How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Social Media App

How much does it cost to build Social media apps

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Social Media App?

Social media applications are a great medium to reach and engage with people. These platforms are useful in building relationships between individuals and businesses. You can present your ideas and convert them into real-time business with a large network. The users of the applications have tripled from the last decade and creating a strong base for online communication.

The expansion of the internet has paved for new ways of reaching customers. You can explore new ideas for representing your business. The freedom of sharing thoughts has increased the usage of social media apps. These apps have created more scope to increase advertising, sales, and employment in every industry. To find out more about social media application and their development, read our article.

Types of Social Media Apps

Social media is all about sharing information using different techniques. There are three different types to choose from according to your business.

Media Sharing Networks: In the present digital era, visual content has more potential to reach audiences. You can connect with people with videos and images to promote your products and services.

Blogs & Forums: These are the traditional way of reaching many audiences with your writing skills. The blogs and forum sites give you plenty of room for expressing your thoughts in different genres. You can also have discussions and get expert advice related to your business.

Social Networks: The main idea of social network apps is to create a platform to share your thoughts and connect with people. In these applications, you can share, like, comment on each other posts. You can also join communities or groups to discuss the relevant issues.

Top 10 Social Media Apps in 2021

You will find numerous social media applications in the play store, but only a few can draw the audience for your enterprise. Here we have listed the popular social media apps for Android and iOS and their benefits.

1) Facebook:

Facebook is the best social media application to connect with people comfortably. You can make friends, join communities and promote your business and products. The app provides a digital marketing platform to target the users who are ready to purchase. This social media app is consistently upgrading its features to satisfy user needs.

Benefits of trending social media apps like Facebook

  • You can create business pages and groups to reach customers.
  • Share images, videos, thoughts, and play games with your friends.
  • Interact with your users using the live streaming option.
  • Create Facebook ads to promote your business with a wide range of networks.
  • Users can follow pages, profiles, companies, and more for updates.
  • Reach specific buyers and grab the market with the Facebook marketplace.
  • Give ratings, reviews for a place or business you visited.
  • The app notifies about social events, comments, likes, and posts.
  • Secured and easy login and registration process.
  • Users can organize albums and save images, websites, and pages.

2) Instagram

Instagram is a media-sharing network of photos and videos. It is a popular and globally accepted social media application to connect. You can create an impression on the targeted audience with its features.

Advantages of popular social media apps like Instagram:

  • You can post images, stories, and short videos on your profile.
  • Create rooms and share links for a video chat with anyone.
  • Search for pages, brands, or profiles using hashtags.
  • Instagram ads about your goods, services, and companies can increase your website traffic.
  • You can chat, record messages, or send GIFs to connect with people.
  • Create reels about your passion, products and share with followers.
  • The app gives you control over sharing posts with privacy settings.
  • Click amazing pictures using different filters available in the application.
  • Archive stories, posts, and live streaming in your profile.
  • You can add important stories as highlights to your profile.
  • Share pictures from your phone storage.

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3) WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the top-rated social media application providing free messaging and calling. The application has introduced in the year 2009, and it has more than 2 billion active users. It is a convenient and secure way of connecting with friends, family, and customers. You can use this application for both personal and business communication.

Benefits of on-demand social media app like WhatsApp

  • Users can connect with the world using chat, video, and voice calls.
  • Create business profiles with websites, locations, and help your customers.
  • Bring like-minded people together as groups and discuss ideas.
  • Highlight products, information, links, and images using WhatsApp status.
  • Take live pictures, videos and edit with filters or add texts.
  • Send live location, contact details, media, and documents to your contacts.
  • Send and receive money securely with WhatsApp payments.
  • Use tools in the WhatsApp Business to sort and quickly respond to messages.
  • You can export chat to others using third-party applications.

4) Twitter

It is a great platform to know what is happening around the world. Users can tweet their opinion with short messages of a 280 character limit. You can promote your business in the profiles and get attention from audiences. Here are the advantages of using this social networking application.

Benefits of leading social media app like Twitter:

  • Get access to information about trending topics of any business.
  • Expand your network by joining communities and discover new things.
  • Users can filter profiles for taking part in the tweeting.
  • You can schedule tweets for a particular time and date.
  • Switch between personal and business profiles without logging off.
  • List accounts and focus on specific groups and profiles for business.
  • Search for a favorite topic, person, and place using the hashtags.
  • You can retweet and express opinions on any discussion.

5) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the top-ranked social media application available in 2021. The app is available in 20 different languages with about 40 million users. It brings companies and skillful candidates to one place.

