20 Best Examples of Using AI Automation In Retail Furniture

The 20 Best Examples of Using Artificial Intelligence for Retail Experiences

Digitization has completely changed the way we search, select and shop, and it is also transforming the outlook of the retail industry. Although the physical stores are still in the race, online stores (e-commerce) are bringing competition as well as increasing customers’ expectations.
To remain ahead of new competitors, improve business visibility and stay aware of the pace of digital transformation, retailers are embracing new technologies, especially AI or Artificial Intelligence
This fascinating technology supports the traditional brands to be in the front line in the competitive world and provides an edge to the physical stores.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Retail

AI can serve as a blessing for retail firms that collect and store valuable data from customers. Then, it supports retailer stores in creating personalized experiences to the shoppers through online Chatbots, well-structured web stores, and intelligence in-store bots.

Let us see how Artificial Intelligence will change retail experiences for consumers in 2021.

  • Virtual dressing rooms for quick decision making
  • Advanced/Robotic assistance will be a reality
  • Digital shelf for fashion and apparel products
  • Best customers service through Chatbots
  • Behavioral analytics powered by AI-sponsored surveillance

As per the Meticulous Research’s latest publication, “the global AI in the retail industry will be expected to develop at a CAGR of 35.9% from the year 2019 to achieve $15.3 billion by the year 2025″. Today, we can see several topmost retail companies that are using Artificial Intelligence in the world.
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To Know the 20 Best Examples of Using Artificial Intelligence for Retail Experiences

1) North Face aids shoppers find the perfect Jacket
Are you in a dilemma of buying a jacket? Don’t worry! The North face IBM Watson technology will help you select the best north face Morgan jacket from north face retail stores.
This intellectual computing technology will ask costumers a few questions like where you will wear the jacket, what are will be doing with this, why you need this jacket? Etc. By considering all these answers, north face application will make recommendations which suit best for you for your activity.

2) Sephora makes it simple to find the best Makeup products
How smart are you a lady walks into a store? Will you find suitable makeup shade without even applying on your skin? If No is your answer, AI technology will make it possible through the Color IQ numbers.
Color IQ online will scan your face and gives a good recommendation for face foundation and concealer. Among this, Sephora lip IQ will scan your lips and provide personalized recommendation for a good shade of color IQ lipstick.
It is really helpful for the shoppers who know the value of selecting the best shade by trial and error method.

3) Neiman Marcus Uses AI for Visual Search
Neiman Marcus is a best and largest luxury department store, located in Dallas, Texas. Neiman Marcus is using Artificial Intelligence Technology to make it feasible for the shoppers to find the desired products.
The Snap. Find. Shop. App will enable customers to see and take photos of products and then search for the same or relevant products in Niemen Marcus online chat.

4) Amazon removes Cashiers with Artificial Intelligence
Amazon is one in the list of AI using retail experience examples. To simply the shopping of customers, Amazon has created an amazing retail store application named ‘Amazon Go Store’.
If you want to buy any items, just walk into the Amazon store, bring what you want from the racks and just walk out from the store without even reaching cashier. As the store have many CC Cameras and sensors, they will track what you bought and debit the money directly from your Amazon account.
I think it is the best retail app as we no need to waste our time on waiting at billing section.
5) Macy’s Uses AI to improve Customer Experience
Are you the one who walked into any departmental retail store without knowing where to get the item what you are searching for? Then, you must experience Macy’s scanner app, which was filled with answers for the queries of every retail store. What we wonder about Macy’s On Call app is it assigns a customer executive if you got frustrated with the store.
If you can go through this app and chat with an AI bot, it will directions to the specific product that you wanted or intimates whether the product is in stock.

6) Walgreens Uses Artificial Intelligence to Track Flu Spread
The flu can undoubtedly be inconvenient, annoying, dangerous and even deadly if not taking proper care. People can take good care of their families if they get the correct report regarding the flu.
Walgreens collects data from several anti-viral prescriptions that fill at over 8,000 locations to track and helps costumers know the flu affected areas.

7) Walmart uses AI technology to Scan Shelves
Everyone knew that Wal-Mart is a famous and biggest retail stores in the globe. In order to improve the consumer experience, Wal-Mart is planning to use AI, and currently, it is testing shelves scanning with Robots in several store of its.
This amazing robot will scan all the shelves for any missing list of gluten-free products at Walmart and the things that are required to add price tags and restocked with items. Soon, you will have this Wal-Mart shopping experience from your nearest store.

8) Uniqlo Store Can Read Human Minds with AI
Uniqlo is one best clothing store, and it is famous for using the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence. These stores have UMood shop kiosks that give consumers a variety of kiosk products ideas and measures their expressions to the particular style and color through AI neurotransmitters.
This kiosk retailer app will read human minds and then recommend items that match the neurotransmitter with the person’s experience.

