How Much Does It Cost To Develop Mobile Apps For Smart Home Automation?

Cost To Develop Mobile Apps For Smart Home Automation

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Mobile Apps For Smart Home Automation?

Nowadays, smartphones are not only useful for communication purposes, but mobiles are also useful for online shopping, e-learning, online meeting, gaming, etc. They are also ideal for monitoring and controlling connected smart home devices with simple clicks from anywhere at any time.

Cost to Develop Mobile Apps

The Role Of Mobile Apps For Smart Home Automation

Controlling all connected smart electronic appliances with one mobile application on the go is a brilliant thing. For instance, mobile apps help users switch on/off smart lights when they are outside.

Herein, we have compiled a list of trending mobile apps for smart home automation. Being the best mobile app development company in the USA, USM has adequate technical resources to build innovative clone apps for smart home automation.

Popular Mobile Apps for Smart Home Automation

Here are some popular mobile apps for smart home automation.

  1. Amazon Alexa App

Amazon Alexa App is the trending mobile application for the smart home automation process. It interacts with the devices using your voice commands.

Amazon Alexa App

Benefits of Amazon Alexa App

  • Control Alexa-enabled devices like lights, heaters, locks, alarms of your smart home.
  • It can interpret various languages and respond faster
  • Set to-do lists, alarms, timers, and music on your devices.
  • Get news updates, weather conditions, alerts of house managing automation.
  • Play music or videos of your choice
  • Controls Alexa speaker from anywhere
  • Make voice and video calls to contacts
  • Add and manage your echo dot devices anywhere and anytime.
  1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant, the best mobile app for smart home automation, available only for an Android platform. The biggest technology company Google has developed this virtual assistant. The application responses to voice and gives appropriate responses. It connects with all smart home devices and makes lives smarter.


Advantages of Google Assistant App

  • Users can schedule the activities of work, exercise, shopping, and more.
  • Control smart devices like lights, cameras, and other appliances.
  • Speak with Google Assistance and get information from the web.
  • Schedule your calendar and to-do list
  • You can take notes, set timers, set alarms, and shopping lists.
  • Gives regular updates on news, weather, and sports
  • Hands-free calling and messaging
  • Use Google Lens and get details according to image reference.

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  1. Apple Home Kit App

Apple Home is the top-ranked mobile app for smart home automation. It is available for iOS users. The application is compatible with over 100 brands of smart devices, making it easy to set up and control them from one platform.

Apple Home Kit App-1

Benefits of Apple Home Kit App:

  • Users can create separate rooms in the application to control all devices located in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and etc.
  • HomeKit secure video helps users stream and watch live videos from the app screen.
  • Sends notifications about the alarms, sensors, and calendar reminders, etc
  • Control your HomeKit accessories through Siri.
  • Well-organize scheduled activities
  • Easy to set up HomeKit routers for the security of the home network.
  1. Vivint

Vivint is a famous smart home automation application in the USA and Canada. The customization options of the app make the setup process easy. Users can remotely control all Vivint-enabled devices and also third-party appliances.

The unique features mentioned below are the reason for the high user retention rate of this leading mobile app for smart home automation.

Benefits of Vivint App

  • Users can check the live recording of your home from outside.
  • Users can lock and unlock doors, lights, thermostats automatically.
  • Sends security alerts when someone breaks in, doors left open, and packages delivered.
  • Users can answer the doorbell from anywhere and speak to the visitor.
  • You can watch recordings and clips of the past 30 days.
  1. Philips Hue

Philips Hue is the best smart home application for controlling smart lights with an authorized voice from anywhere at any time. It also allows users to change the color (16 million vivid colors) of Philips lights of choice.

Advantages of Philips Hue App

  • Users can control lights in your home and outdoor spaces.
  • Easy to connect smart accessories with the application and manage them.
  • Schedule auto switch off/on timings for the Philips smart lights
  • Set up different colors for lights from the app
  1. Honeywell Home

Honeywell Smart Home mobile app gives control over smart devices with one click. This on-demand mobile app for smart home automation runs seamlessly on Android and iOS platforms.

Benefits of Honeywell Home App

  • Users can see the status of smart home devices in the dashboard.
  • Control all smart devices with one touch from anywhere.
  • Sends alerts on humidity and temperature
  • Control turning off and on lights, thermostats, and other appliances
  • Get your home ready before you reach using the location-based control.

A leading mobile app development company, USM can develop smart home apps on Android and iOS platforms without any flaws.

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    1. Ecobee

    Ecobee is a mobile application that helps users stay connected with home all the time. Users can have control over smart electronic devices and save energy. The application is suitable for all Ecobee devices and also other third-party devices.

    Benefits of Ecobee App

    • Users can monitor all connected smart home appliances at their fingertips.
    • Sends a live record of living room, bedroom, kitchen, and more on-demand
    • Facilitate users to talk and take a snapshot during live recording.
    • It responds to voice commands.
    • Easy to enable or disable the sensors of the smart home devices from the application

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    1. is the leading mobile app for smart home automation and is available for Android and iOS platforms. It is a cloud-based service that provides security for homes and businesses.

    Benefits of App

    • Get control of sensors, locks, cameras, and lights of your spaces.
    • Easy to customize the video notifications for a specific room to check.
    • The doorbell camera gives you access to talk with visitors from anywhere.
    • Sends alarms if sensors find any abnormal activities near the doorstep.

    Significant Features of Mobile Apps for Smart Home Automation

    The below are the significant features and functionalities of mobile apps that help in controlling smart home devices seamlessly.

    Mobile Apps For Smart Home Automation

    • Registration & Logins

    Smart home automation mobile apps should have a quick and secure registration process. The app should ask for a mobile number, email address, and verification code for authentication purposes.

    • Scenes Creation

    Changing the lights, playing music, and opening sliders according to the mood are fancy things. It is possible with the scene creation feature in the mobile application. This feature assists users in grouping different smart devices and control with one touch.

    • Alerts & Notifications

    This feature helps users to know about every happening at home. Users should get updates about the changes in sensors and alarms, which help them to respond immediately.

    • Speech Recognition

    The voice or speech recognition feature in a mobile application will help the user to control smart devices verbally. It also provides security as the app does not respond to only authorized voice commands.

    • Customize Dashboard

    This feature helps users to view all the smart home device status at their fingertips. The users can control the devices from the same screen. It will reduce the navigation process and saves time.

    • Create Rooms

    You can create rooms for every particular space in your home. Users can manage all the smart devices in a room at one time.

    How Much Does It Cost to Develop Mobile Apps for Smart Home Automation?

    The development cost of a mobile application depends upon the complexity of the features you want in the application. You can estimate around $15,000-$100,000 to develop a mobile app for smart home automation.

    The end cost to build the application may increase on adding advanced features like Geolocation, live streaming, doorbells answering, etc.

    The cost to create mobile apps to control smart home devices also varies depending on the app platform, app design, team size, and location of the mobile app developers you choose for getting your app developed.

    USM, the best mobile app developers for smart home automation in the USA and India, can give you the final cost to develop a mobile application.

    Let us know your app requirement and get a free quote for your project.


    In this busy schedule, 55% of the people are using smart home devices. They are installing relevant mobile apps to manage devices remotely and save energy and money to some extent. This trend will increase the demand for mobile apps that helps in switching smart devices on behalf of users. It is the right time to launch intelligent mobile apps to the market and generate a flow of profits.

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