Best Video Streaming Apps in the USA

Video Streaming Apps

Best Video Streaming Apps In The USA

Online video streaming applications were ruling the global media services and completely altered the way people explore information. Driven by the increasing availability of high-speed internet coupled with the cumulative use of smartphones, the popularity of video streaming apps is on the rise.

According to Statista, the global video streaming application industry has reported $86 billion in 2021 and it is estimated to reach $115 billion by the next coming three years.

In particular, out of the total market value, smartphone users in the US alone are spending nearly $44 billion on premium audio or video streaming applications during the year. Most of the revenues are generated from the US market. Estimates are also showing that video streaming app development in the US will offer a profitable market to investors.

In this article, after doing deep research on the USA’s video streaming industry, we have compiled a list of top video streaming apps in the USA. Be you invest in Netflix clone app development or Disney+ clone app development, or YouTube clone app development, it will create a valueble addition to your media services.

Let’s look at the top 5 video streaming apps in the USA.

#1. Netflix App- Best On-demand Video Streaming App (Android & iOS)

With over 1,000,000,000+ downloads (just from Google Play Store), Netflix has stood as the number #1 online video streaming app in the world. The app is popularizing in providing uninterrupted live video streaming services to users. Users or paid subscribers can watch TV shows and movies on Netflix.

The app is been preferred by nearly 45% of video streaming app users in the USA. Hence, the development of a Netflix-like mobile app for Android or iOS will help you build brand value and reach more audiences faster.

Netflix App

Features and Functionalities Of Top Online Video Streaming Apps like Netflix 

  • Hassle-free registration and login
  • Get a membership with an existing email Id to access the app’s features
  • Watch live TV shows and movies that you love on mobile devices, laptops, or smart TVs
  • Users can watch series, documentaries, and stand-up specials of their choice in their native languages
  • Users can save their favorites and watch in offline mode anytime
  • Safe kids-friendly shows for ensuring family-friendly entertainment
  • Push notifications on new episodes and the latest releases 

Key information Of Netflix App

  • Date of launch:1997
  • Headquartered in: California, USA
  • Android Rating: 4.5/5
  • iPhone Rating: 3.9/5

#2. YouTube- Top Video and Music Streaming App In The USA 

YouTube is one of the biggest online video streaming apps with accessibility to billions of customers across 100 countries in the world.

Over 90% of the internet population is downloading and using this global largest video-sharing platform to stream and watch their favorite videos. The app also facilitates users to subscribe and share video channels instantly.

YouTube app 

Top features of YouTube video streamlining application

  • Top on-demand Video Streaming App like YouTube offer simple login
  • Custom search functionality to easily find the video content that the users looking for
  • High-level authentication for ensuring the security of the user credentials
  • The app is compatible to connect external devices and enhance the user experiences
  • In-app voice-based search functionality for making the users’ search easier
  • Allows users to spread the content and touch with their audience through live video streamlining functionality
  • Easy to subscribe to favorite channels and watch the best & latest video content

Key Information

  • Date of launch: 2005
  • Headquartered in: California, USA
  • Android Rating: 4.2/5
  • iPhone Rating: 4.7/5 

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#3. Disney+ Hotstar- Popular Video Streaming App In The USA 

A video streaming app development like Disney+ will deliver high returns on investment. Disney+ is one of the most popular video streaming apps in the USA. As of records, the app has approximately $150 million subscribers and become one of the top competitors to the Netflix mobile app.


Key features of Disney+ like trending OTT apps in the USA 

  • Top OTT video streaming application like Disney+ offers quick login
  • Search facility to explore the desired content faster
  • Social integrations for accessing the app
  • User profile and watch list for better managing the data
  • USA’s best video streaming app like Disney+ offers Genre wise content
  • Disney+like the most popular video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service allows users to access the video content in their native languages as the app is multilingual
  • Push notifications feature to send app updates to the users 

Key Information

  • Date of launch: 2019
  • Headquartered in: Los Angeles, California, US
  • Android Rating: 3.9/5
  • iPhone Rating: 4.6/5 

#4. Amazon Prime Video-Famous Video Streaming App In The US 

Amazon Prime Video is one of the other American leading video on-demand OTT streaming service apps with nearly 172 million subscribers in the country.


Best features of Amazon Prime like a famous video streaming application

  • The app gives access to a range of movies, TV, and sports
  • Personalized video content recommendations
  • Chromecast feature to broadcast videos from phone to any other supportive devices
  • Create or join a watch party feature for chatting while viewing videos
  • Pause and resume option for convenient broadcasting and viewing experiences
  • Notifications on favorite actresses’ movie releases or any videos
  • Download videos online to watch offline 

Key Information

  • Date of launch: 2006
  • Headquartered in: Seattle, Washington
  • Android Rating: 4.1/5
  • iPhone Rating: 4.7/5

#5. Hulu- Most-downloaded Video Streaming Application In The USA

The best on-demand video broadcasting applications like Hulu are on our list of top mobile apps for live video streaming. The app has lifted media entertainment to the next level.


Features and functionalities of the Hulu app 

  • User-friendly registration and signup process
  • Fast login and secure authentication
  • Attractive design for improved user experience
  • User profile
  • Video Library and watch list
  • Availability of video content in different languages
  • Custom search for making the user’s search faster
  • High-level privacy or lock feature to secure the application
  • Sends push notifications about new videos or TV shows
  • Personalized video recommendations
  • Social media sharing facility
  • Reviews and ratings

Key Information

  • Date of launch: 2008
  • Headquartered in: California, USA
  • Android Rating: 4.6/5
  • iPhone Rating: 4.6/5


How Much Does It Cost To Develop Video Streaming Apps like Amazon Prime Video/YouTube/Netflix/Hulu?

The estimated cost of video streaming apps will be around $25,000- to $35,000+ for a single platform. The development cost of OTT app development for multiple platforms will be $35,000 to $60,000+ with moderate complexity in design.

However, the app development platform, application design, features list, technology stack, app type, and the hourly cost of mobile application development you hire will all impact the cost of software development.

Final Words

Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Disney+ like video streaming application development would be the best decision to catch up with the market opportunities. Businesses can generate the flow of revenues by developing paid subscription models.

USM is one of the top video-streaming mobile app development companies in the USA. Our team of mobile app developers is an expert in the design and development of Netflix-like trending OTT apps.

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