About Ztocky

A gaming App based on the stock market

Ztocky is the world’s first free social market where everything and everyone has a price. A game based on the stock market, Ztocky lets you trade celebrities, brands, artists, events, friends, and anything else to become next Ztocky millionaire. Ztocky is an application which is having a gaming concept along with social media touch and messaging as well.

What it does:

  • You can create your Ztocks (stocks), buy and sell shares of any Ztocks
  • You need Quoin (virtual currency) to participate
  • You can post videos and pictures on the Ztocks that you own
  • You can like to dislike the posts on which you have shares
  • You can compete for the top portfolio using the points you gained
  • You can add friends so that you can trade easily
  • You can invite friends to buy your Ztock
  • Price fluctuations of your Ztocks will also be displayed.

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