About Vodafone Conferencing

  • This app connects a group of members in a simple manner.
  • Easily and effortlessly connect to your conference calls on your mobile.
  • Just select the meeting and click on “dial-in”. Your mobile will automatically dial a conference call and will also enter your credentials to access the meeting.
  • Click to join your meetings
  • Audio/Video conference service is offered. You can simply manage dispersed teams effectively
  • Easily share presentations, documents or applications in real-time using your desktop or laptop computer
  • No travel expenses to meet the teams
  • Improves business performance and extend your brand reach.
  • Irrespective of location, you can bring people together and talk to them
  • To enable service, you just need a landline or smartphone and an internet connection
  • You can use the service for your day-to-day team meetings
  • You can give webinars with up to 240 participants

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