Online Learning Platform Development

Project Abstract

Online learning industry is climbing to new heights. In particular, the COVID pandemic during 2019, 2020, & 2021 has offered incredible opportunities to the digital education industry. Leveraging the power of mobile technology advancements and intelligent Artificial Intelligence like trending technologies, the education sector has transformed ever like before during the COVID period.

Education apps will assist students and learners in grabbing the knowledge without stepping out from their homes. Online learning process is also gained popularity with its personalized and interactive features.

We have signed an agreement with one of the leading education service provider for the design and development of a collaborative online education platform. To accelerate digital waves and streamline the teaching processes, we have put all the efforts in delivering best-in-class online learning platform for our client.


Business Challenges

  • Integration of uninterrupted voice communication & high-resolution video conferencing functionalities
  • Simple registration and quick login
  • Custom Search for selecting batches to join or courses to learn
  • AI and ML features for automating report analysis and giving grades
  • User profile
  • Investor profile
  • Subscriptions management
  • Multiple online payment systems
  • 24/7 Artificial Intelligence bot assistance
  • Alerts for Students
  • Alerts for Teachers

Required Platforms


Native Android


Native iPhone



Project Team

Our Solution

Virtual learning platform development needs highly interaction-based sessions and personalized online learning experiences in real time. It is a platform where students/learners and instructors/teachers can share knowledge, download sessions or materials, track student performance, and access a wide pool of knowledge all at home convenience.

Our client looked for a robust and flawless education app that needs to be run seamlessly on Android, iOS, and Web OS. Our team of online learning mobile and web app developers have together worked effortlessly, integrated all the necessary features as per our client’s business objective, and deployed an advanced mobile application for digital learning.

The solution was developed with three core components, including:

Students Panel

Students Panel for better and instant content access 24*7

Teacher Panel

Teacher Panel or Instructor Panel for taking classes, accessing students, and tracking attendance, and their progress

Admin Panel

Admin Panel for managing students & instructors and scheduling virtual classes

We are challenged to create a video-enabled learning platform. To achieve this, our developers have used Jitsi- a free open-source video conferencing software for enabling video conferencing functionalities in the app.

Our team also facilitated quick registration and login functionalities for providing convenient application access to the learners.

On the other hand, instructor account, add/edit details, Student import, content upload, student reporting, grade analysis, personalized voice or video chat, view sessions and batches, and attendance management-like features, we built an exclusive stage for instructors.

Further, to make administrative and management of app users (either students or instructors), we have added teacher management, student management, reports & analytics, dashboard feature, subscriptions management, batches management, notifications management, etc. We have used Slack business communication tools for scheduling demo classes for learners.

Our group of seasoned testers and quality assurance team have used instrumentation-based APIs to perform rigorous tests on code and qualitative output.

Technologies Used

  • Mobile app type– React Native open-source UI software framework
  • Front End Languages– Objective-C, Swift, and Java
  • Backend Languages– Ruby, Python, PHP
  • Jitsi software’s video conferencing APIs for seamless voice & video communications in real-time
  • Payment Gateway – Stripe’s programmable APIs and tools facilitate hassle-free online payments for premium features of the solution
  • Database Management – Firebase, MySql, Node.js
  • Wireframes – Adobe XD vector-based design tool
  • Push Notifications – Twilio
  • Storage – AWS and Azure for reliable storage services

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Benefits Delivered

  • one

    Eliminated offline learning snags and improved student performance

  • two


    100% increased course subscriptions

  • three number


    Optimized student-to-teacher interaction

  • four


    Quick market reach

  • five


    Streamlines student attendance tracking functionalities and improves productivity

  • six round number


    Additional sales through monetization models

Are You Interested In eLearning App Development?

Since the COVID outbreak, education apps like Byjus, Coursera, Google Classroom, Duolingo, and Qudoo are playing an essential role in the online learning segment. The demand is in elevation for such online mobile learning apps. Education academies and training institutes are continuing their services seamlessly through educational apps.

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