Logistics & Supply Chain Management App Development

Our Client

A multinational manufacturing company with a head office in Texas. This case study is all about the development of an intelligent and advanced logistics and supply chain management solution that reduces the workload and improves the operational efficiencies across the supply chain operations.


Project Requirements

The application vision is to digitally monitor the warehouse & inventory levels, increase supply chain network visibility, and automatically update the shipping & delivery status with zero errors in data.

Further, the supply chain app should also support customer login for processing new orders and optimizing the sales pipeline.

Moreover, the client requested us to design and develop an advanced supply chain management software that should track the current location of the fleet and store real-time vehicle location tracking details.

Overall, the client required us to develop an app that should make warehouse management, logistics, and the entire supply-chain processes transparent and digitally connected.

Required Platforms





Project Team

Technologies Used



NativeScripts UI



Android Studio






Google Map APIs


third-party payment integrations

Business Challenges

Monitoring the end-to-end supply chain and logistics operations is a complex task for organizations that has distribution locations across the different countries. As per our client requirements, the mobile application should notify the respective mangers about the shipping information in real-time and ensure on-time product deliveries.

Warehouse management, inventory management, transportation visibility, online ordering features are all challenging and we have developed a truly amazing solution using Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and in-app map integrations.


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Our Solution

After analyzing the client requirements and performing market research, our seasoned mobile app developers have started working on developing enterprise-specific supply chain and logistics software applications.

On the design aspects, driven by the availability of wide-ranging backend and frontend libraries and code reusability feature, we have used the NativeScript UI framework’s APIs for the Android app development and iOS app development.

The application mandated the integration of the latest technology AI capabilities for tracking inventory levels, and also the fleet. To integrate such advanced location and inventory tracking features, we have used google maps APIs, GPS technology, IoT sensor technology, and AI and machine learning technologies.

Further, we have also implemented a customizable JavaScript scheduler- a visual HTML5 component for setting a timeline for product deliveries. Our expert app development team has added dashboards where admins can view the logistics and supply chain management data and order details.

We have also segmented the dashboard module for tracking the logistics and shipment status in real time.

Since we used the cloud and data analytics capabilities, this custom supply chain and logistics management software solution is capable enough to automatically data storage and predict the demand metrics.