Bashi – Messaging Application

App Features

Unlimited Messages: Users can send unlimited text to their friends and family members

Unlimited Pictures: Do you like sending pictures? With Bashi you can share unlimited pics and moments with your loved ones!

Unlimited Videos: Send as many videos as you wish, show your family the experience you are living.

Unlimited Voice Notes: You can send unlimited voice messages when you don’t wish to send text message

Group Chats: The app also featured with group chart. The user can create groups with up to 50 members and easily stay in touch with them

Private Chat: Your private chats will be protected. This privacy feature allows you to hide all your personal chats and you can access them only by using a password.

Kurdish Stickers: The app fully supports Kurdish stickers. When words can’t express, the user can send stickers.

Chat Themes: The user can choose wonderful mobile wall themes using Bashi app

Languages: Bashi app is designed to support six (6) languages including Kurmanji, Sorani, English, Arabic, Turkish, and Persian.

Privacy: Bashi respects your privacy. Depending on your interest, you can update your status as online/offline. In addition, you can also hide or reveal your profile picture
To people who want. Further, the user can also block contacts that you are not interested.

Security: The application is protected with SSL certificate and the end-to-end messaging process was encrypted. Don’t worry, the company never stores your conversations.

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