software feature as per our client’s request. This feature is adding more value as it is offered a streamlined order management process to our client’s medicine delivery business.

Moreover, our client’s throughout the process fascinated us. The client asked us to add a feature that assists their targeted audience in seamlessly uploading their prescriptions and the app should automatically read the receipts and prepare the invoice. So, instead of typing a medicine name, app users can upload medical receipts and order medicines with ease.

Our app developers have an integrated in-app scanner for scanning hand-written receipts and also used Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered image recognition and machine learning capabilities for automatically adding medicines to the cart by reading uploaded prescriptions.

We have also been challenged to design a feature where users can book lab appointments and take audio or video appointment with physicians. Our team of mobile application developers with outstanding proven experience in ePharma mobile app development, have used location tracking and Real-Time Communication, and open-source tools have integrated these features that meet the desired needs of our client’s project.

Finally, an AI-powered customer support assistance module is another key feature of this ePharmacy solution. We have used AI and text-recognition tools and technologies to build an advanced feature that delivers instant and 100% accurate responses to user issues.

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Results Delivered

  • 100% streamlined operations
  • 70% of online sales have increased.
  • 80% growth has been witnessed in business elevation
  • 99.9% of customer loyalty has been achieved
  • 100% brand outreach across the USA
  • 24*7 brand availability and increased user base

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