Advantages of leading social media app like LinkedIn

  • Build your profile with your skill sets and find career opportunities.
  • The app creates an environment for job opportunities, company details, and to learn new skills.
  • Check for a job role, required experience, and salary insight in companies.
  • Boost your professional connections by following recruiting managers.
  • Build a virtual resume using the tools and apply for jobs.
  • Get alerts of job openings from interested fields.
  • The premium feature has lead builder, sales alerts, and reference search options.
  • Get trending topics updates through the newsfeed on the home page.
  • Create a page for your company and increase the social appearance rate.

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6) YouTube

YouTube is a media-sharing network and popular search engine tool after Google. It is the best way to reach a wide range of audiences with video marketing for businesses. Anyone can upload videos about their interests to create the network. It has a strong customer base that can make your content viral within hours.

Advantages of Popular Social Media Apps like YouTube:

  • You can upload videos about your products and services descriptions.
  • Interact with creators and community members with the live streaming.
  • You can share YouTube video links on any other social media platform.
  • Subscribe to your favorites channels and get alerts of video posts.
  • Download videos for free and watch them offline.
  • You can add short videos about your skills and engage audiences.
  • Reach potential customers for businesses with YouTube ads.

7) Pinterest

Pinterest is an image search tool and bookmarking website. Users can add or save images to their private or public boards. It is the perfect place for startups, entrepreneurs to share work of DIY ideas and creative designs. Users can pin the favorite images to their boards and share them.

Advantages of leading social media app like Pinterest

  • Share your skills and ideas in the form of images and video clips.
  • Post pictures about your business and add tags to increase visibility.
  • Search for decor ideas, quotes, food, fashion styles, and beauty tips.
  • Get regular updates from topics of your recent searches.
  • Users can like, save images, and share on other social media platforms.
  • You can target clients interested in your work easily.
  • Configure the visibility of your profile in search engines.

8) Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular social media application among youngsters for messaging. Users can send snaps of their daily routine with their contacts. It is the best platform to concentrate on a particular range of consumers. You can post small videos, images or create games to advertise your businesses.

Benefits of using trending social media app like Snapchat

  • Capture images and videos with the special effects of lenses and filters.
  • Create and edit Snapchat video ads about your business.
  • The person-to-person image sharing feature gives you maximum privacy.
  • You can do live video chatting with all your followers.
  • Get updates from creators and profiles you follow.

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    9) Telegram

    Telegram is a top-rated social media application for communication and advertisement. You can have conversations, video calls with end-to-end encryption. It is the best platform to manage communications for small businesses.

    Advantages of popular social media app like Telegram

    • You can personalize the app easily for sharing content.
    • Find new friends in the local region using the people Nearby option.
    • Create a new group by adding your favorite people.
    • Add your bio with websites and info about your business.
    • Create folders for different chat groups and switch between them quickly.
    • Search for interested groups and share your thoughts.

    10) Tumblr

    Tumblr is social media application to express using short blog posts. You can advertise using blogs and earn money. It is a free and easy interface application to create images, Gifs, and videos using tools.

    Benefits of top-ranked social media app like Tumblr:

    • Search using tags and join millions of people and communities.
    • Chat with your friends or start group chats with people on the app.
    • Choose your favorite layouts, fonts, and colors for blogs.
    • Engage the target audience with visual content and drive leads.
    • Boost your brand awareness and increase engagement with writing skills.


    Features of Social Media Applications

    Every social media app that hits the play store cannot serve your industry needs. One needs to closely examine the features of the application to determine the best social media app. We have studied some popular apps in the market and listed the significant elements.

    Secure Login & Data: We need to have a secured login and registration process for social media apps. The end-to-end encryption of data while sharing the content is an effective way to gain user trust. Everyone searches for the privacy of personal information before sharing the content publicly on these platforms. So, any chance of losing the details can destroy the reputation of the application.

    Easy Content Sharing: Social media is all about engaging people of the same interests by sharing the content. Your application must be capable of sharing photos, videos, documents, and website links without any trouble. The social media app must be compatible with accessing files from third-party apps on your devices.

    Messages & Calls: It is the primary need of any social media application user. With a good data connection, you can easily connect with people across the globe. You can chat, talk, and video call privately with a particular user with prior-to-peer encryption.

    Customize Settings: The main feature of a social media app is to provide the control of privacy settings to the user. Every user has different priorities and goals for using a social media application. The user can determine the list of people who can view their profile and share content. You can also block online ads and users from tracking your account.

    Notifications: Alerting users about messages, shares, and impressions will increase the user experience rate of the social media application. This activity feed feature helps users check the comments, likes for their personal or business posts. With this feature, you will never lose your social media network for late responses.

