Blast through Space

“Blast through Space” is an amazing alien game which provides an amazing gaming experience. The stunning 3D graphics and sparkly spaceships will satisfy your eyes. Challenging worlds will have you doing your best to not crash, continue your mission of collecting coins and exploring the unknown.

How to Play Blast Through Space?

  • Tap on the screen to keep space ship flying.
  • Avoid crashing with broken satellites and flying meteors.
  • Fly as far as possible, trying to make or break a record.
  • Share your score on Facebook and earn free coins.
  • Collect as many coins possible to purchase 1 of 4 spaceship upgrades available.
  • In-App purchase is available for coins and Ad removal.

Enjoy play in space

Blast through Space and Travel as far as you can into the depths of the celestial body. Collect coins and points while you blast through different galaxies. You can zoom with one of five spaceships available. Join Orie, the 3rd eye alien, through his distant travels. Attempt to outdo your last set record by controlling your navigating skills and cruise the cosmos.

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