VR-Enabled E-commerce App Development

Project Summary

E-Commerce development using Virtual Reality (VR) technology is a trend in the global market now. With the revolutionizing and next-generation artificial intelligence and virtual reality like next-generation technologies, the e-commerce industry is reaching new heights and making users feel surprised with unbelievable user-friendly software solutions.

This case study is all about one of our best projects where we put all our efforts and knowledge of AI and Virtual Reality into building an advanced and user-friendly e-commerce application development.


Project Requirements

A privately-held, international home products retailer has partnered with us to develop an e-commerce application that assists their users in easily ordering home furniture, accessories, and other kitchen equipment right from their homes.

Accordingly, the company has also planned to make its application more unique than its competitor’s applications. They asked our team to integrate AR and VR features to allow their app users to virtually place and imagine how a product/furniture will look in their own homes.

Required Platforms





Project Team

Our Solution

After a detailed analysis of our client’s business requirements, our seasoned application development team has used the right set of tools and technologies like AI, VR, and Augmented reality and developed a truly amazing solution.

We have delivered an advanced AR & VR-enabled marketplace solution that erased all the challenges that our clients faced in their furniture-selling process. Our incredible intelligent e-commerce app solution assisted our clients in delivering more personalized services to their customers.

Our solution with the 3D representation feature of furniture is now helping users to place the products on their floors virtually. Such a feature will help app users in making faster decisions and ensure a continuous hike in sales to our client.

Application Features:
  • Hassle-free sign-in module
  • Voice-enabled search facility
  • Voice-enabled search facility
  • Fast checkout and multi-payment mode flexibility
  • Multi-language compatibility
  • Smooth in-app navigation
  • Social media login and product-sharing facility
  • Push notifications in real-time
  • Order tracking feature
  • AI-based in-app virtual customer assistance services

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Benefits Delivered

  • one


    Crazy shopping experience and augmented brand value

  • two


    65% rise in lead conversions

  • three number


    95% customer satisfaction and personalization

  • four


    75% of increased user retention