How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Cryptocurrency app like Coinbase?


How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Cryptocurrency app like Coinbase?

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency or cryptos are digital or virtual currencies that make the use of decentralized Cryptography to store, verify, and record online transactions in the most excerpted manner. Leveraging the highly advanced virtual currency exchange systems, cryptocurrency payments facilitate users to send or receive crypto payments and store transactions in a public ledger (Blockchain).

Since the introduction of the first Cryptocurrency-Bitcoin, in 2009, as a secure medium of money exchange, the demand and craze for cryptocurrencies trading has been increased and ensuring profitable businesses for investors.

Later, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple are the best examples of digital currencies. These are popular most popular cryptocurrency types after Bitcoin.    


Is Cryptocurrency Investment A Good Idea In This Digital Era?

Investments in cryptocurrencies are a great move to build a crypto portfolio and make personal finances safe and secure. The value of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will fluctuate every day, but it will increase obviously.

Here is a graph that reflects the price of Bitcoin (BTC) from October 2013-February 2022.

price of bitcoinSource: Statista

The prices of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are attracting investors with a sudden hike. This market trend and investors’ craze towards Bitcoin trading has increased the demand for cryptocurrency exchange mobile applications.

Cryptocurrency exchange mobile apps facilitate investors to buy and trade cryptocurrencies conveniently from their smartphones. Yes, no need for a web platform to open and trade bitcoins and other digital currencies. The trending Android and iOS apps for exchanging Bitcoin-like digital currencies allow users to track their portfolio 24*7 and maintain profitable graphs.

Today, through this article, we would like to give a detailed guide on the features, functionalities, and development costs of a popular cryptocurrency exchange app-Coinbase.   

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    All About Coinbase- The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange App

     Coinbase mobile app is one of the best cryptocurrency apps that allows investors (experts or beginners) to buy, trade, and sell Bitcoin & Ether securely in just a few clicks. This trending mobile application lets users stay on top of the cryptocurrency markets. The Coinbase app for Android or iOS is reliable and user-friendly.

    It is best suitable for exchanging or trading Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and many more cryptocurrencies seamlessly.

    Its simple and easy-to-use user interface allows investors to view prices of digital currencies and buy or sell instantly at a profitable margin faster and easier. This advanced mobile application also allows users to keep track of all their investments in different types of cryptocurrencies in a single dashboard. It will help users to manage their crypto portfolios without any hassle.

    Is Coinbase the most downloaded mobile app?

     Yes. Ever like in the past few years, Coinbase has taken over the Google Play and Apple app stores. It is now recognized as a more frequently downloaded app than Instagram and other social media apps.

    As of February 2022, the app has touched the benchmark of ten million downloads from the Android app store. Accordingly, it is the most downloaded iOS app for crypto payments in the USA. Being one of the world’s most trusted crypto apps, the app has 68 million iPhone users across 32 countries worldwide. Such big numbers!

    Best Alternatives To Coinbase-like Cryptocurrency Exchange Application

    Here are a list of the best similar Crypto Apps like Coinbase:

    • CoinCap
    • Coin Stats
    • LocalBitcoins
    • com
    • Binance
    • Robinhood Crypto
    • Paybis
    • IO

    Why Are Investors Crazy Of Coinbase-like Cryptocurrency Exchange Mobile App?

     Coinbase, the most popular cryptocurrency platform for Android and iOS, is gaining popularity from global investors due to its appealing User Interface (UI), user-friendly features, secure transactions, and error-free performance.

    Features of the Coinbase-like Cryptocurrency exchange app:

     Here are a few reasons behind the higher downloads of leading crypto apps like Coinbase.

    • Simple onboarding process and attractive UI
    • Coinbase crypto exchange application ensures secure offline storage of digital currencies
    • This best android application supports the trading of a variety of popular digital currencies.
    • Coinbase-like the best cryptocurrency exchange app makes buying bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Ethereum classic, litecoin simple and faster.
    • A user-friendly dashboard allows users to view the current values of their assets all the time on-the-go
    • Best for both beginners and seasoned experts to start their crypto journey
    • The app is featured to store 98% of crypto assets offline.
    • The facility of locking crypto profiles with a unique password makes this application more reliable.
    • Users can block their profiles remotely if they lost their mobile devices.
    • Instant money deposits and remittance services are offered by Coinbase.
    • The app is flexible to accept payments through multiple modes such as credit cards, Paypal, and net banking
    • Regular updates on transactions, balances, and digital assets
    • Exchanges currency at the best conversion rates
    • Give users an option to explore all features on the dashboard.
    • The app sends push notifications to the investors regarding the best prices of digital currencies and make their trading profitable.
    • Integration of crypto wallets feature allows users to send and receive digital currencies with ease.

    These are all unique features of the coinbase crypto app. These standalone features of Coinbase-like apps for Android and iOS are increasing their popularity across the global markets.

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      Tech Stack For Developing A Cryptocurrency Exchange App

      Here is the best tech stack for developing cryptocurrency exchange applications for mobile devices.

       Technology stack for cryptocurrency exchange app development on the Android platform:

      • Android Development Tool- Android Studio 3.1.3
      • Programming Language- Kotlin
      • Database – Backend database(MySql), SQLite local database, Room local database
      • Design – Material design

      Technology stack for cryptocurrency exchange app development on iPhone platform:

      • iOS tool kit– Xcode 9.3
      • Programming Language – Swift
      • Database – Mysql
      • External APIs integration: push notifications, Payment gateways, etc.

      React native or Angular is often used to ensure the best interfaces and quick development of coinbase-like crypto apps development.

      One of the advantages of using react native language for cryptocurrency app development is code reusability and platform independence. It means the mobile app developers can write a single code and use it for app development on Android and iOS platforms. It saves a lot of developer’s time and saves your budget.


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      The Cost Of Coinbase-like Popular Cryptocurrency App Development In 2022

      The Cryptocurrency App Development or digital currencies exchange app like coinbase development cost depends on features that you add to your application.

      In addition, the location and team size of native mobile app developers will also greatly impact the overall development cost of the coinbase-like cryptocurrency exchange apps.

      Further, the cost of bitcoin apps will also depend on the technology stack that your AI application development company picked for building an app on desired platforms.

      App features, technology stack, application development platform, mobile app development company team size, location, and hourly rate all decide the cost factor of cryptocurrency app development.

      USM, being one of the popular mobile app development companies in USA and India, estimates that the cost of developing a cryptocurrency exchange app with basic features and functionalities will range from $25,000-$50,000.

      The average price range of cryptocurrency exchange applications will go beyond $150,000 if you want to add the most advanced features. Integration of advanced features such as QR code scanner, digital invoices, transaction details, multi-authentication processes, and easy logout features will increase app development time and cost.

      Hire the best mobile app development company that can build you a flourishing cryptocurrency app with world-class features.

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