9) Lowes Uses AI Robots to Locate Items
Lowes has proved that nothing is imposing by creating the LoweBot to assist shoppers in selecting their essential items. Lowebots walks in the store and directly asks a few questions to shoppers to identify what they want.
Lowes return policy opened items, and these advanced Robots can give mapping and directions to the items and explain about the specializations of products. It will also provide suggestions on which products should be restocked.

10) H&M Uses AI Technology to Keep famous Items Stocked
H&M is one of the popular and largest clothing stores which has been running successfully and keeping updated with the latest trends. This retail store uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze the receipts of store and returns to assess the products at each store. The AI algorithm supports the store to find what products to supply and stock more of in particular areas.
11) American Eagle Creates Trail Rooms of the Future
Most of the people don’t like to get into the trail rooms, just to find whether they selected the correct size and whether the picked color suits you. Instead of entering into the fitting rooms and keeping an employee inform of the room, American Eagle store is creating dressing rooms which interact with us.
Consumers can scan the products what they want and see what are available in the store. Employees in Store will get alerts if the buyer needs a product delivered to trail room. This AI The technology can also make item recommendations depends on what the consumer has looked for. (The Revolution Of Artificial Intelligence Technology)

12) Taco Bell allows Customers Order Tacos Direcly
Are you a Taco lover? But, you don’t you have time to order? Cool! Tach Bell is there for you. It is the first and foremost restaurant which enables customers to order Tacos directly using Artificial Intelligence technology.
This Tacho Robot works with the software called ‘Slack’ and makes it simple for people to order Tacos. It will also accept customized and bulk orders.

13) Rebecca Minkoff will Design Smart Store through AI
Rebecca Minkoff is one of the popular clothing designer stores in the world and it the no.1 brands to create connected stores for the customers. Thankfully, these stores are using AI technology to function screen-touch smart mirrors, which enables customers to go through the different styles of clothing.
Then, consumers can try them on interactive trail rooms with beautiful custom lighting. The dressing room mirrors use RFID technology to find what purchasers are wearing on and let them know what other sizes and colors are available at the store.

14) ThredUp Uses AI Technology to Remember Customers Styles
ThredUp is an online retail store, and it has recently released a retail application using AI named ‘Goody Boxes’. This app consists of a variety of secondhand clothing products stitched to match individuals’ style. Customers can return the products in the application they don’t want and buy if they love it. The AI technology will remain customers’ choices so that upcoming boxes will better match their fashion.
15) West Elm Connects Products and Style via AI
Consumers used to show the furniture styles what they liked physically, but now West Elm retail application is making it through Artificial Intelligence. 
This Pinterest Style Finder app scans the Pinterest boards of shoppers and understands their interests and styles. Then, they will create a variety of furniture that matches the customer’s style.
16) Olay Uses AI Technology to Personalize Skincare Treatment
Without visiting a Dermatologist, Olay customers can now receive personalized treatment for their skin, and it just happens with the powerful AI.
In addition, Olay’s Skin Advisor will tell the real age of customers if they click a selfie on their face and drop it in this online application. It can also assess the skin health and recommend medication for the problem areas.

17) Warehouse Shopping Become Easy with Sam’s Club            
The warehouse wholes superstore has recently launched an AI-powered retail store named ‘Sam’s Club’. As it has Artificial intelligence technology, customers can buy products like Sam’s Club makeup mirror without going through a conventional checkout line.
This departmental store app can even navigate the well-organized location through the shop to have all the things on the list of consumer’s purchase.

18) Zara Pickups Orders with Intelligent Robots
Everyone prefers online sites and retails stores for shopping and buying products. Zara, a fashion retailer, has recently started using AI Robots to aid shoppers when they come to collect the orders from the delivery executive.
On the other side, when the customers walk into the stores, they should enter the pick-up pin that starts AI robot moving in the store. After finding orders, the intelligent robot will through dropbox. I think it is the rapid and best method to get orders to the purchasers.
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19) Starbucks Bot Make it Simple to Order Coffee
The coffee giant with its AI-enabled voice ordering makes it even easier to get your morning pick-me-up. Users can chat with the My Starbucks Barista application to place coffee order with text or voice. When the customers reach at their local Starbucks, the order will wait and they will skip the line.

20) Kroger Customizes Grocery Recommendations
The pioneer grocery chain store, Kroger is planning to implement AI technology in its retail stores to give a better experience for their customers. Hence, they are now testing the smart shelves in their store.
If consumers walk down an aisle IQ and open their Kroger, sensors will find the consumers highlighted items and thinks that they are interested in that item. This application can also offer customized prizing and alert customers products on their shopping list.

Final Words
Artificial Intelligence based solutions helps grow your retail stores and reach your expectations. Stay pertinent and beat your competitors in the Retail Industry with Artificial Intelligence technology.
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