Investment & Trading Management Application Development

Project Abstract

Online investments and stock trading has become a convenient mode of investing on trades over secured platforms. Investments and trading apps are now the best buddies for seasoned investors and also profitable platforms for beginners too. This case study deals with such application development experience.


Key Challenges

As per the project requirements, the application should be featured with a user profile (secure KYC Process), and also should give instant access to buy or sell stocks directly from the application.

Further, the app should catch up the irregular login attempts, allow the admins to configure and monitor the risk level and manage users accordingly.

The client also requested us to integrate a currency converter, so that investors can easily convert and invest in stocks seamlessly.

Moreover, using this investment management and trading software application, users can get stock market updates on their devices which should give opportunities to create a strong investment portfolio over time.

The client gave a requirement of adding e-wallets or multiple payment options to allow its users quickly fill their wallets from their linked bank accounts and start trading as soon as they deposit.

Finally, the solution also needs to be integrated with the dashboard feature or the admins to view the app’s performance metrics and also better manage investors.

Required Platforms





Project Team


Solution Implementation

Using the power of highly-secured Blockchain technology, we have developed a Fintech solution that allows users to trade stocks with simple clicks.

Since the app is being developed with decentralized Blockchain technology, every transaction will be stored securely and the users can also view their investments history at any time from anywhere. Hence, the FinTech solution we developed for our client will encrypt end-to-end transaction and protects records from being hacked.

We have also implemented AI and ML capabilities in the end application for automatically monitoring the users’ search pattern behavior and assessing the risk levels of the admins.

Our investment and trading app developers have also used Twilio to integrate communicational and conversational APIs and ensure smooth digital communication between the app and end-users. This feature helps people get in-app notifications or receive SMSs regarding investment market trends.

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Benefits Delivered

  • one


    50% increase in online investments

  • two


    Easy and hassle-free process for trading

  • three number


    Makes trading activities smooth

  • four


    Increases users numbers and builds brand value

  • five


    100% quick transfer of funds between accounts