Trip Manager – an Enterprise App

The trip manager is one of the simplest apps to install, use, and benefit. The smart app supports Mobile devices with Android 2.3 or greater versions installed. This innovative app benefits users who frequently go for outings and personal trips. All users with their 15 digit IMEI number can register to the service.
This app helps the user in keeping track of the expenses of the entire trip. Complete information about your trip expenses will be displayed on the dashboard. This app will also support for any kind of expense sharing requirements.

The truckers carry the Mobile devices which enable them to perform the following:

  • Know the customer(s) Trip activity
  • Record timestamps (In/Out) on Arrival/Departure
  • Capture readings when offloading
  • Read the Bar codes
  • Take snapshots of the Challan
  • Send the data to back end

Enterprise App helps:

  • Captures trip activities on the move.
  • Records every Expense spend.

USM has the ability to develop this kind of mobile applications. Please send us a mail now at You can also reach us at +1-703-263-0855.