Future of AI Assistant Apps: What can you expect

Future of AI Assistant Apps

The 21st century is the century of information technology with an advanced level of innovation and ideas that are changing the paradigms of the world we are living in. With the inception of smartphones and Future of AI Assistant apps, the world has seen so much advancement in the information technology field. 

With the introduction of Siri in 2011, an apple voice assistant name, the smartphone era went to a whole new level of handling technology with the control of human voice. AI Voice technology trends have taken the technological world by surprise as the market has responded in an unprecedented way to a whole new concept of communication between human and artificial intelligence.

Since the inception of voice assistants, it has been estimated that around 100 million-plus smartphone users will be using the voice assistants until the end of 2020. 

Artificial intelligence has become a boon for technology-driven devices and organizations in the new century. Tesla is changing the norm and terms of the automobile sector with highly advanced level use of artificial intelligence in the real world. The real-world use of artificial intelligence has become more significant over the years.

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Let us have a look at some of the currently-used voice assistants:

  • Google Assistant
  • Nina
  • Viv
  • Jibo
  • Google now
  • Hey Athena
  • Cortana- Microsoft
  • Mycroft
  • Braina Virtual Assistant, 
  • Siri- Apple
  • Alexa- Amazon Echo
  • Maluuba

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What is an Artificial Intelligence Assistant App:

An assistant app that works on voice command is also known as Artificial Assistant or Virtual Assistant. AI Assistant App is a kind of app that is capable of understanding natural languages and able to pull off the tasks demanded by the users.
Automated Virtual Personal Assistant can perform several tasks at the same time with the combination of user inputs and location.

The benefits of voice assistants cannot be understated. Some of the tasks performed by AI Voice Assistants that are simple to perform are:

  • Reading text or email messages aloud
  • Finding Contact Number
  • Scheduling Daily Tasks
  • Reminding Appointments

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Some of the tasks performed by AI Assistant Apps are able to collect data from various online sources and retrieved the data as per the requirement of user like:

  • Weather Conditions
  • Traffic Congestion
  • News
  • Stock Market Predictions
  • Retail Prices
  • Store Locators
  • Smart learning

Before the advent of artificial intelligence assisted voice technology, all of the above-mentioned tasks were performed by a human who is designated as a personal assistant or secretary. 

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The Future of AI Assistant Apps :

No one has predicted the future accurately, but technology experts are sure to predict that AI Assistant Apps are going to rule most of the technology advancements in future because of their efficiency and effectiveness. The future scope of voice assistants is bright and holds tremendous applicability in solving real-world problems.
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A Real World Virtual Assistant:

Alexa and Siri are taking technology-driven users by storm by their way of efficient tasking. But now, many more virtual assistants are coming on the market to soar the competition in the world of artificial intelligence assisted apps.

Those days are not away when smartphone users will be highly dependent on AI-assisted apps in a positive way to make their lives more comfortable. AI-assisted apps are becoming super powerful in handling all home appliances and voice commands. Innovators are working to make Ai-assisted apps more user-friendly and easy to handle without any prior guidance or expertise.

Better Medical Care with AI-Assisted Apps

The most amazing role AI-assisted Apps can play in the medical sector in the research and development field. Every year millions of dollars are poured into the research of highly advanced medical pieces of equipment and life-saving drugs to save millions of lives across the world.

AI-assisted apps supported by wearable devices can make it easy to diagnose some of the life-threatening symptoms like imbalanced blood sugar or blood pressure for doctors.  AI-assisted apps can improve the efficiency of healthcare professionals to get a better understanding of their patients’ day-to-day needs. The health patterns of the patients can be easily tracked with the help Ai-assisted apps to give them appropriate treatment and get better feedback from them to make improved healthcare channels.

AI on the roads:

Self-driving cars from Tesla are breaking the conventional norms of the automobile sector. AI-assisted technology is being used in every AI-driven device or vehicle these days. An entire self-automated car is still a dream to become true, but researchers are working on it. Thousands of logistics companies are making their transport and migration more efficient with the help of AI-assisted apps. The automobile sector is reaping the benefits of voice assistant apps in a highly-innovative manner.

In short, we can say that artificial intelligence is making its ways into the real world and among the grassroots level users. There have been several indications which prove that in the coming decades, AI-assisted applications will be indispensable for household and daily routine tasks. AI-assisted technologies will be the harbinger of a world that is no more dependent on non-renewable sources-driven industries.

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