Top 12 AI-powered Mobile App Design Trends

Top 12 AI-powered Mobile App Design Trends in 2021

Many emerging technologies will greatly impact the mobile app development industry in 2023.

Mobile applications for android or iOS are becoming more popular in this digital ecosystems. Tech companies are investing in the design and development of mobile apps using advanced technologies. Not only big technology companies, small to medium enterprises are also steadily realizing the significance of mobile apps.

However, the mobile app development industry has been rushing forward rapidly using next-gen technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain, AR & VR, and NLP technologies are few of them.

Moreover, AI has become a revolutionary technology among others. Mobile app designers and developers are implementing AI technology to design futuristic applications.

The world of businesses now has realized the fact that AI technology is exploring day by day. It is crossing the anticipated skyline at a faster pace. So, now everyone looks for the latest and emerging mobile app design and development trends.

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    Herein we compiled a list of AI app development trends that offer good opportunities for businesses in 2022 and beyond. Let’s get started.

    Current AI mobile app development trends for 2023

    The future of mobile applications will be around AI. As we discussed above, the increasing demand for artificial intelligence mobile applications is driving the rapid growth of emerging trends in AI.

    Today, developers are focusing on creating smart, progressive, and hybrid mobile apps for businesses to predict customer behaviors and for taking decisions faster. Thus, through AI mobile apps, companies can generate increased sales and revenues.

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    Let’s discuss top artificial intelligence mobile app development trends in 2022.

    #1.  AI and Chatbots

    Conversational AI has transformed the mobile app development industry. AI chatbot applications for android and iOS will reach a new level in 2022.

    AI-based chatbots have altered the way of customer interaction. In this digital world, businesses can virtually provide services to customers via mobile apps. Mobile applications for food delivery, booking cabs, online ticket booking, grocery delivery, and so on. These interacting mobile apps resolve customers’ queries faster.

    Such integration of AI technology in mobile applications helps businesses engage their customers in the best way.

    #2.  AI With IoT and Cloud Technology

    The end product of AI with IoT, AI with Blockchain, and AI with cloud technology ensures a feature-rich mobile application.

    Cloud technology has massive data storage capability. When combined with mobile apps, it improves the storage capacities of apps.

    However, mobile applications with the vast database are making use of AWS cloud computing for storing data. So, in the near term future, cloud-based mobile apps with AI capabilities will boom in the industry.

    #3. Momentum with AR and VR Technologies

    The successful launch of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore has brought incredible traction in the android and iOS mobile app development industry.

    Businesses using Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) technologies in mobile apps for providing the best experiences to users. The AI app trend to propel enterprise sales in 2022.

    #4. Increased Demand for AI-Assisted Commercial Applications

    Be it retail, e-commerce, healthcare, or IT, AI-powered mobile apps will be everywhere in 2022.

    AI’s Machine learning and deep learning are proving as the driving force to develop several enterprise-level applications. These are used to personalize the customer experience and thereby helps to gain profitable business. AI mobile apps are immensely efficient for a growing future of technology.

    #5. Improved Business Value with AI

    It is one of the core Top 12 AI-powered Mobile App Design Trends in 2022. For extending brand awareness and creating profitable business value, AI will help businesses.

    However, many tech companies are using AI tools, AI applications, and AI information systems in their processes. The businesses realized that AI could reduce cost overheads, improve customer experience, and automate processes. Moreover, they believe AI-powered mobile applications will surely bring brand value.

    #6. AI powers Apps to recognize images

    Mobile apps that use AI-powered image recognition algorithms allow users to perform a visual search. Integrating image recognition capabilities in mobile apps also helps to detect facial expressions, emotions, and all. This Top 12 AI-powered Mobile App Design Trends in 2022 trend is widely going to stretch across industries beyond to analyze customer emotions.

    #7. Development Of AI-based Hardware & Software

    The demand for the chipsets that can execute AI applications has seen tremendous growth recently. AI-infused hardware and applications can perform complex tasks efficiently.

    #8. AI analytical mobile apps for decision making 

    Data Analytics and data-driven decision-making capabilities have advanced AI further. The AI-enabled analytical apps are best useful for banking and financial companies. Such AI mobile apps for banks and finance institutions help in analyzing creditworthy customers quicker. This trend will also have a bright scope in 2022.

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    #9. AI mobile apps for travel booking

    The development of Artificial intelligence travel apps is going to witnesses a positive surge in 2022. Travel agencies are investing in the development of AI mobile apps for clutching more clients online.

    This app development trend would explore fruitful business for agencies and personalized travel booking experiences for customers.

    #10.Revolution in Speech Recognition Field

    Natural Language Generation and Natural Language Understanding have been making real strides in artificial intelligence. NLP algorithms can decode human feelings and emotions. Mobile apps with speech recognition technologies have a good scope in the future.

    #11. The Development Of Explainable AI

    The explainable AI demand is growing and will even propel in 2022. Explainable AI helps businesses make accurate decisions using insights delivered by AI applications. The growth of explainable AI depends on the transparency factor in data collection and retrieval.

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    #12. Usefulness in cybersecurity

    Artificial Intelligence is highly applicable in the cybersecurity field. Machine learning capabilities can do wonders in securing data, preventing threats, and protect information systems efficiently.

    By analyzing user behavior and search patterns, AI apps can find abnormalities across the network.

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