    News Feed: Newsfeed feature has the capability of converting your applications to social network apps. It shows posts and stories of your favorite profiles on the home screen of the social media app. Make sure to add this feature to your application design.

    Live Streaming: Live video streaming has brought people more close while staying at home. Using this feature, you can virtually take part in events, sales, and exchange information. It can build trust among your followers and increase the network. Users can also share views with comments, likes in real-time.

    Third-Party Integration: You can share the same information on multiple platforms at one time without switching between accounts. This functionality can increase the user base of your social media application.

    User Experience: Simple and easy navigation between the options of the app will drag user attention. A visually attractive design can make your app accessible to everyone. Many social media platforms in the market fail because of the low-grade application design.

    Add all these beneficial features to your social media application by contacting the best mobile application developers in the USA and India.

    Benefits of Social Media Applications

    Social media platforms can benefit you in many aspects for increasing your business or network. Herein, we have curated a few of them.

    Brand Promotion: Social media platforms are free networks where you can reach millions of users. You can create a profile with your brand name and engage the targeted audience to make conversions. Usage of branded hashtags in your posts of the goods and services will help you to impact the users.

    Target Audience: Social media profiles are sources to know about the preferences of your followers. You can build marketing strategies according to the audience for promoting business. So, social media platforms are best to concentrate on a specific group of people.

    Customer Feedback: You can contact the users from their profiles and get genuine feedback on your products. Use these apps to conduct surveys and gets valuable customer feedback, which helps you know your expertise areas.

    Boost Website Traffic: Increasing organic traffic to your website is free and easy with social media platforms. You can promote your blogs, business sites consistently and engage your audiences. The impressions on your posts will increase website visitors and can uplift your search rankings.

    Competitors Research: As social media applications are open platforms, you can easily follow your competitors and know their marketing practices.

    Tech Stack to Develop Social Media Applications

    As we have different features for every social media application, you cannot decide the exact technologies required to develop an application. USM, The best mobile app development company, with a long time of involvement in the industry, can help with your thoughts.

    • Programming Language: Java & Kotlin (Android), Swift & Obj C (iOS)
    • Front End Frameworks: Angular, ASP.NET
    • Back End Frameworks: Laravel, Codeigniter
    • Code Language for Cross-Platform: javascript & HTML
    • Database: MySQL, SQLite
    • API: Swagger
    • Notifications: Amazon SES, Amazon SNS, FCM

    Market Value of Social Media Applications

    Social media apps are online platforms to build the relationship between people, branding, and content promotion. We can see that there are 850 million downloads of social media apps globally. With new applications launches every day, the users are switching between apps according to the requirements. The global social media app market size expects to reach $15.6 billion by 2025. An increase in Smartphone usage and online communication are the main reasons for the interest of users. It is the perfect time to launch a feature-rich social media application and get revenues.

    Cost to Develop Social Media Applications

    The development cost of a social media application depends upon the design complexity. You can build an app with minimal features for $12,000 to $70,000. Let me give a clear idea about the development cost of the application.

    For instance, the budget of social media application with a simple UI design may range from $12,000-$30,000.

    The cost to build a mid-level app with few advanced functionalities will be around $30,000-$40,000.

    The development cost of a social media app with complex design UI and advanced features may range from $40,000-$70,000.

    Factors Impacts Development Cost

    The development cost of any mobile application will depend upon many factors. We have discussed with our resources from USM, the top mobile app development companies in the USA and India, to give you the complete details.

    Android or iOS Platform: The mobile application platform directly affects the building cost. The higher computability increases the development cost of Android than the iOS Platform. Also, the development of a single platform app is less than multiple platforms.

    App Design: The development cost of social media apps with essential features and simple design is less than with complex functionalities. Get in touch with the leading social media app development company, USM, for effective app design.

    Developers Location: The application developers from the USA and Eastern Europe charge more than developers from India. So, the location of app development affects the development cost.

    Charges of App developers on an hourly basis in the United States

    • Android App Developers: $120-$170
    • iOS App Developers: $100-$150

    The hourly charges of app developers in India

    • Android App Developers: $20-$35
    • iOS App Developers: $18-$40

    Team Size: The efficiency of the app development team has a direct impact on the development cost of the application. You need to hire new developers if you do not have enough resources, which affects the overall app development cost and time.

    You can find skillful resources to develop your application at USM, one of the best mobile app development companies in India and the USA.



    The social media applications will improve the digital presence of any business. The increase in the brand value can bring new leads and convert them to profits.

    Are you looking for the best social media apps development company?

    USM is your best choice to approach for the development of mobile applications. We are experts in developing applications for Android and iOS within precise time and budget value.

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