A Custom AI-Powered Chatbot Application For E-Commerce Organization In Dubai

Project Abstract

One of the top E-commerce companies in Dubai has approached USM Business Systems to integrate a customer-friendly and advanced Artificial Intelligence based virtual chatbot application to deliver instant responses to their app users and give accurate information as they need in real-time.

Our client needs an AI app that deals with customer-query interpretation, asking multiple questions, sharing accurate information, reducing response time, and enhancing user experience.

Overall, the objective of this AI chatbot app is to maintain a transparent and convenient communication platform where users and brand can interact virtually and get issues resolved instantly.


Project Requirements

The vision of this project is to design and develop an interactive Custom Chat Application for Android and iOS devices. To achieve this, the project requires a set of next-generation Artificial intelligence technologies, including speech recognition, natural language processing, pattern recognition, analytics, machine learning, etc.

This Menu/button-based chatbot application needs two core modules, including Admin Module and User Panel.

The chatbot should ask a simple array of questions to the users, and it should give them the flexibility to choose the question that they want to ask.

Later, the AI chatbot application will fetch pre-defined answers belonging to that query in the database. Finally, the app should display 100% accurate and satisfying responses to the users in a fraction of second.

Required Platforms


Native Android


Native iPhone

Project Team

How We Developed AI Solution?

This case study shows how to build strong virtual communication using the best and the most advanced AI technology.

Our team of experienced native app developers and designers has developed a platform where users can drop their service issues or discomforts they are facing with the application.

We have added a set of user-friendly features, for instance, a menu-based format that ensures a smooth interaction with a digital assistant and optimizes service quality.

Our app developers have also made the AI chatbot app multilingual. So, the app users can communicate with the bot in their preferred languages and enhance app personalization.

USM’s forward-thinking app development team has also enabled users to view their previous chat options. This feature allows users to view their last conversation anytime and anywhere.

Further, we have also integrated intelligent tools that will assist the admin to track the customer satisfaction level in real time. Based on survey results delivered by the application, the company can analyze user pain points, gives enough time to address a solution, and improve their experiences and service quality.

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Technologies Used

Our app developers have used Kotlin for Android development and Swift for iOS version development.

The customer support automation solution we delivered to Dubai’s leading e-commerce Company was also integrated with advanced speech recognition capabilities. Hence, app users can either type of giving voice commands to get their issues resolved.

Benefits Delivered On Implementing Our Solution

  • one


    Reduced response time to 0%

  • two


    Reduced customer service costs by 70%

  • three number


    95% of personalized experiences for users

  • four


    100% client satisfaction

  • five


    24/7 customer support

  • six round number


    Our client is dealing with multiple customers in real time at once

  • six round number


    Improved customer experiences by responding to them instantly

  • six round number


    Turned their e-commerce app more interactive and engaging

  • six round number


    Ensured better user experiences and improved brand value