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What are Recommended Systems?

Recommendation systems enable businesses to provide better customer experience through personalized offers. Quality product and content recommendations helps improve consumer engagement and business brand value.

Why Personalize Recommendations?

As a wide range of competitors is arriving every day in the market, customer engagement is becoming a tough task for brick and mortar and online businesses. Empowering their devices and social networks, the digital era has increasingly controlled the way consumers shop and dictate what they required and when and where they want it.

USM Develops Solutions That Boost Your Business

Increase customer engagement with personalized content recommendations and also reduce the bounce rate. This advanced software technology automatically selects the right content for each and every viewer. Content recommendations depend on visitor profiles, real-time behavior, and other similar journeys.

25% faster
Users can find the products they want

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Product Recommendation


Improve online business revenue and product order values with personalized product recommendations. This technology helps recommend products based on customers order history, product search, etc. Add these recommendations to product and checkout pages to improve cross-sales and up sells.

5 times faster
Users can find the products they want

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All in All, USM empowers your business with AI pose estimation and analysis solutions that we develop to suit your specific needs.

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    Why Work With USM?

    We make it simple and easy to create amazing recommendation systems.

    Cloud Migration Service
    • Highly Professional Team: We are committed and determined to maintain excellence in every work we do for our clients.
    • State of the art models: We strive to come in new ways to reach our customers’ expectations and get the best possible results.
    • Customizable solutions: We do not settle on average quality. Our solutions are designed to suit the specific needs of customers and the nature of their business data.
    • Incredible Results: We always plan for the future. Our recommendations systems will develop with your business s constantly improve your capabilities.
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    Benefits of Recommendation Systems

    Our advanced AI solutions help businesses gain competitive power in the global market and taste the success. From start-ups, enterprises to large companies, we create reliable AI-based pose estimation solutions. Regardless of your industry, our expert team works closely with you to reach our clients expectations.

    Personalization strategies based on your business goals

    Real-time product and Content recommendations

    Customized for your project

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    Steps We Follow In Developing Recommendation Systems

    • 1

      Problem Definition

    • 2

      Data Extraction

    • 3

      Exploratory Data Analysis

    • 4

      Data Modeling

    • 5

      Optimized Customer Experience

    Our Clientele

    USM has earned reputation and respect from its client by delivering top-notch customized IT solutions. We have satisfied clients from all over the globe.

    Why choose USM for Custom-Built Recommendation Systems?

    As a reputed Custom-Built Recommendation System Service company, USM has flexible engagement plans for software development projects which are customized according to client specifications.
    • 24X7 Support
    • Certified Resources
    • Predict Trends
    • Customer Service
    • Actionable Insights
    • Diverse Industry
    Mobile App Development

    Segments We Have Experience In

    USM helps accelerate innovation and gratify industry specific best practices to help run your core business efficiently.

    AI in Banking


    AI in Healthcare


    AI in Retail


    AI in Manufacture


    AI in eCommerce


    AI in Telecom

    Marketing & Sales

    AI in Marketing & Sales


    AI in Education


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    Client testimonials

    Satisfied clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception. Read our testimonials below.
    USM’s AI-powered solutions helped our C-level Executives to generate real-time reports and insights on operational activities performed across our various locations. They developed an AI-based virtual assistant that can learn and improve every business conversation automatically without manual effort.

    Telecommunications Giant


    USM optimized the capability of our m-learning applications. We achieved 40% increased students subscription. We are succeeding beyond our targeted boundaries with implementing USM’s AI solutions. Thanks to USM!

    BYJU’s, the Learning App

    Bangalore, India

    USM has delivered an incredible predictive analytics solution to us and made us a performance driven online retailer in India. Compared to prior financial years, we witnessed 50% of increased sales during the year.


    Bangalore, India

    We partnered with USM to fill a skill gap across our IT domains. New hires helped us to complete the major IT project we targeted within deadlines as promised to our clients.

    IT Company

    Dallas, USA

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