10 Startups That Modernize The Healthcare Sector With AI


Thousands of brilliant minds are exploring their ideas towards Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s a truth that the AI industry is moving to its next level. Especially, the year 2019 was undoubtedly a great year for the expansion of Artificial intelligence. Multiple AI and machine learning-based startups have founded during the year.

In this blog, we completely focused on AI-based healthcare startups. To automate various healthcare functions, the healthcare industry is investing in AI. Below is the list of top AI companies that are developing innovative artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare clients.

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    #1 Roam Analytics

    Roam Analytics is one of the top AI companies that focused on advancing AI in the healthcare sector. To efficiently manage patient’s healthcare records and other data related to their hospital visits and all, the company has developed an efficient AI platform. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), the company’s AI solutions help healthcare service providers in maintaining electronic medical records of their patients properly. In addition, this platform also improves the process of data analysis and data storage.

    #2 Artelus

    Artificial Intelligence is changing the ways of detecting diseases in early stages. Several healthcare leaders are using AI-enabled systems to diagnose their patient’s diseases. Using ML and predictive analytics, AI machines are accurately predicting the diseases at the early stage.

    Artelus has developed an AI-based intelligent solution that identifies the symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) within three minutes. Now, this AI startup has plans to develop artificial intelligence solutions for detecting oncology diseases like tuberculosis, breast, and lung cancer. However, AI-based tools in medical diagnosis improve patient outcomes compared to the human-based diagnosis process.

    #3 Appto Health

    To avoid repetitive tasks and save the valuable time of medical professionals, Appto addressed an innovative AI solution to the healthcare industry. Appto AI solution completely automates manual tasks like examining X-Rays, tests, CT scans, and data entry, etc. Hence, Appto Health’s AI platform eliminates human errors and completes the task with more accuracy. This solution also gathers patient’s feedback and responds to their queries using AI-powered bots installed on customer’s phones.

    #4 Atomwise

    The design and development of new drugs for treating newly-discovered drugs requires huge investments. Here, artificial intelligence comes into place. AI, machine learning, deep learning algorithms can reduce the cost overheads in drug discovery and design. These technologies can efficiently analyze the known medications and can study their properties to come up with new ways of creating novel drugs. These new drugs are highly focusing on curing a disease that cannot be cured with existing medicines.

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    #5 Sense.ly

    Sense.ly is one of the best AI startups that is focused on developing Artificial intelligence-based smart patient assistants. These smart assistants help physicians in maintaining strong relationships with their patients. In particular, these AI-powered assistants are designed to assist chronic patients.

    Sense.ly’s AI-based virtual patient assistant Molly uses NLP algorithms to efficiently monitor, understand patients queries, gather feedback. In addition, as it uses Machine learning algorithms, it also guides physicians to make better treatment suggestions.

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    #6 Advancells

    Advancells is a14-years old AI startup. It is focused on delivering AI solutions for therapeutic applications of Regenerative Medicine. It provides artificial intelligence solutions that deliver safe and life-saving treatment options.

    #7 LiveHealth

    LiveHealth is an AI company established in 2014. It is engaged in providing automatic diagnostic services to customers. Its AI-based healthcare management platform delivers requested medical reports to service providers or patients online. In addition, it allows physicians to monitor their patient’s activities, and also enables them to access patients’ information from anywhere at any time. It also offers online payment systems. Hence, automation in providing medical diagnostics switch to deliver a new way of healthcare services and eliminates data entry errors.

    #8 ChironX

    ChironX was established in 2017. It acquired brand in the market with its auto-diagnostic software. This software was designed using complex image processing AI algorithms and ML techniques. It can detect a retinal abnormality and acute respiratory infections better than a radiologist.

    #9 NeuroSynaptic

    With a focus on making healthcare accessible to everyone at affordable prices, Neurosynaptic is offering high-quality healthcare delivery solutions. The company’s AI platform, ReMeDi Remote Healthcare Delivery Solution, can gather a few physiological parameters of their patients who are at remote locations. Thus, it facilitates remote diagnosis services to the patients and makes the healthcare service accessible at low costs.

    #10 OncoStem

    OncoStem diagnostics is an AI startup founded in 2011. Using Proteomics and Genomics-based platforms, it focused on developing intelligent tests to personalize treatment, especially for cancer patients. It also aimed to the recurrence of cancer and thus helps to advance new drug discovery procedures. The company’s AI-powered product “CanAssist-Breast” can forecast the probability of breast cancer occurrence. This helps physicians to diagnose tumors at early stages and thus reduce the level of risk.


    The above top 10 AI startups are all aimed at modernizing traditional healthcare services. These are just a few AI companies that are evolved in the past decade. Multiple startups are planning to use the capabilities of AI to do something for this rapidly emerging healthcare industry. They believe that increased population and growing aged count needs more innovations in the healthcare sector and ensure a profitable drive in their businesses.

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